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Something Interesting Has Begun - FallenQueen2. Something Interesting Has Begun.

Something Interesting Has Begun - FallenQueen2

The Avengers/ The Amazing Spiderman Crossover Peter knew this was not going to be his day, hell his week. Dr. Connors was out and has lizard out once more. The Avengers lend him a helping hand and now he finds himself tangled up with SHIELD and a world a 17 year old should never be a part of. Disclaimer: I do not own either the Avengers or Spiderman. Chapter One: The Lizard Returns. "Hey Doc, I thought you were locked away! " "I got out! " "Ow…" Peter moaned as his head bashed against the brickwork. Friends in High Places - Whitsie. Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel related anything Steve knows that men can be with men now.

Friends in High Places - Whitsie

Everyone has been very insistent on making sure he knows that men and men or women and women together is completely fine, and legal, and they can get married and everything, like they all forget he grew up in Brooklyn, but its okay. It's nice to see how invested most people are in equality. (It's funnier now that Bucky's back, and they are sat at breakfast with the other Avengers, or in a briefing with Fury and Hill and Bucky looks over at Steve with a smirk and says "Did you know its okay for two men to be together nowadays. Look around (and tell me what you see) - locaxlaficcion. A/N: Hi, guys!

Look around (and tell me what you see) - locaxlaficcion

Long time no see ;-) I've written this one shot about Civil War because I just can't wait to see the movie especially since I watched the last trailer with Spiderman! Yes! This is the role I think Spiderman is going to have in the movie though it's just my crazy theory. Please review if you like it or at least take into account that favorite button. The Day in the Life of Peter Parker - MarvelSpiderMan. Hey everyone, this is my first fanfic ever!

The Day in the Life of Peter Parker - MarvelSpiderMan

I am supper excited to keep this story going, please feel free to leave a review and comment on anything that I should do to improve this story, or any great ideas to add to this story. Enjoy! Summary: All Peter ever wanted to do was to keep his aunt and Gwen safe. If he had only listened to his aunt, and had gone to the store and gotten the groceries that she asked him to get that morning... Whenever he tries to do something good, he always seems to mess it up. It all happened on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014. Peter had been out late the previous night patrolling the city as Spider-man, he came home around 2:00 in the morning. "Finally…" Peter said to himself as he reached his house in Forest Hills, Queens.

Chicken Soup With Rice - Convenient Alias. It began with a bookstore.

Chicken Soup With Rice - Convenient Alias

Bruce did not leave the Avengers' Tower and venture out by himself often (the city was so noisy and disturbing for a Hulk) but he had to leave occasionally just to find his peace of mind. On that day, he left because Tony, Steve and Natasha were having another yelling match and he didn't like that kind of stress. Also, of course, because he liked a breath of fresh air and this August air was very fresh. Well. Start of a Superfamily - Corpium. Disclaimer: Not mine.

Start of a Superfamily - Corpium

A/N: So I sorta cranked this thing out at 3 A.M. in the morning. I need sleep. Also, I need an invite to AO3. Because seriously, I've been lurking for at least a year, and I only just decided to get an account, and now apparently I'm going to have to wait until 2013. The Answering Machine - Laliel. The Answering Machine Written by Laliel Rated: PG or K+

The Answering Machine - Laliel

An Important Wait - leavesofmirkwood. Peter had been on edge all day, waiting for the moment that was coming closer and closer.

An Important Wait - leavesofmirkwood

His ears were practically ringing with anticipation. The moment that could change his life. A job interview. He sat on the edge of a stiff couch waiting for his name to be called. Accidental Meeting - ShadowintheKnight. This is my first story on here so I hope it is received well : ) Enjoy!

Accidental Meeting - ShadowintheKnight

: ) Disclaimer: I do not own either the Avengers or Spiderman. "Excuse me, pardon me! Watch out! " Could be heard as Peter Parker sprinted away from Flash and his 'gang' in the crowded New York streets. As Peter ran he tried to grab his skateboard out of his backpack in hopes of putting more distance between himself and Flash, who was gaining fast.

Give 'em Something to Talk About - ChellsBells (crash1212) Main Content <p id="javascript-warning"> While we&#39;ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Give 'em Something to Talk About - ChellsBells (crash1212)

Please consider turning it on! </p> Archive of Our Own beta Log In Forgot password? Sins of the Father - MoiraiThanatoio - Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel (Movies), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, The Avengers. Just Another Day in NYC - Corpium - Multifandom. "Come on," Peter says plaintively as he ducks a swipe from the Lizard's tail. "What is this, deja vu? " He throws a punch, spying from the corner of his eye the restaurant's giant kitchen freezer door conveniently standing wide open. He webs the Lizard in the face and ducks again, weaving around so that he's between the Lizard and the freezer door.

"I feel like we just went through this. Can't I catch a break? " While he's talking mostly to preoccupy the Lizard and to give himself a sense of confidence (because he's smart enough to admit to himself that really, he has no idea what the hell he's doing), what he's saying is true. Doctor Connors may be a bioengineering genius, but when he's the Lizard, most of his genius-ness gets replaced with nearly unstoppable rage.

It still might not work, Peter thinks as he uses all his not inconsiderable might to keep the Lizard in the freezer. A woman peeks into the kitchen, eyes darting around wildly. The lady's gaze snaps to his face. Iron Man. Family Values - silverlysilence - The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) (Kind of-Not Really), The Amazing Spider-Man (Movies - Webb), The Avengers. Bittersweet - VesperNexus - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Bittersweet It isn’t raining. The clouds are gathered in a flurry mop of deep grey; dark against the swirling silver of the sky. There’s a constant breeze wafting through the air; ruffling the dying, crisp leaves on thinning trees with fragile branches too weak to survive the harsh coming winter. It’s getting stronger, the wind; whistling far too loudly in an otherwise silent evening. It’s almost eerie, he thinks, the way it carries itself lightly and brushes against his hands, enticing shivers and flushed cheeks.

Steve sighs and takes another look at the skies. The grave stands before him, marble and shinning and utterly unfazed by the maddeningly freezing weather. God, he missed her. There's no day off for heroes - valerishka - Iron Man (Movies) Unnoticeable Chapter 1: Unnoticeable, a Spider-Man + Avengers Crossover fanfic. Author's Note: This is something a little different than I'm used to writing and is actually a small part of Spider-Man's account of the Chitauri invasion in the Avengers Assemble movie. And for those of you that may be wondering I will be updating my on-going story soon but these one-shots I've been writing just seem to write themselves, I'd rather get an idea out as soon as I've thought of it than keep it brewing in my head for a good while so I end up forgetting it.

Sweet, Smart-assed Sixteen - Flame_Of_Ice - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Walk the Earth - deathlys (orphan_account) - The Avengers. It's Tony who finds out first, and it's Pepper who informs him. She sends him an email, the subject line only saying have you seen this? And the email itself containing nothing but two links. One is a news article from the Huffington Post about a mysterious hero, dubbed "Spider-man," who essentially has been rushing around saving peoples lives. The second link is to a blog that rants about the mystery surrounding this character, his disguise and anonymity, and who it could possibly be behind the mask. Apparently Spider-man has been active for only a few weeks, starting maybe several days before the entire episode with Loki and the battle over New York City happened.

Tony sits back in his chair, rubbing at his face. "Who is he? " In Which Tony Stark Gets a Kid - intergalacticju - Multifandom. Tony Stark doesn’t hate children. There’s this misconception floating around with all the other untrue things about Stark International’s golden boy, and the ones involving him and kids are mostly false. He can attest to the idea that allowing him to spawn a child would be a bad one- disastrous is probably the better word to use in this situation- but he cannot deny the internal warmth that spreads beneath his cold mechanical heart when children approach him with fliers and toys in hand, some in half or full costume, and delight in their eyes at meeting a superhero.

Children don’t have the same judgement adults do. They see the world through wonderment, and even if they knew about Tony’s past misadventures it doesn’t mean anything to them. They just like the parts where he flies around and blows bad guys up, and that’s certainly something he can get behind. Nobody is going to think this is a good idea. For the next few weeks, everyone mostly keeps their mouths shut. “Yep, sure am. Warmth - dreadpiratewatson. Spider Revealed - MyNightmaresAreMyDaydreams. Tethered Reality - LokiNeedsHugs1031.

Ragnarok - helloitea [Abandoned :( ] A/N: Hey guys! This is my first Avengers fic and I came up with it while I was on holidays so it probably needs a little fine tuning. This is the prologue and when I say prologue it's really just to fill in some of the gaps that'll come up later on. It won't really make much sense until later. I shall endeavour to have the first chapter up today which I have already started writing. Just so you guys know, 'Ragnarok' was the apocalypse in Norse mythology. Thanks for reading! The Spider Hunt - 0SunshineTears0. It is happening all over again. Harry smirks as Gwen's fragile body falls down the the clock tower, gears and springs twirling around her. I am frozen as i look watch her fall, her eyes filled with confidence that i will save her. By the time i am free from the fear that froze me it is too late.

My web reaches a nothing more than a corpse. "You failed me" her lifeless mouth whispers. Morning arrives several hours later with the promise of eggs, bacon, waffles and whatever Aunt May will try to make me eat. Choices - yamiduke13. Heroes - Zoey1997. Spidey and The Avengers - AgentAW. Everybody meet Spiderman - junkie munkie. The Avengers and Spider-Man - Full-on-nerd. Cuddles - Bat-dove. "Aw. SHIELD Investigation - Wednesday1990. Prologue: Coulson Meets Connors "Yes, sir, I'm at the penitentiary right now. " Coulson exchanged a few closing remarks with Nick Fury on the phone and closed the car door behind him. After ending his call, he slipped the phone back into his inner suit pocket.

Coulson cut an imposing figure as he stood in the middle of the prison's guest parking lot. His dark suit and tie coupled with his dark sunglasses practically screamed government agent, and he could see that the guards shifting nervously out of the corner of his eye were more than aware of that. Coulson smoothly pressed down on the front of his suit jacket and walked steadily toward the visitor's entrance, the gravel crackling under his well-polished dress shoes. Spiders Can Also Cry - darkvoice. Soooooo, this is my second fanfiction. I plan to make it into a series. Along Came a Spider-Man - ladyknightanka - Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Avengers. Use Somebody - mariusette. It's Somebody's Problem - Namikaze_Artemis - Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Captain America (2011), Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel (Movies), Spider-Man - All Media Types, The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Avengers (2012), The Incredible.

Deus Ex Machina - Chapter 1 - jaegermighty (moirariordan) - The Amazing Spider-Man. Recruitment - Chapter 1 - Godoflaundrybaskets (digiella) - Amazing Spider-Man. So Screwed - Chapter 1 - The_Impossible_Whovian - Spider-Man - All Media Types. Joining the Big Leagues - Chapter 1 - theoneandonlybunny - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Peter Stark: Billionaire Baby with a Heart of Gold - alphera - Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel (Movies), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Avengers. 'Webhead', and Other Really Stupid Nicknames - equalopportunityobsessor - The Amazing Spider-Man (Movies - Webb), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Show Chapter. Every Single Action Ends With Immediate Regret - Chapter 1 - inkedintoincognito - Spider-Man - All Media Types.