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Wood Wall-Mount Doorstop. Grandeur Single-Cylinder Deadbolt with Circulaire Plates. Grandeur Single-Cylinder Deadbolt with Carre Plates. Renovation Hardware, Restoration Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Bathroom Hardware, Kitchen Hardware, Door Hardware, Lighting, Contemporary Hardware, Period Hardware, Unique Hardware. Click HERE for online catalogs!

Renovation Hardware, Restoration Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Bathroom Hardware, Kitchen Hardware, Door Hardware, Lighting, Contemporary Hardware, Period Hardware, Unique Hardware

Decorum is your whole-house resource for hard to find, upscale specialty hardware and unique accessories for kitchens, baths, doors, cabinets and more. While we recognize a demand for the option to "buy online", we also recognize the value found in a personal person- to-person service experience. Especially when you're looking for furnishings, hardware, and accessories that are meant to last a lifetime, as opposed to what you might find at your local "box" store.

When you're ready to make household upgrades for your renovation project or create something special for your new home, we're here to help you with choices and time tested experience. To access this valuable resource we ask that you browse our catalog page, then call, email, or better yet visit our showroom in Falmouth, Maine. Our phone, email, and directions to the showroom can be found on our Contact page.

Thank you for visiting. Gallery - EXCEL DOOR CORPORATION. Hand Made 63 May St. Extra Wide Screen Door by Historic Door Corporation. Holcombe Doors & Windows (BHM) Hand-blown Bullseye Window and Door Glass from Sugar Hollow Glass in Fairfield Connecticut. Get the Book - Save America's WindowsSave America's Windows. Buy the Save America’s Windows book right here.

Get the Book - Save America's WindowsSave America's Windows

Order online and pay with with your credit card or PayPal. Or, give me a call and order from a real person. That’s right, I answer my own phone and am happy to talk with you. 207 773-2306. –John Shipping is via United States Postal Service, Media Mail, and takes one to two weeks. Covers traditional methods and the latest in modern high-tech materials and techniques. Figure 56. Step 6. Figure 62. Save America's Windows - Index page. It is currently Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:06 am 9 Topics 31 Posts Last post Re: Current thoughts on Allba… by johnleeke View the latest post Tue May 31, 2016 7:27 pm Site WorkRemoving & installing sash, temporary boardup, frame & sill repairs, wall sealing, frame & trim painting.

Save America's Windows - Index page

Topics: 9 9 Topics 13 Posts Last post Sill Replacement by johnleeke View the latest post Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:52 pm WoodworkRepair methods, procedures and details. Topics: 6 6 Topics 13 Posts Last post Re: Window Making Shops by johnleeke View the latest post Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:03 pm 9 Topics 42 Posts Last post Re: Poor Boy Steam Box Deglaz… by Stacie View the latest post Wed May 11, 2016 12:51 am Lead-Safe WorkSpecial tools, methods and techniques for containing the lead-containing debris and dust during window work. WoodWindowsSampleScr. Historic HomeWorks Forum. Scrapers - Save America's Windows. Sash Profile Scraper Here is the Sash Profile Scraper in action (click on the back button of your browser to return here after seeing the video): (Updates: 8/5/15 expanded procedure, materials & tools; 8/1/15 scraper sources; 7/14/15 now editing video to be posted soon) How to make a custom profile scraper to efficiently and effectively remove paint from the molded profile of window sash.

Scrapers - Save America's Windows

It takes me 60 minutes to make a profile scraper that exactly matches the profile on a sash. I recover that time if there is more than 5 lineal feet of molding to scrape. Procedure 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. _ Historic HomeWorks, Home Page. Helping owners, tradespeople, contractors and professionals understand and maintain their historic and older buildings.

_ Historic HomeWorks, Home Page

Save America's Windows book, including a national directory of window specialists. Historic HomeWorks Forum, windows section. (with many more videos) Window Workshops & Training. RetroVideo. Learn how you can Save Maine's Windows here at Historic HomeWorks. Video: Reports from the Field See the Steam Paint Removal video, buy the new Steam Paint Removal Report and join the Steam Paint Removal discussion here.

Workshops & Training: Exterior Wood & Paint in Maine in July, 2015 Windows in Maine in July, 2015Learn more... Learn to care for your fine old home. Care for a house, it becomes your home--a safe haven for the comfort of your family. Got peeling paint? View topic - Window Procedure: 9. Sash Glazing & Painting (Video). (update: 5/30/14 new training video, 6/21/12 bedding details) Basic overall procedure to refurbish windows: (excerpt from Save America's Windows) 1.

View topic - Window Procedure: 9. Sash Glazing & Painting (Video).

Remove sashes from frame, install temporary weather panel 2. Move sashes to onsite or remote workshop 3. Remove heavy paint buildup from frame and sill 4. Step 9. is detailed here: Sash Glazing and Painting Procedure "To glaze well, neatly and expeditiously, simple as the operation may appear, is an art not to be acquired in a day.

" Window Repair Tips from John Leeke - Old-House Online. Discover the ins and outs of old-house windows through the eyes of a pro who's spent decades repairing them.

Window Repair Tips from John Leeke - Old-House Online

By the OHJ Editorial Staff | Photos by John Leeke Preservationist John Leeke re-glazes an old sash. As a preservationist for nearly five decades (and an OHJ contributor for 26 years!) , John Leeke has encountered more than his share of old windows. In between repairing the windows on his own 1899 Victorian in Maine (“My wife is going to shoot me if I don’t get that window in the back bedroom fixed before the first warm breezes of summer,” he says), he shared with us some of the lessons he’s learned over the years. OHJ: How can you tell when window sash is too damaged to be rehabbed? John Leeke: I’ve repaired hundreds of sashes and assessed the condition of more than a thousand, and never seen a sash that could not be repaired. OHJ: What kind of safety precautions should you take on a window-rehab project? Upgrade Your House With New Interior Doors.