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Lace Back Shorts ∙ How To by Judy on Cut Out. Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern. DIY cropped flannel shirt « By Hand London By Hand London. Here at By Hand HQ our love of all tops cropped doesn't seem to be showing any signs of waning.

DIY cropped flannel shirt « By Hand London By Hand London

Worn with a waist cinching circle skirt or a pair of high waisted jeans, that little flash of midriff is just so sexy. It may look daring, but in fact, those couple of inches below your bust and above your belly button are probably the most flawless couple of inches on your body. Lucky Stripes Shimmer Skirt. Tutorials. Project Reimagined: The White Tee. Project Reimagined is a diy challenge created by Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus to inspire you to think outside the box and see things for more than what they are.

Project Reimagined: The White Tee

For Project Reimagined, a handful of different bloggers are all given the exact same item and asked to turn it into something new. This week’s project starts with a plain white tee shirt, and it has been reimagined by Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus, Katie of Lemon Jitters, Stacie of Stars for Streetlights, and Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel. For this project, my original vision included lace and dye. 2nd: DIY Lace Tutu Skirt. Christmas Calendar, Day 2 For the Dancer: Lace Tutu The dancers always have the greatest skirts, don't you think?

2nd: DIY Lace Tutu Skirt

Tutorials. Inked denim shorts. Pair of shorts I bought last week from Forever21 ($13.50) Pics taken on layover in Denver, CO while 100 degrees outside….seriously!!

inked denim shorts

I would consider getting a tattoo only if there was a special ink that would fade after about a year. I’m too fickle for anything permanent on my body, and I guarantee after 2 months (or less) I’d have major regret. However, that’s not my point. T-SHIRT INTO SUMMER TOP DIY. With summer right around the corner and temperatures already into the 80′s in many parts of the country, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about easy summer clothes.


This is a fast and easy way to transform a basic t-shirt into a cute summer top. To see step by step instructions and pictures click here. Lace Jeans. Everyone has that favorite pair of jeans that is worn way past the time they should be thrown out, right?

Lace Jeans

I have 2 pairs that I just love and cannot get rid of, one of them has huge holes in them. They started out as small holes, probably there from the time I bought the pants (remember that fashion trend) and over the past few months the hole in my knee just got bigger and bigger as I would flex my knee. Women’s Skirt with Yoga Style Waist Band. Did you see the little yoga waistband skirt that I made for my little girl a few weeks ago (found here)?

Women’s Skirt with Yoga Style Waist Band

Well, after she slipped that on, I got jealous. Like completely jealous. The skirt is so light and airy…….and that waist band. How to make my Chalk Lines Skirt. This is one of my favorite skirts (and my sister’s favorite to borrow).

How to make my Chalk Lines Skirt

It’s not the quickest sewing project, since you have to sew each seam twice – once to put in the piping and again to actually make the seam – but it’s worth the extra effort. These are the pattern pieces: To add piping to a seam, first sew the piping to one side, placing it on the right side of the fabric with the decorative bit facing in. Sew along the edge of the raised part – sewing on the raised part looks fine, and sewing too far back does not, so error on the side of keeping too close.

Next, pin the second piece of fabric in place with the right sides together. First sew together the bottom and middle pieces of the side panel. To add the pockets, sew the piping to the top of the pocket, then add the top of the lining. fold the lining back and top stitch so this edge lies flat. To add an exposed zipper, finish the edges of the fabric so they won’t unravel by running a zigzag stitch along the edge. Upcycled Sweater Boots.


DIY Beaded Flip Flops. Even though the temperature is rising, you don’t have to compromise comfort or style.

DIY Beaded Flip Flops

The lazy days of Summer are almost here. Whether you want to admit it or not you probably have at least one pair of flip-flops in your closet. While thankfully the whole trend of wearing them everywhere has passed (that’s so 2005!) , but if you’re vacationing at the beach or just bumming around on the weekend you definitely need a fancy pair of flip flops to take your casual beach look up a notch and this DIY tutorial to make your own beaded flip flops, is just the way to do it. To see step by step instructions and photos click here. Mod Podge Shoes. My husband jokes every time I get the bottle of Mod Podge out that I’m going to Mod Podge fabric to our computer keys or Mod Podge our kids clothing to their bodies.

Mod Podge Shoes

Hey, don’t tempt me. I know, I may go a little overboard with this stuff…….but I just had to try it on some shoes. Originally, I saw the idea on a site my sister showed me. And the lady Mod Podged starburst wrappers to some shoes. Screen Printing your own T shirts with Freezer Paper. You've probably seen this sprinkled around the web on various blogs and how-to sites. One-Piece Plains Moccasin. The terrain determined what type of moccasin was worn. Archaeological finds have shown that sandals seemed to be the forerunner for American footwear, though.

Now determine what kind of terrain you will make your moccasin for and go from there. If you are going to be on rocks or hard ground with cacti around, soft soles are not what you want. On the other hand, if you're going to do some stalking in wooded areas on soft forest floors, the one-piece Plains-style soft-colored moccasin would be just the thing. The "Tattooed" Denim Jacket. I may not have the urge to tattoo my body, but I did get the urge to tattoo a jacket! I love the intricate design of some of the henna tattoos and thought they would would look great as embellishments on a denim jacket. I started with this white denim jacket that I picked up at a thrift store for a few dollars.

Originally, it had eyelet lace trim around the collar, pockets, and cuffs. I didn't care much for it, so I cut it away! I then spent some time...quite a bit of time...drawing designs on the jacket with an ultra fine point sharpie marker. After I was satisfied with the designs, I used Elmer's washable clear glue and filled in some of the design elements. 19 Beautiful Must Haves For Your Fall Wardrobe, According To Fab You Bliss. Aquí: diy. DIY Workout Shirt : Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth. Happy Fashion Friday! I have a super fun arts and crafts project for my beautiful little bunnies to try over the holiday weekend! I love buying new clothes, but sometimes I love making them even more!

I started college as a fashion design major, so I have always been a little crafty when it comes to recycling old T-shirts. Nasty Gal - New & Vintage Clothing. Fashion Essentials for The Everygirl. AG Jeans x SwellMayde Studded Denim. Tie Dye Denim (Part 1) DIY tiered lace shorts. Floral Print Denim Short. I'm really loving what is happening in fashion these days. Prints, florals and color are popping up in every direction. Mirrored Floral Shorts. 20 useful ways to use ordinary scarf. DIY Botanical Print Jacket. We are smitten with Stella McCartney‘s floral ensembles from her Spring 2011 collection, inspired by 18th and 19th century botanical prints. DIY Gold Painted Jeans. 10 Ways to Style a Men’s Shirt. 2 Ways to Turn a Men’s Shirt into a Chic Shirt Dress. Your finished boots!

Darlingtonia Moccasins. How sweet are these shoes (and that little puppy-dog!)? Watermark Tee by Sweet Verbana. Hello U-Create readers! Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial. Crocheted Fingerless Gloves — Compulsive Craftiness. Maison des Rêveries: vertebrae hoodie (DIY)