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Evernote is an option

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I paid subs for evernote up to a couple of years ago .. and at the time, I used it for note keeping mixed in with web clipping (and never got crazy over how it managed either of those) ..

zim and others were better for notes (light-weight, cross-platform)
pearltrees is better for web clipping

but perhaps I could try again as a combined - note-taking and goal tracking and journal keeping system ? 7 Must-Have Notebooks in Evernote. Evernote can be a powerhouse for storing all kinds of important information.

7 Must-Have Notebooks in Evernote

The trick is that you have to trust the system and commit to using it full-time. Photo Credit: othree via Compfight cc Over the years I have switched back and forth a dozen times between various online storage tools. Now, I use only three services to house 99% of everything I need: Nozbe for task and project management, Google Drive for traditional file storage and spreadsheets, and Evernote for capturing and organizing everything else. By the way, I discussed my triple threat of productivity (referring to these three tools) back in episode #14 of the podcast. The Goal Setting Problem No One Ever Talks About… If you’ve ever listened to any personal development programs relating to productivity, time management or goal setting, then I’m sure you’ve heard the “Write Your Goals Down” mantra many times before… However, one thing no one ever seems to talk about however is WHERE to write your goals down.

The Goal Setting Problem No One Ever Talks About…

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever! 3 Powerful Ways I Use Evernote to Make the Most of Every Week - Bill Zipp on Business. The last seven days seem like a blur.

3 Powerful Ways I Use Evernote to Make the Most of Every Week - Bill Zipp on Business

You were crazy busy, but it doesn’t feel like you got anything done. At least not the stuff you needed to get done. It’s like someone else was driving the car of your week, and you were stuck in the back seat hanging on for dear life. And the worst part? Most every week is like this. It’s Not about Making Lists It’s a common misconception that increased productivity involves making long lists of things to do. In other words, who’s driving your car? This is where most productivity software falls short. Here are three things that I do in Evernote to make the most of every week: 1. Before a task gets placed in my task list or before a meeting gets scheduled in my calendar, I make sure that I have a view of the things that matter most. Doing this involves answering these four questions: What kind of person will I be? MORE: 13 Ways I Use Evernote for Business (Mostly) 2. Annual planning is the blocking and tackling of personal and professional success. 3.

How to Use Evernote to Overcome the Biggest Challenge in Achieving Your Goals. When it comes to achieving our goals, the biggest challenge usually isn’t a lack of resources or time.

How to Use Evernote to Overcome the Biggest Challenge in Achieving Your Goals

It’s our own memory. It doesn’t matter how big or important a goal is, if we don’t review it, it’ll fade from memory. It’s almost as simple as the old saying: “Out of sight, out of mind.” We know this from practical experience. Can you name a book you read a month ago? The same problem affects our chances of reaching our goals. What Happens When We Lose Track Life comes at us in a rush. We have to keep an eye on our goals or we’ll lose sight of them. That’s certainly my experience. What that means is that we need an intentional, regular review process for our goals.

Making the Gaps Work for Us. Evernote Template for Setting Realistic Goals. Following on from my earlier post about how to set and achieve realistic goals, I’m sharing my own goal template I use.

Evernote Template for Setting Realistic Goals

This is a template that you can use in Evernote. Or, you can simply write it down somewhere. However, if you’re using my recommended approach for setting and achieving your goals, you’ll want to use Evernote.To use this template, simply copy and paste this Evernote note. Or, copy and paste the below. How Evernote can Help you Achieve Your Goals in 2015. If you are going to achieve your goals in 2015, you must have a way to track your progress, so you actually achieve it.

How Evernote can Help you Achieve Your Goals in 2015

There are a variety of tools for doing this. Author Michael Hyatt provides tips on how he uses Evernote to organize his life and focus on accomplishing business goals for the new year. Hyatt is the author of The New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. He is also the founder of Platform University and the massively popular course, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. Like millions of other people, I use Evernote as my “digital brain” to store ideas, notes, web clips, receipts, recipes, important documents, event details, and more. 10 Productivity Tips to Tackle, Track Your Goals. Productivity is often a nebulous concept.

10 Productivity Tips to Tackle, Track Your Goals