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How to Hide the Facebook Ticker. You No Longer Need 25 Fans To Get A Custom Page URL. Does Using HootSuite Kill Your EdgeRank? [Updated: 12/01/11 11:25AM ET] // We did a very preliminary study now that Facebook has changed the news feed and has been made aware of a particularly important bug.

Does Using HootSuite Kill Your EdgeRank?

We outlined our findings here: Did Facebook Really Fix The 3rd Party API Penalty?. At a preliminary glance, it appears that from an Impressions perspective, 3rd Party APIs may have regained equal value. // [Updated: 11/10/11 6:45PM ET] // Facebook has reportedly adjusted EdgeRank to reduce the negative effect of posting as a 3rd Party API. It’s been a general consensus in the EdgeRank community that 3rd party APIs (this simple list provides examples of potential 3rd Party APIs) are punished in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm.

The Details We ran our analysis on 1,000,000+ Updates on 50,000+ Pages that influence over 1,000,000,000+ Fans. Why are 3rd Party APIs so much lower? We have a few theories explaining the results: Facebook Penalizes 3rd Party API’s EdgeRank When an object is created in Facebook, it is assigned a weight. Chris Lucas Twitter. Chris Lucas Trending. Facebook Tip - How to find Facebook pages you have liked. Check your Facebook Page's EdgeRank.


Facebook How To Videos. 5 ways to get your Facebook post on top. Constance Aguilar is a social media strategist at Abbi Public Relations, a Reno/Tahoe-based public relations firm that specializes in driving public engagement through a targeted mixture of expert positioning, social media and traditional public relations.

5 ways to get your Facebook post on top

Everyone wants to be on top. On top of trends, on top of current events, on top of their game and certainly on top of everyone’s Facebook news feed. The EdgeRank algorithm that dictates the selection of status updates and postings on top of the news feed will remain mostly a mystery. But as more studies and whitepapers are released, it becomes easier to learn how to dominate the news feed and implement steps to assure our postings are the most effective digital marking tools they can be. Here are a couple of tricks that can help you go head to head with Facebook’s funny little ways of “organizing” things. 1. Ask a question that directly relates to the customer and your product. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Image Credit: lisegagne, via iStock Photo. Facebook, You And Your Relationship: It's Complicated! I am willing to bet that a fair few members of the online social media world, have used Facebook to snoop into ex partners lives since splitting up.

Facebook, You And Your Relationship: It's Complicated!

Whether it be simply searching for them briefly or an evening crying into a glass of wine as you pick over the photos of them with their new beau, or stalking their Twitter feeds for any mention of moving on, it's something that is common place in the social networking world. And this is where the troubles begin. It's when your using these platforms to interact or keep tabs on love interests, outside of an already established relationship, that they can actually fracture and ruin lives. America seems to be the nation most on the receiving end of this problem, American divorce lawyers and academics have joined Middle East analysts in picking out Facebook as a leading cause of relationship trouble, with American lawyers now demanding to see their clients' Facebook pages as a matter of course before the start of proceedings.

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