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Jamais Cascio. Jamais Cascio is a San Francisco Bay Area-based writer and futurist specializing in design strategies and possible outcomes for future scenarios.

Jamais Cascio

[citation needed] Biography[edit] Jamais Cascio resides in the San Francisco Bay Area[1] Cascio received his undergraduate degree from UC Santa Cruz and later attended UC Berkeley. In the 1990s, Cascio worked for the futurist and scenario planning firm Global Business Network.[2] In 2007 he was a lead author on the Metaverse Roadmap Overview.[3] Online projects[edit] Worldchanging[edit] From 2003 to 2006 Cascio helped in the formation of Worldchanging. On November 29, 2010, Worldchanging announced that due to fundraising difficulties it would shut down.[5] It has since merged with Architecture for Humanity, though detailed plans for the site's future have not been released. Open the Future. Jamais Cascio on tools for a better world. Thierry Gaudin.

Publications » Thierry Gaudin. Prospective 2100 - Au service de la prospective mondiale. Autrans 2004 (2e partie) : Thierry Gaudin, les enjeux de la société cognitive. Par Daniel Kaplan le 25/03/04 | 2 commentaires | 1,894 lectures | Impression Thierry Gaudin ( prospectiviste, président de Prospective 2100 ( a impressionné l’auditoire des dernières rencontres d’Autrans lors de sa conférence inaugurale.

Autrans 2004 (2e partie) : Thierry Gaudin, les enjeux de la société cognitive

En mettant en perspective les questions de bien communs publics, de coopération et d’appropriation sociale, il a proposé quelques thèmes de réflexion qui devraient nous accompagner longtemps : celui de la société de la reconnaissance (plutôt que de la connaissance), celui de la place des “communs” et de la propriété intellectuelle et celui des “crises” passées et à venir de la société de la connaissance.Ce compte rendu fait suite à celui que nous avons consacré à Christian Huitema, également intervenant aux rencontres 2004 d’Autrans.

Voir aussi sur le site d’Autrans Cet article a également été traduit en Espagnol pour le site Tendencias 21. Sommaire Inquiétudes sur l’évolution de l’espèce humaine Vers la civilisation cognitive Sur ces mêmes sujets. Thierry Gaudin, Prospective des religions. Éditions Ovadia, 2007. Thierry Gaudin, 2100, Odyssée de l’Espèce. Prospective et programmes du 21e siècle. Profile on - Patrick Dixon official site - Cloning, Biotech, Health, Business, Ethics, Banking, Finance, Trends - 11,000,000+ visitors. Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science. MediaFuturist.

Alvin + heidi toffler {futurists} Ross Dawson: Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Futurist, Strategy Advisor. This is the blog of Glen Hiemstra, futurist speaker, keynote speaker, futurist consultant, and founder of Futurism Articles and Resources from EnlightenNext. Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey – Celebrity Keynote, Futurologist, Writer, & Author, of Future Trends & Emerging Technology. Author of the 2011 book “Communicating with the Future,” Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey is a powerful visionary who is revolutionizing our thinking about the future.

Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey – Celebrity Keynote, Futurologist, Writer, & Author, of Future Trends & Emerging Technology

“The greatest value in understanding the future comes from spotting the major cultural, demographic, societal, and economic shifts early and translating them in to viable business strategies,” says Tom. Thomas continually pushes the envelope of understanding as part of the celebrity speaking circuit by creating fascinating images and understandings of the world to come. He has been fortunate enough to headline events along with some of today’s most recognizable figures: Tom Peters, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus; former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch; former New York City Mayor Rudy Giulliani; Former President of Colombia, Andrés Pastrana; Prime Minister of Spain, Felipe González Márquez; Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz; Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal; and former World Bank President James Wolfensohn. – The personal blog of Futurist Thomas Frey.

The personal blog of Futurist Thomas Frey » Blog Archive » 12 Laws of the Future. 12 Laws of the Future For several decades now I have been contemplating our relationship with the future. Many of my colleagues think of me as that crazy guy who assigns human attributes to this thing we call the future. On occasion you can hear me uttering phrases like, “I know it’s going to be a great day because the future is clearly happy with me today.” Or, “no, that’s not a good idea because the future is probably going to push it off a cliff.” At one point I even tried to convince my wife that the future wanted me to buy a new car, but she wasn’t buying it.

So why is it so important to study the future? The Physics of Time Vs the Physics of the Future. List of futurologists.

Stewart Brand

Category:Futurologists. Futurist Speaker. Danila Medvedev profile. Danila Medvedev. Danila Andreevich Medvedev (Russian: Данила Медведев) (born March 21, 1980 in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg)) is a Russian futurologist and politician.

Danila Medvedev

Specialising in the science and future of Russia, Medvedev serves as a member of the coordination council of the who serves as a membe Russian Transhumanistic Movement. In May 2005 he helped found KrioRus, the first cryonics company outside of the United States.[1] Since August 2008, he has worked as Chief Planning Officer and Vice-President of the Science for Life Extension Foundation, based in Moscow. Education and career[edit] Medvedev graduated from the International Management Institute of St. Petersburg (IMISP) in 2000. Writer, Researcher, Alternative Futurist.