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File Folder Games

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Early Learning Activities For Pre-K and Kindergarten. Leaf Months. Bear Shape FF Game. Free File Folder Games (Subject) AddThis What's Next Recommended for you AddThis Hide Show.

Free File Folder Games (Subject)

Preschool File Folder Games. Preschool is a great time to get children started with fun learning experiences.

Preschool File Folder Games

Even at an early age children can learn all about color identification, number recognition, sequencing, letter sounds and more. We suggest using hands on learning games with active children who find themselves bored or frustrated with traditional worksheets or lessons.....making our games a great resource for preschoolers. Search our Resources: Below, we've organized our free preschool file folder games by subject making it easy to find exactly what you need for your students. If you're looking for thematic resources please search our site by subejct to find what you need. Quiet Books and File Folder Games.

Preschool Color Match File Folder Game. Search: Turkey Colors File Folder Gamefor children to work on visual This is a simple color matching game discrimination.

Preschool Color Match File Folder Game

You can customize this game with our free templates. Dino Colors File Folder GameThis is a color matching game with a brontosaurus and a stegasauras. Children match the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, and Gray. Dino Eggs File Folder GameThis is a color matching file folder game, where children match the color of the Mother dinosaur to her egg (which is wrapped like a present) Back to School File Folder GameThis is a color matching game for the preschool / kindergarten level. Fabulous, Fun, Free File Folder Games! Valerie McClintick is the mother and official keeper of the crayons in a Christian homeschool family in Oregon.

Fabulous, Fun, Free File Folder Games!

Valerie created several websites that each offer a ton of crafty projects to help children learn. See the full list at the bottom of this post. We have enjoyed Valerie’s file folder games for years. I’m posting just a few of the File Folder Games below. Bible File Folder Games Preschool File Folder Games Games are for preschool aged children and include color matching games, picture identification, science, patterns and sequencing, and beginning alphabet skills. File Folder Games. Printable File Folder Games. Cheap Homeschooling. I am in my 11th year of homeschooling and I can not think of anything I would rather be doing.

Cheap Homeschooling

I am so thankful for this time that I have had to stay home with my children and educate them. Some mothers really seem to think it is strange that I actually want to be with my children all day. Honestly, I can’t imagine sending my children off to strangers every day and not having my children be a part of my life all the time. I want to be around my children. Yes, there are times, I need a break.

Homeschooling is a different kind of life from what most people have.