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I dati aperti della PA. Portada. Canada. Portail données ouvertes. Ville d'Ottawa. Kenya. Nouvelle-Zélande. Etats-Unis. New York City. US Government Data How-To. From Wired How-To Wiki Barack Obama rode into office with a high-tech, open source campaign that digitized the book on campaigning.

US Government Data How-To

Now, with his selection of a celebrated open data advocate as his Chief Information Officer, Obama appears serious about bringing those same principles to the executive branch's treasure trove of data. Vivek Kundra, the new CIO, comes to the White House from a similar role as the CTO of Washington, D.C., where he garnered kudos for his clear-headed approach to making data feeds from dozens of city agencies accessible. "I'm going to be working very closely with all Federal CIOs in terms of at the agency level to make sure they are advancing an agenda that embraces open government, an agenda that looks at how we could fundamentally revolutionize technology in the public sector," Kundra said.

Vivek Kundra in conversation with Nicholas Thompson at the Wired Disruptive Business Conference. Royaume-Uni. Norvège. Maroc.