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The Kirklin Clinic Patient Resource Library. Swine Flu – Free Swine Flu Patient Education Handouts. WHO raises pandemic alert to second-highest level. GENEVA, Switzerland (CNN) -- The World Health Organization on Wednesday raised its pandemic alert to 5, its second-highest level, warning of widespread human infection from the swine flu outbreak that originated in Mexico.

WHO raises pandemic alert to second-highest level

Patients wait at a hospital Wednesday in Mexico City. The swine flu outbreak began in Mexico. Dr. Margaret Chan, the U.N. agency's director-general, said the decision to raise the alert on the 6-point scale indicated that all countries should "immediately" activate pandemic preparedness plans. "This change to a higher phase of alert is a signal to governments, to ministries of health and other ministries, to the pharm industry and the business community that certain actions now should be taken with increased urgency and at an accelerated pace," Chan said.

The announcement came as the number of confirmed cases increased rapidly across the world. The WHO and national governments have confirmed 148 cases in nine countries. Watch how the U.S. is preparing for the worst » Swine Flu explained by cute talking animals. Swine Flu: Track cases and info without the hype. Swine Flu !

Swine Flu: Track cases and info without the hype

Pandemics ! Opinion: Stopping the flu is your problem, too - Swine flu- msnb. When faced with the threat of disease, the impulse of most Americans is to think about medical technology and miracle drugs.

Opinion: Stopping the flu is your problem, too - Swine flu- msnb

These are not likely to be much help in the battle against swine flu — but the history books might. As history has proven, the best way to halt a deadly virus is to keep infected people away from others. Why Don't We Use Our Sleeves? Video by Death Cab for Susie - MyS. Easy Way To Help Avoid Swine Flu? Wash Often And Hum A Tune As Y. Swine Flu: Top 20 Answers You Need to Know. With more outbreaks of the new strain of swine flu come outbreaks of misinformation and rumor.

Swine Flu: Top 20 Answers You Need to Know

Below are 20 questions answered by infectious disease expert Charles Ericsson, MD, professor of internal medicine and director of travel medicine at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Also, Robert Emery, DrPH, vice president for safety, health, environment and risk management at UT Health Science Center and associate professor in the UT School of Public Health explains common sense preparedness and prevention of illness. 1. Gimme Three Shots! Best. Best of the Web Directory. Best of the Web UK Directory. Best of the Web Blog Directory. Consumer Health - 2/1/2010 - Library Journal.

The Best Health Books of 2009. Top 100 Health Websites You Can Trust. Updated September 2013 The purpose of the CAPHIS Top 100 List is to provide CAPHIS members and other librarians with a resource to use in their daily practice and teaching.

Top 100 Health Websites You Can Trust

Secondly, it is our contribution to the Medical Library Association so that the headquarters staff can refer individuals to a list of quality health web sites. Our goal is to have a limited number of resources that meet the quality criteria for currency, credibility, content, audience, etc., as described on our website. 100 Best Health Foods for Seniors. {*style:<b>By Holly McCarthy </b>*} Health and eating right is a lifelong goal that becomes increasingly important in our later years. While each senior has different nutritional needs and unique health conditions that affect what they are and are not able to eat, we’ve put together a rough guideline of 100 of the best health foods for seniors. Always consult your doctor and/or nutritionist before switching diets, as not all of these foods may be right for your body. These foods improve brain function, help you maintain memory and more. : Shellfish contains Vitamin B12, iron, magnesium and potassium which are great for brain function. : Psychology Today reports that a diet rich in saturated fatty foods can lead to depression and cancer. : Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the heart and brain.

100 Best Wellness Blogs for Women. The fast-paced lifestyle of America coupled with the typical caregiving role women take on for their families and loved-ones can leave women feeling worn down and susceptible to illness.

100 Best Wellness Blogs for Women

These blogs offer sound advice from those who have made positive changes in their lives as well as experts in a variety of fields. Take some time to read these blogs to help you embrace wellness in your life. Physical Wellness These blogs provide plenty of suggestions for staying well including such topics as healthcare, nutrition, and beauty. The WELLalarm. Most Overblown Health News of the Past Decade - 2000-2009 Overbl. The decade now drawing to a close has featured more than a few health-related news stories that have seemed just a tad overblown.

Most Overblown Health News of the Past Decade - 2000-2009 Overbl

DrRich has carefully selected the Top 10 Most Overblown Health Stories of the Past Decade, and is pleased to present them for your consideration. Let the countdown begin! 10. Mad Cow Disease For a while there, mad cow disease was going to kill us all (all of us beef-eaters, anyway), and McDonald's corporate net worth had plummeted by over $1 billion - and then the story just went away. 9. Political leaders who are advancing healthcare reform like to admonish us periodically that the health insurance companies (one of the modern embodiments of evil) are doing everything they can to stifle those reforms. 8. If you proposed to label the past decade "The Decade of Epidemics," you would get no argument from DrRich. 7. 6. 5. With as much respect and sensitivity as he can muster, DrRich explores the overblown claims that autism is caused by vaccines. 4. 3.

Top 10 health innovations of 2009. Part of complete coverage on Vital Signs By Anouk Lorie for CNN December 15, 2009 8:35 a.m.

Top 10 health innovations of 2009

Top American Hospitals - US News Best Hospitals. List of lists: Top health stories of 2009. Back from the Beach. Resources : Deciphering Medspeak. To make informed health decisions, you have probably read a newspaper or magazine article, tuned into a radio or television program, or searched the Internet to find answers to health questions.

Resources : Deciphering Medspeak

If so, you have probably encountered "medspeak," the specialized language of health professionals. The Medical Library Association developed "Deciphering Medspeak" to help translate common "medspeak" terms: Medspeak TermsRx Riddles Solved! (a prescription shorthand guide)Diagnosing Websites (tips on identifying quality healthcare information) The brochure also features MLA's "Top Ten" Most Useful Websites. MedlinePlus: Medical Dictionary. Dorlands Medical Dictionary. Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms easily d. What is RSS? Health Information Feeds. Your Spine. Back Pain, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain.