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R/sex. Fetishes And Limits Below is a list of potential sexual activities. Here’s the scale: 1 - Very much into / Something I enjoy / Turn On 2 - Haven’t done it but want to try 3 - I would do it if the other person enjoyed it 4 - Does nothing for me, but isn’t a limit 5 - Hard limit / Something I won’t do / Turn off Role Playing _______ Age Play (you play younger) _______ Animal Roles (e.g. human puppy dog) _______ Examinations (doctor-nurse play/medical scenes) _______ Family Play (e.g. _______ Daddy/little girl (DD/lg) _______ Fantasy Abandonment _______ Fantasy Rape _______ Interrogations _______ Kidnapping _______ Prison Scenes _______ Prostitution (being sold to others) _______ Pony play (e.g. pony girl) _______ Religious Play (nun/priest/rabbi/alterboy-girl) Sexual Play _______ Anal Play/Anal Sex _______ Anal Plugs/Beads _______ Anal Plugs/Beads Outdoors (under clothes) _______ Bestiality _______ Brown Showers (scat) _______ Camming Sex with me _______ Camming Sex with me and others _______ Creampies Masochism.

R/sex. REWARD AND PUNISHMENT | BDSM INFORMATION. This Point Is Where Many M/s Relationships Fail.Over Punishment For Minor Infractions,Non Acknowledged Good Deeds And Ignoring Blatant Wrong Action Cause The Affinity In The Relationship To Break Down. The Rules Of Master/Mistress And Slave Are Fairly Rigid.The Duties Well Understood.When A Master/Mistress Does Not Punish Major Infractions Such As ”DISOBEDIENCE”And ”DISRESPECT” Or Ignores Correct Action By The Slave The Agreements Made At The Beginning Of The Relationship Are Broken.

It Is Here A Master/Mistress Sows His/Her True Colors.The Master/Mistress Should Be In Control Not Only Of His/Her Slave But Themselves As Well. Punishment Is A Tool To Correct Wrong Or No Action By The Slave.It Should NEVER! Be Done In ANGER! Rewards Show The Slave That The Master/Mistress Is Pleased.It Is A Tangible Show Of Love And Caring From The Master. ~SLUT_TO_MASTER_JOHN~ (Real Life) Like this: Like Loading... BDSM basics - ideas for new dominants. BDSM Beginners Kit Ideas for New Dominants It is very thrilling for your sub to know she is subject to your discipline. She wants rules and limits set for her and knows that there will be consequences for not obeying them. If there are no consequence then she cannot feel the control that she longs for.

Accepting a spanking where the focus is on correcting her behavior rather than for her own pleasure is proof of her submission to you. It makes your control of her very real. There is a big distinction between a spanking given for the pure enjoyment of it and one given as punishment. Some submissive women would never want a spanking they thought was given as a punishment. However, there are some submissive women who *love* to be spanked as a punishment and there are several reasons for this. Due to societies generally negative view of d/s and s/m, many women who crave a spanking or whipping often have great conflicts about it, wondering how they could possibly be so "strange" or "weird".

Tutorials - - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software. Blender Tutorials. xNormal FAQ. Best Online Courses. How to Get Started in Maya > Pluralsight. Maya Learning Channel. Maya Tutorials | Maya. Exploring Maya 2016 video series by Digital Tutors The new Exploring Maya 2016 video tutorial series by Digital-Tutors introduces the basics of the interface, key tools, and essential workflows. The videos include step-by-step instructions, and are accompanied by scene assets allowing new users to get up and running with Maya quickly. Introduction and project overview Navigating the user interface Building models in Maya The basics of animation Adding materials and textures Working with lights in Maya Rendering with mental ray Keep learning about Maya with the full Digital-Tutors Introduction to Maya 2016 series and over 500 more Maya tutorials.

Exploring Maya tutorial scene files (zip – 165,098Kb) Maya Getting Started These tutorials introduce various different functional areas of Autodesk® Maya® in a set of lessons. For tutorials for previous versions of Maya, see the Archive page. Maya 2015 Getting Started with Maya 2015 (html - 242Kb) Getting Started with Maya 2015 (日本語) (html - 212Kb) Maya 2014. Tutorials. Maya Tutorials, Maya 3D Training, Home of the SimplyMaya Community. Latest Maya articles | Tags. Maya Tutorials, Maya 3D Tutorials, Tutorials for Maya. 72 Magnificent Maya Tutorials! Latest CG News, Features, and Images from movies, games and art | CGSociety. How to draw and paint: 95 pro tips and tutorials | Digital art | Page 4. Subscription offer 38. How to paint lizard skin in Corel Painter X3 Artist Don Seegmiller reveals how to paint realistic scales using Corel's Painter X3 custom paper textures. 39.

