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Days so sweet. ARASHI! Plot Boxes. A Peek Inside Japan’s Tightly Managed Johnny’s Entertainment. A young Justin Bieber fan searching the Internet for live performances would probably be somewhat confused if she stumbled across the video of Bieber performing “All Around the World” and “Boyfriend” on the long-running Japanese television show, SMAP x SMAP.

A Peek Inside Japan’s Tightly Managed Johnny’s Entertainment

Not only was Bieber accompanied by five men in their very late 30s, but the camera spent as much time—if not more—on highlighting the older men on the stage as it did on the teen idol. As Bieber sings, “All Around the world” one of the men, dressed in a sharp lime green jacket, leans in to stand back to back with him. The audio engineer pushes the sound up on Inagaki Goro, villain of Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins, and member of boy band SMAP as he finishes the line, “People want to be loved.” The camera then switches to Takuya Kimura, who has ranked among the top ten most beautiful celebrities for the last 15 years.

[Arashi] 15 things we learned from Arashi. [5×15 tribute series] Celebrities are usually referred to as role models though not all of them deserve to be.

[Arashi] 15 things we learned from Arashi

But I’d like to think that we do learn from the people we idolize and I hope it’s mostly good and not bad habits. In celebration of Arashi’s 15th year, I did some kind of crowd sourcing on Twitter on the things that we have learned from Arashi. I was pleasantly surprised at the response I got and touched by the answers. I have to note that many of the answers that came in were along the same vein, which only goes to show that we have all been attending the same class being taught by our Arashi senseis. Thank you to everyone who helped me compile this list, your individual contributions are duly quoted below. 1. The Cars That Members of Arashi Drive ~ Minus Kakugo. 1: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2015/02/07(土) 15:24:51.77 Ninomiya Kazunari Benz・G Class Aiba Masaki Porsche・Cayman Matsumoto Jun BMW・7 Series Sakurai Sho Mitsubishi・Montero(Prize from TV program) Ohno Satoshi Bridgestone Mariposa (Bike) 3: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2015/02/07(土) 15:26:28.15 Nino's is cute 8: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2015/02/07(土) 15:28:23.99 That is so like Ohno-kun warota.

The Cars That Members of Arashi Drive ~ Minus Kakugo

Blah Since I Know: The Romantic Escapades of Ninomiya Kazunari. Ah the Forever Seventeen-year-old.

Blah Since I Know: The Romantic Escapades of Ninomiya Kazunari

Everyone's captivated by the epicness of Nino's immortal face. An Heir, Singer, Actor, Gamer, Host, Magician, Nino is also one of the JE idols whom the agency seemed to be lenient with. Throughout his career the guy was linked to a few girls but the seriousness of those relationships sounds real instead of just being a bunch of stories to spice up publicity.Guy-dates-girl is a normal type of gossip, but guy-dates-girl-and-is-serious-and-gives-gifts rumors are just too specific. Yet JE seems ok with it, as long as it's Nino? Maybe his cuteness could melt any of his seniors' hearts or maybe he is a truly obedient talent and understands the rules. It had been such a huge news when Friday magazine exposed the relationship between Ninomiya and Shiina Noriko during September of year 2000.In the reports Nino and Noriko were seen going out about 11 pm. "I hear you crying over the phone. Johnnys net Calendar. 000022pk (1834×1214)

Drunken johnny's. - Vox. There is such a thing called a kaishoku in japan. a kaishoku is when a group of people meet to eat dinner, usually the group of people being people that work together. for example there would be a kaishoku maybe after a concert with all the staff and arashi. usually these kaishoku's are planned after something big is finished or for some special reason. it doesn't happen every week. basically people eat and drink and eat and drink. you can almost call it a nomikai but it's not purely drinking it's eating and drinking. x: in any case ... this is stories about kaishoku's of johnny's & arashi from various TV shows, magazines, josei jishin, and staff blogs.

drunken johnny's. - Vox

No matter what will show up to a kaishoku. (tell me if you noticed something funny in this ranking)1. Inohara Yoshihiko2. Yamaguchi Tatsuya3. Kokubun Taichi4. Hateshinai yume bakari~ - Inohara concert wedding announcement (English) Scanky_chops: An An-An photoshoot comparison picpspam - in other words NAKEDNESS! Stanime: 10.04.02 You&Jin pamphlet. ○About the meaning of the live This time, I thought the keyword of this live should be "World Peace".

stanime: 10.04.02 You&Jin pamphlet

The wars between countries, the hatred between races, to me is something not worthwhile, yet seems hard to erase. About different ethnics, although I was lucky enough not to experience such things when I went to LA, it seems that the different ethnic groups around me, experienced at least some problems. What I can do is insignificant, but if I can at least get people to face the problem a bit more, or give them an interest in the topic would be something to me.


KAT-TUN. Arashi.