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Building Your PLN-A Primer For Anyone. BCRT_Wkshp_Pkt.pdf. Developing_Critical_Thinkers. Student Interview Questionnaire. Navy: Grow Sailors’ Brains With iPhone App. It’s not that the Navy is calling you stupid.

Navy: Grow Sailors’ Brains With iPhone App

The seafaring service just wants to actually see your brain grow. High on the Navy’s just-released wish list for designs from small businesses is a “brain-fitness training program” that sailors can use to sharpen their cognitive skills. It’s got to work on an “ultramobile platform” like an iPhone or a netbook. According to a solicitation released yesterday, the Navy wants it to produce measurable improvements in “working memory, attention, language processing and decision making,” not just in “new recruits” but aging captains, admirals and senior enlisteds. Think of it like a souped-up adult education app. Any business that wants the Navy’s cash must demonstrate that its learning program will actually change sailors’ brains. What “growth” in this context actually means is a faster brain, where synapses fire electrical impulses more rapidly in response to stimuli.

BizPad, Online Project Management Software and Collaboration Tool. The Modern Workplace Learning Landscape: it’s more than telling people what to learn. I was recently asked to summarise my thoughts on the evolving modern workplace learning landscape and L&D’s role in it.

The Modern Workplace Learning Landscape: it’s more than telling people what to learn

So here it is Although people learn in many different ways, L&D has for a long time concentrated its attention on creating, delivering and managing courses. Despite the fact it has moved from a classroom to an e-learning (or even blended learning) approach, it still revolves around telling people what, how and when to learn. Although there has been a lot written about the ineffectiveness of training and the unappealing nature of much e-learning, efforts have largely been around trying to improve the learning design processes, rather than considering how to support other ways of learning in the workplace that are more appropriate for the performance problem and for the people concerned.

Tools for Building your Personal Learning Network. What is a PLE and a PLN? In our Digital Humanities course we were asked to talk about our experience of Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks.

What is a PLE and a PLN?

Talk about being new to a field of study! I had never come across either a PLE or a PLN. I had to explore a little and here are some of the sites that have begun to throw light on this for me. I was looking for sites that could Explain in simple language what PLEs and PLNs are.Are they the same or different? Personal Learning Networks (PLN) = An Attitude of Gratitude. Anyone who believes they got where they are by her- or himself is pretty much lying.

Personal Learning Networks (PLN) = An Attitude of Gratitude

We all have someone who helped us get here. In my case, I have a whole host of “someones”. And I would be remiss if I didn’t say so. I hope you know who you are, as they are too numerous to mention here. (note to self: send out many, many written thank you’s!) To begin, I don’t think Betty G had any idea of the gift she gave me so many years ago. As I built my career in training, learning, facilitation, design and development, I made connections. Fast forward to early 2010 when this little thing called Twitter came into my world. Friendships have formed with people in the learning field, whether we’ve ever met in person or not. As someone who works from my home, having connections is important, especially with my fellow “training managers”. PLN: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! Like this: Like Loading... Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) by Jane Bozarth.

“Simply showing up is not enough.

Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) by Jane Bozarth

As with most things in life, you get back what you put in. If you want to build a Personal Learning Network, then you must be an active part of that network; it’s not a spectator sport.” Since Social Media for Trainers was published I’ve fielded lots of questions about incorporating social media tools into workplace learning endeavors. Another question that comes up relates to the developmental needs of trainers and instructional designers: What are some strategies for building or extending your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) via social media tools? Here are a few ideas. Who? My interests are in e-Learning, instructional design, social learning, and social media. Where? My best time investment all week is the Twitter-based #lrnchat, which happens twice each Thursday (11:30 am ET with questions repeated at 8:30 pm ET).

What else? The value of the PLN? How to Create a Robust and Meaningful Personal Learning Network [PLN] This post describes how educators can develop a personal learning network that supports meaningful and relevant learning.

How to Create a Robust and Meaningful Personal Learning Network [PLN]

The MOOC, Education Technology & Media, etmooc, is used here as a working example of how to develop a PLN. “My Personal Learning Network is the key to keeping me up-to-date with all the changes that are happening in education and how technology can best support and engage today’s students.” Brian Metcalfe: teacher, blogger at A visual image of participants in an open, online course- etmooc, which shows the potential to find and create personal connections as part of one’s PLN. (image credit: Alec Couros) Establishing Your Professional Learning Network (PLN)