How to draw nose slime Illustrator John Petersen explains how to create viscous-looking snot using Photoshop. 40. Concept artist Mikaël Léger guides you through depicting black fur on a large, furry beast using Photoshop. 41. Artist Therese Larsson explains how to paint light glowing through fur with Photoshop layers. 42. Fire up your Photoshop skills to create an epic dragon scene with this how-to from expert Ruan Jia. 43. Jace Wallace reveals his key techniques for painting an ethereal sub-aquatic siren in Photoshop. 44. Armed with muck and mire, artist Cynthia Sheppard pulls dark details from everyday imagery... 45. Artist Rasmus Berggreen explains how to use contrast and composition to paint a rock giant from Norse mythology. 46. Use subtle details to enhance your fantasy character designs. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52.

Top 25 Best Books for Teaching Yourself How to Draw and Paint. Skill Set Needed for Drawing. WHAT SKILLS ARE NEEDED TO DRAW EVERYTHING? Edges | cross contour | size angle proportion perspective | shading | negative space | holistic gesture seeing and drawing | color | pattern texture Once students learn these skills, they can draw anything that they can observe. I recently ran across and old tape and enjoyed listening to a talk by Betty Edwards at Calvin College in the 1980's.

Among other things, she lists some skills that are needed to be able to draw. This list of observation skills is inspired by hearing her ideas about things that students need to learn to see in order to observe and draw better. Visual observation is believed to be in the domain of the right side of the brain. Below: When the rabbit moves they are encouraged to keep drawing. Below: Students learn to measure and compare lengths, proportions, angles, and so on by sighting.

How to see negative spaces - negative shapes To draw well, students need to learn to see negative shapes and spaces. How to see color. Drawing basics: the five foundation skills of observation. The third - and most difficult skill (back to top) 3) Recognizing Proportions, Perspective, Scale and Angles. Have you ever heard farmers or horse traders talk about a horse's height? If so, maybe you've heard them say something like "yea, he's a big one. Stands 14 hands high at the shoulder". It's a way they've developed to talk about dimension. And that's what this third skill is about: using something convenient, constant and relatable (therefore proportionate) to the task at hand. He's asking this question: "how big is this part of the picture compared to my thumb or this pencil? " Applying this to the chair example Remember the chair example above? Here's a ruler: Here's a ruler - we'll use it for "sighting" Here's our chair and the ruler stuck right inside the picture with it: We're gonna relate the chair to the ruler.

To recap, we're going to put in terms of those units all the important parts of the chair. Let's dive in. On to the backrest. Sighting (back to top) Experiment Drawing a jet. 7 Tips to Improve your Drawing Skills- Sparksight. I have met many aspiring artists who do not know where to start when it comes to drawing. Many times, they will get stuck in the rut of browsing art online, but they never make the effort to create their own art.

Try following these 7 tips listed below to improve your drawing skills. The more you draw, the more creative improvement you will see. 1. Many artists are afraid of making mistakes or will not start drawing because they want to be able to draw at a higher level. 2. When you first begin drawing, grab an art book or search online and try copying artwork you like. 3. Observe the world around you and draw what you see. 4. Watch movies, play video games, observe artwork and nature. 5. Lets say you are trying to draw a cartoon whale. 6. Creating a drawing routine that you can stick to, such as one small sketch a day. 7. Upload your work online and share it with professionals. I hope these steps inspire you to tap into your creative side and draw the things that inspire you. 14 Ways to Improve Your Drawing Skills in 2014. A New Year means new drawings, so to help you make 2014 your most creative year yet, I have rounded up 14 of my favorite drawing tips and techniques to kick-start your artwork and help you to achieve stunning results.

Pens and pencils at the ready… Draw upside down Nope, I haven’t lost my mind – drawing upside down helps you to ‘unlearn’ the bad habit most of us have of drawing what we think we see, not what we actually see. For example, when drawing a portrait, children will often draw long hair as two strips either side of the face. The next time you are drawing from a photo, try inverting it. Mirror, mirror Similar to drawing upside down, frequently checking your drawing in a mirror will refresh your perspective and help you to see where you are going wrong. Experiment with different media For a long time I drew in pen only, convinced that this was my style and the only way I could draw.

Now, if I want a striking image I go for pen, and for anything more delicate I go for pencil. Mould it. Drawing books for the beginning student as well as more advanced. Good drawing books are not a substitute for actually putting pencil to paper and practising your drawing, however they can help keep us on the right track with information on techniques and different media. Featured here are books that I hope will inspire, inform and educate - and I've included books on art, painting and colour and I will be adding to the list all the time. Some books are practical how-to, others are inspirational and some are fiction that I've enjoyed and would like to share.

Books are very personal and people get different things out of them and one’s person’s must-have is another’s worst nightmare. We all learn in different ways and authors will convey their message in a personal voice that may or may not speak to us. Likewise how the book is laid out – the size of type, number of illustrations and words, use of colour – will all affect whether we are drawn to a book or not. – responsible for teaching millions to draw – can work for you, too. The Creative License. Digital Painting Tutorial by Dianae on DeviantArt.

