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Melulater: Search results for Modelling book. Modelling Books were not around when I began my training to become a teacher.

Melulater: Search results for Modelling book

21 Reading Strategies And Activities All Teachers Should Know. One of the most popular topics here on Top Notch Teaching is that of teaching children to read.

21 Reading Strategies And Activities All Teachers Should Know

It’s also an area that I’m passionate about. We’ve published plenty of posts on the topic over the years but to help you find them we’ve pulled together 21 of the most popular reading strategies and activities and listed them below. 1. Māori Words and Phrases - Māori 100 Good Books to Read: Book Recommendations by Topic. Thinking tools. Professional Development. Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: Te Kete Ipurangi Communities Schools Te Kete Ipurangi user options: Close Register TKI uses the New Zealand Education Sector Logon system for user accounts.

Professional Development

If you already have an Education Sector user ID and password, you are ready to log in. Home Professional Development This section of the site provides information to support teachers' professional understanding of mathematics teaching and also information to develop their content knowledge of mathematics. Search Search by popular keywords. Marking resources for e-asTTle writing / Teacher resources / Home - e-asTTle. Teachers can find many resources to assist them with marking e-asTTle writing.

Marking resources for e-asTTle writing / Teacher resources / Home - e-asTTle

Please click on the links below. Marking rubric The revised writing tool assesses writing across five purposes. These are: describe, explain, recount, narrate, and persuade. The Describe purpose is divided into two: describe a moment in time, and describe a process. A new generic marking rubric is used to assess writing across any of the five purposes.

Download the generic rubric here. Writing prompts There are 20 prompts that cover the five writing purposes. Structure and Language notes Each prompt provides additional Structure and Language notes which define the demands of a particular writing purpose, available from within the tool after creating a test. Specific exemplars. Homepage - Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI) Home - Sounds and Words. Keeping Ourselves Safe (for years 0–3) Keeping Ourselves Safe is a child protection programme in which children and young people learn and apply a range of safety skills that they can use when interacting with others.

Keeping Ourselves Safe (for years 0–3)

New Zealand Police recommends that schools use the learning activities in Keeping Ourselves Safe within a whole-school approach. What students will learn In this year 1–3 programme students will learn: a range of safety skills that they can use when interacting with others what they can do if they have been or are being abused. Five focus areas The learning activities are arranged in five focus areas.

Planning Sheets. Resource Finder. Teaching jobs UK, teacher jobs in the UK - Home Page - Protocol Education. Shared reading / ELP Years 1-4 / Comprehension / Reading / Reviewed resources. Shared reading is an essential component of the daily literacy programme.

Shared reading / ELP Years 1-4 / Comprehension / Reading / Reviewed resources

It allows for a high degree of interaction and is a great way for teachers to help students to increase their understanding of themselves as text users. It’s an effective approach, which can be used with both large groups and small groups to develop students’ strategies and their knowledge of how written texts work (see page 27). When a teacher reads to students, the students participate as active listeners. In shared reading, the teacher and the students read a text together. The teacher leads the reading, and the students follow with their eyes, actively listening, and join in as they become familiar with words, phrases, or concepts. Shared reading conveys messages about the joys of reading. The same text can be used several times in successive shared reading sessions, with a different focus each time to meet new goals.

Students for whom English is a new language can participate confidently in shared reading. Teach Me To Teach. Assessment Resource Banks. Home - Sounds and Words. Lesson Zone NZ. Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach: Motivational Magic! SO we all know as teachers that the first couple of weeks is dedicated to working on routines and procedures...

Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach: Motivational Magic!

Many positive "motivation" factors are considered in my classroom :) My first graders thrive on these little tricks of the trade! This entire post is dedicated to what I like to call my box of "motivational box" (aka some of the many "tools" on my teacher belt!). 1. My Behavior Clip Chart Sorry for the somewhat blurry picture, but this is my behavior clip chart. 2.

I originally started "brownie points" a couple years back, but I saw this snazzy visual display on Pinterest... 3. I purchased a $1 spray bottle in the toiletries section of Target and filled it with water. 4. Useful language for the classroom / Teachers' notes / Homepage - He reo tupu, he reo ora. 5 Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Classroom. It’s tempting to dive right in and start organizing and decorating.

5 Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Classroom

But before you open your first pack of sticky tack, take some time to figure out what your daily schedule is going to look like. For each part of the day, ask yourself the following questions: Taking these factors into consideration will help you immensely in your room arrangement! You’ll be able to figure out where your large group rug or area will need to be (in relation to interactive white boards, dry erase boards, bulletin boards, etc.). You’ll also know where to put your small group table so that you can still supervise students who are working independently. 2. Kids need to take ownership of their classroom. Having bare walls might feel strange at first. 13 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About. Technology and education are pretty intertwined these days and nearly every teacher has a few favorite Education Technology Tools tools that make doing his or her job and connecting with students a little bit easier and more fun for all involved.

13 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 13 Education Technology Tools that should be part of any teacher’s tech tool arsenal, whether for their own personal use or as educational aids in the classroom. This site has many of the same features as Facebook and Twitter but is designed specifically for education. It lets students share resources, hold online discussions, get grades, and basically just learn together. Naomi's Blog - Job Interview Tips For Teachers - Point Production and Design. Congratulations…you have landed an interview for your dream teaching job.

Naomi's Blog - Job Interview Tips For Teachers - Point Production and Design

Don’t panic! Here are a few helpful tips to set yourself apart from the other candidates. Whatever you do, don’t try to ‘wing’ the interview. Be prepared.Thoroughly research and visit the school beforehand. Alternatives to Free Time at the End of Class. My first year of teaching, I would often end my lesson, check for understanding, have students fill out an exit ticket, review the homework assignment, breathe a sigh of relief, glance up at the clock, and develop immediate diarrhea upon realizing that I had a whole 10 minutes of class left. You see, I walk this weird, confusing line of being a teacher who hates giving students "free time" but also hates giving students busy work, so it was really hard for me to figure out what to do on the spot. This still happens every once in a while, but now, instead of succumbing to physical and emotional panic, I simply choose one of my weapons out of my Mildly-Academic-Things-You-Can-Do-With-10-Minutes-Left-of-Class Arsenal, which today I will be sharing with you.

(Disclaimer: A good teacher would tell you, "Keep lecturing. Create another exit ticket.