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Claxy is one stop shop for Modern Light Fixtures and classy Home Lightings. Find a wide array of products best suiting to the interior and aesthetics of your home.

Modern Pendant Lighting with Cutting Edge Designs. Modern design refers to the designs and styles that were made popular during the early to the mid-twentieth century.

Modern Pendant Lighting with Cutting Edge Designs

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Solutions Best Suited for Your. As one of the more glamorous styles of light fixture, pendant lighting injects a functional flair as well as a decorative appeal to the space.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Solutions Best Suited for Your

Pendant lighting hanging above a kitchen island casts an inviting glow throughout the kitchen and serves as ambient lighting. As the central intersection of the home, it is vital that your kitchen has proper illumination that matches your taste. Modern Industrial Pendant Lighting Solutions. Industrial pendant lighting employs the use of raw wood, metal, rope and glass that may have been used in a factory or industrial setting, giving the space an instant urban appeal.

Modern Industrial Pendant Lighting Solutions

It is a great way to infuse a functional vibe to any room and serve as an inviting focal point. Industrial pendants can be blended in dining areas, entryways, kitchens and also commercial areas such as offices, and conference rooms. Featuring exposed Edison bulbs or classic finishes like brass, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel, industrial pendant lighting brings a comforting look to the space with deep roots in nostalgia.

Crafted from rough materials and metals, it relieves modern tensions in big cities by connecting us to the past. Its vintage looks always remind us of the old world. Aside from the obvious reason that pendant lighting brightens interior spaces, industrial pendant is a favorite because of its versatility and the wide range of available finishes, shades, and installation options. A Drum Chandelier That Adds Flare to Your House. Named after the chandelier’s signature drum shade, drum chandeliers establish a contemporary flair to any room of your space.

A Drum Chandelier That Adds Flare to Your House

Gracefully brightening the space, they create an inviting ambiance in the environment. Being versatile in nature, they blend seamlessly into a myriad of decor schemes. They exude soft rays of light throughout your home, adding subtle sophistication to the space. Get Wood Chandelier to Bring Organic Look to Your Interior- Claxy. Why We Love Wood Chandelier Whether you’ve dreamed of having an elegant foyer since you were a child or really want to really bring a luminous look to your room, choosing the right light fixture is essential to your design vision.

Get Wood Chandelier to Bring Organic Look to Your Interior- Claxy

With classic candle-shaped bulbs, a wood chandelier lighting allows you to bring some old-world charm into your residence, without transporting your family back to the dark ages. If you’re looking for something less medieval, consider those with modern drum shade with crystal accents. The modern wood chandeliers bring organic warmth and pastoral feel to space with their distressed or weathered wood tones and metalwork. They are truly works of art that will attract all eyes of your guests. Buy Crystal Chandeliers to Add a Vibrant Look to Your House. When you consider gracing your house with new light fixture, what kind of light fixture will occur to you?

Buy Crystal Chandeliers to Add a Vibrant Look to Your House

Chandeliers adorned with crystal accents will definitely be one of the options as they never go out of style. Injecting a large dose of texture to the environment, they serve as a lovely focal point and add a romantic ambiance to any room. By illuminating your space with crystal chandeliers, you can instantly transform a bland home decor design into a sleek chic style. Crystal chandeliers serve a perfect addition to any modern home decor. Their memorizing sparkle and elegant appearance impresses anyone that sets eyes on the lighting fixture. Rustic Chandeliers with Timeless Designs and Finishes. Rustic designs replicate the appeal of a mountain cabin or charming farmhouse.

Rustic Chandeliers with Timeless Designs and Finishes

Find Modern Chandeliers to Glam Up Your Home- Claxy. What Modern Design is All About Modern chandeliers feature solid and neutral colors, angled assemblage, intentional symmetry and natural materials such as wood, glass and metal.

Find Modern Chandeliers to Glam Up Your Home- Claxy

Being the prominent accent highlighting your overall design, it is definitely the statement light fixture that adds modern sophistication to your space. Before we learn something about these light fixtures, we should understand what modern design is all about. Modern design consists of many different iterations, making it a bit more complex in defining. In its simplest sense, modern design refers to the reflection of modern art movements in the interior of a home.

Most components of modern design, from the furniture to the shape of the rooms, feature clean, straight lines with no additional detail. Shop Dining Room Chandelier for Your Home. Finding the Right-Sized Chandelier Historically, the dining room has been a room where friends and family gather for a formal dining occasion.

Shop Dining Room Chandelier for Your Home

These days, the dining room performs multiple functions, as it can be used for entertainment, eating with family members or friends, getting deskwork done and so much more. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the luxury and modern appeal of well-designed lighting throughout your home. A stylish chandelier not only illuminates the dining room but also serve as a perfect centerpiece above the table. Table Lamps Designed for Sophisticated Office or Bedroom Interiors. Why We Need Table Lamps Lighting is an essential component in any room from your entryway to your living room, dining room or home office.

Table Lamps Designed for Sophisticated Office or Bedroom Interiors

Many people don’t realize what a pivotal role table lamps play in some spaces, though. Table and desk lamps add ambient lighting to your room when you don’t want to use overhead lights. Wall Lights, Lamps, & Mounted Lighting Fixtures. Wall lights are the perfect way to make any space and decor scheme feel more complete. They increase the sense of brightness in a space and at the same time make a space feel larger and brighter, they also make a room more pleasant and inviting.

Ceiling Lights, Fixtures, Lamps & Overhead Lighting. Today, ceiling lights come in an impressive array of options that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor space. No longer limited to minimalist flush mounts, today’s ceiling fixtures range from sleek single-light pendants to bold industrial-style flush-mounts. Buy Hanging Light Fixtures. Buy Best Pendant Light For Sale: Pendant lights are common household lamps that mount to the ceiling and can be used as both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Unlike flush-mounted lights that stay close to the ceiling, these hanging light fixtures dangle a downward-pointing light from a cord or chain. The pendant lamps are diffused by a shade or, in instances of post-modern styles, like Edison bulbs, glows outward horizontally. To create a spotlight effect, you can choose a drum-like shade in an opaque or heavy material, like painted brass. Details About Our Best Pendant Light For Sale The space between the pendant base and your floor aka the clearance varies in different rooms.

Living Rooms, Hallways, and Bedrooms Where people may be walking underneath, allow for 2.13m of clearance from the bottom of the fixture to the floor. Bathrooms. Chandeliers - Modern Designs for Elegant Homes. The right art deco chandelier not only makes a bold statement but it helps maintain a nice balance in the space as well. It is more than just a light source; it is a piece of art that enhances your existing decor and reflects your personal style. With so many types of LED chandeliers to choose from on, let us help you choose the right chandelier. Art Deco Chandeliers Locations: Most people think of chandeliers in dining rooms or a foyer. In fact, LED chandeliers can decorate every room in your house as long as you pick a chandelier that complements the decor.