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Where do you stand in your industry? Color Launches Implicit Proximity-Based Social Network for Smartphones. I can hear the haters already: ANOTHER photo-sharing app?

Color Launches Implicit Proximity-Based Social Network for Smartphones

ANOTHER social network? Yes. Bill Nguyen, the serial entrepreneur who most recently sold Lala to Apple for around $80 million, is today launching Color, a proximity-based social network with no privacy settings. Brian Solis on social media ROI. Swivel: Virtual Dressing Room. [DEMO Spring 2011] Swivel is an augmented reality app that uses either a regular webcam or Kinect to allow people to try on clothes virtually.

Swivel: Virtual Dressing Room

Another company unveiled a similar solution at DEMO: Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara. Since Kinect launched a few months ago, I was envisioning this kind of product that can help boost sales in fashion e-commerce. Swivel is fun to use although the graphic result is not as good as we would like, but I am pretty confident that the technology will evolve enough to provide a higher visual quality in the next years. Facecake, the company developing Swivel, plans to integrate its technology in retailers website or in stores, allowing customers to make their choice faster without having to wander around to find the clothes they like. Check the video to see how it works and how it looks. @memolane Eric Lagier demonstrating his product at the #SMWF.

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