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CouchCMS - non-free, but looks good

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How to use Couch CMS with Git. After around a year of using WordPress for the majority of the websites I built for Ghost, I was looking for something different.

How to use Couch CMS with Git

That isn’t to say that WordPress is bad – it isn’t – it’s just that for some of the projects I was working on, using WordPress was a bit like cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer. Add to this the fact that the majority of our clients were having trouble understanding the WordPress administration interface (meaning that, more often than not, I ended up populating the content for them), I was looking for something better suited to the type of project I was working on. CouchCMS - A simple and Open-Source CMS for web designers. To demonstrate the power and ease of Couch, we'll build a complete real world site from scratch using it .

CouchCMS - A simple and Open-Source CMS for web designers

The template we have chosen to do so is Aurelius. It was originally created to be sold commercially at Themeforest. However the author later on changed his mind and very graciously released it as a free template. We chose this template because it has almost all the sections that you'll come across while building a similar site - About Us Portfolio Blog Contact Us Home It can be found at You can choose to download it from the aforesaid link or get it from here (our version has all unnecessary files removed). Installing Aurelius Couch works by retrofitting within an existing working site. You can use any hosted space that you might have for the purpose of this tutorial. A more pragmatic approach would be to use XAMPP or Wampserver on your local machine. The resulting folder structure should look like this - Installing Couch Download and unzip

V. CouchCMS Creator Kamran Kashif Explains His Designer-Friendly CMS. This week’s awesome Design Shack Deal allows you to snag a commercial license of the awesome CouchCMS for a mere $9!

CouchCMS Creator Kamran Kashif Explains His Designer-Friendly CMS

CouchCMS offers designers the option of creating custom CMS-driven sites for their clients without any knowledge of PHP. We sat down with the developer behind CouchCMS to learn what it’s all about, why he created it and why you should consider using it on your projects. If you haven’t picked up your copy already, you won’t want to miss this! About Kamran Name: Kamran KashifLocation: IndiaWork history: Web developer / designer with over 10 years of experience – 4 years as freelancer.

Using Couch CMS to create lightweight websites. CouchCMS - A simple and Open-Source CMS for web designers. Potato-Proof: Content Management Uncomplicated with CouchCMS. Back in June, I did a review of ImpressPages CMS, a popular drag and drop Content Management System that has been designed with the end-user in mind.

Potato-Proof: Content Management Uncomplicated with CouchCMS

Carrying from ImpressPages, today I shall be taking a closer look at another CMS meant for the end users — CouchCMS. CouchCMS is an open source CMS that caters to those folks who intend to build a website but may or may not have excellent coding skills. You need not have any knowledge of PHP in order to use CouchCMS — the CMS can even use XHTML tags to convert static HTML templates into dynamic CMS-ready content. The Prelude First up, let us take a look at some of the major features that CouchCMS brings to the table. As already mentioned, CouchCMS relies on HTML/CSS templates, and then uses XHTML tags to make certain parts of such templates editable. The Details CouchCMS is backed by a decent set of documentation, which is extraordinarily well laid out: you can browse the basics and core concepts, or head towards the tutorials. Verdict Cons. CouchCMS Review.

Couch CMS is a simple and free CMS that has been created specifically with designers in mind.

CouchCMS Review

It doesn’t require any programming knowledge and is easy to use. Unlike a lot of other CMSs which require that you convert your template into a theme (which, depending on CMS at hand can be quite a task), Couch instead lets you to define the editable regions of your template via some special tags added to your existing HTML markup, which it then uses to build the administration area of the site to your requirements. No knowledge of PHP required at all.Take any HTML/CSS template and make it CMS enabled in minutes. Just drop in a few special XHTML tags into your code and watch your static web pages come to life! Requirements To use CouchCMS you must at least have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS and know the basics of creating a website. Server Requirements PHP 4.3.3 or greaterMySQL 4.1.2 or greaterApache (or compatible Web Servers like LiteSpeed etc.)

Features Documentation Yes, that is right. CouchCMS - A simple and Open-Source CMS for web designers. $39 one time fee 3 Months Premium Support forum, e-mail, IM No attribution link in footer of the managed website 100% Rebrandable admin user interface CouchCMS Commercial License Costs only $39 per domain (approx. £24 or €28) Licensing and refund policy Our product is licensed on a per-domain basis (read full text of the license here).

CouchCMS - A simple and Open-Source CMS for web designers

CouchCMS - A simple and Open-Source CMS for web designers.