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Mobile: The Key to Education Anywhere — Mobile Technology News. Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources. Five Myths of Mobile Learning. Mobile learning in developing countries in 2012: What's Happening? In recent chats with officials from [an un-named country], I learned of the desire of educational policymakers there to leap frog e-learning through m-learning.

Mobile learning in developing countries in 2012: What's Happening?

This made an impression on me -- and not only because it succinctly was able to encapsulate four educational technology buzzwords within a five-word "vision statement". In many ways, this encounter helped confirm my belief that a long-anticipated new era of hype is now upon us, taking firm root in the place where the educational technology and international donor communities meet, with "m-" replacing "e-" at the start of discussions of the use of educational technologies.

My 'evidence' in support of this observation is admittedly anecdotal (and personal), and, contrary to standard operating procedure here at the World Bank, not gathered in any sort of rigorous way. So the topic is generating increasing heat in many quarters ... is there any accompanying illumination to help guide us in our related decisions? Some final comments: