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World. Data. Analytics. Quickly check your site's Google PageRank, Ale. Get Your Twitter Ranking. Tasty Data Goodies - Swivel. The R Project for Statistical Computing. Tools and Metrics You Need to Measure and Monitor Social Media S. If you want to be able to track the success of a social media campaign (and for that matter any online marketing campaign) you have to benchmark and measure against something.

Tools and Metrics You Need to Measure and Monitor Social Media S

If you want to start a social media campaign tomorrow then you need to make sure you have the tools and metrics to measure, today. You can’t just use a tool that gives you a snapshot of your overall social media presence, you need something with numbers that you can compare and benchmark against. This is what corporations and executives are looking for. Keep in mind that there plenty of other things to measure that don’t have a specific quantifiable number, however the focus of this post is just on quantifiable metrics and the tools to measure those metrics.

First thing’s first, outline all of your goals and expectations and make sure you understand them. Many Eyes. Future of advertising and advertising technology: Dashboard Spy: Dashboard Spy: Subaru advertising effectiveness dashboard If you are into interfaces and analytics and visualizations, you will like Dashboard Spy, a fairly new blog that already has amassed dozens of screenshots of executive dashboards, including indicators of advertising effectiveness.

future of advertising and advertising technology: Dashboard Spy:

There's an entire book about marketing dashboards, by the way. Dashboard Spy: Enterprise Dashboard to Manage Hospital Beds. 217 Million People Play Online Games. 217 million people worldwide play online games, according to new figures released by comScore.

217 Million People Play Online Games

The study took into account all sites that provide online or downloadable games but excluded gambling sites. The 217million users account for 28 percent of all people online. Yahoo!