20 Tutorials for Learning Digital Painting Techniques. I’ve always loved browsing the insanely detailed and realistic artwork created by digitally painting in Photoshop, so this year I’m planning on setting aside some time to learn the basics myself. I’ve read through numerous online tutorials and have hand picked the best to share with you today. All the tutorials showcased in this post describe the step by step process and offer useful tips to help you get started with the art of digital painting. Despite being an extremely popular subject it’s pretty difficult finding guides or tutorials that actually explain the process in detail. There’s stacks of ‘speed painting’ videos you can watch in awe, but they don’t really offer any tips or advice. There’s also plenty of design process explanations, but most seem to be aimed at advanced artists and often resemble the image above, where the design goes from a rough sketch to the completed piece in just a couple of steps!

Dianae Digital Painting Tutorial Zombie Portrait in Photoshop. Paint the palace Draw and Paint in Photoshop. How to Choose Colours that Work! YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Freelancing Fundamentals. Color Scheme Designer 3. The Art of Freelancing · Everything I Wish They Had Taught Me in Art School. Freelance Guide | CalArts. More and more graduates see starting their own business as a valid career choice. Also, freelancing can offer flexible income for students. The information below is a quick reference guide to give basic business know-how to the self-employed artist. Students and alumni who wish to take on freelancing as a source of income should use the following information and resources as a base to do more in depth research of their own. Marketing & Self Promotion Unlike giant cookies and the Forum, "build it and they will come" does not necessarily apply to your new freelance business.

It takes quite a bit of time and effort to build and maintain a client base. Your first priority should be to do the best work you possibly can for your clients, and make their experience working with you as pleasant as possible. As for new clients, if you do good work, you should get some referrals. Time Management Panic is the most natural response to moments in life when everything needs to be done five minutes ago.

Training. How to Be a Successful Freelance Artist or Designer. January 28, 2015 4:40 am Mark Masters Becoming a freelance artist isn’t typically something decided overnight. There may be many reasons why you’re considering taking this route with your career. A couple of common reasons could be that you’re tired of jumping from studio to studio to work on the next project or you’re a recent graduate […] Becoming a freelance artist isn’t typically something decided overnight. While it may be tempting to work at home in your pajamas, becoming a successful freelance artist is not an easy task.

Be Prepared This might be the most important tip for you to consider if you want to be a freelance artist. That is why you shouldn’t quit your job or suddenly dive into freelance work if you aren’t prepared. It can be hard to be creative when you’re worrying about where your next meal is coming from, so being prepared with some money up front can help. Set a Schedule Don’t Sell Yourself Short…or Not at All As tempting as that may sound it usually isn’t true. Seth Godin's Freelancer Course. Contents and Overview This course begins with an introduction into what it means to be a freelancer, regardless of what industry you work in.

You'll realize that you have the opportunity to take control of your career, regardless of your previous experience, by seeing the world the way your clients do. Seth walks you through choosing your clients and how to be at the right place at the right time to find them. By pushing yourself to produce remarkable work, the clients will start coming to you.

Each short, intense (and sometimes funny) lecture helps you identify ways to build your reputation and promote your business so you can step out of invisibility. You have the opportunity to become a well-known specialist in your field. Also included: In-depth answers to FAQs that Seth has collected from his audience in preparation for this course. Throughout the course, you'll have the opportunity to complete exercises that will help you forge a path you can easily follow. Feng Zhu Design. ART TUTORIALS, ART TIPS & ART TRICKS - ARCHIVE. Environment Design. Digital Production The Gnomon Workshop offers the most comprehensive set of Digital Production tutorials anywhere. The broad scope of the tutorials contained in this section range from foundational understanding of the software tools all the way to the professional application of these tools and concepts used by artists working in the film and game industries.

Entertainment Design The Gnomon Workshop is widely regarded as the global leader in training tutorials for the designer working in the entertainment industry. With tutorials ranging from foundational drawing and design concepts to process tutorials from some of the top concept and character designers in the world, there is surely something here to inspire. Industrial Design The Gnomon Workshop offers tutorials focused on Industrial Design software and techniques.

Fine Art and Illustration The Gnomon Workshop also offers a number of tutorials focused on the fine art and illustration fields. Tattooing Software. CGWorkshops. 20 Feelings That Sum Up Having Both Depression And Anxiety. Photoshop Tutorials - Computer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, PortfolioComputer Graphics. Digital Painting In Photoshop: The Magic Box. Digital Painting & Concept Art with Photoshop. How to draw and paint: 95 pro tips and tutorials | Digital art | Page 4. Cognitive Distortions And Socializing. Logical Fallacies.

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