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500px Meetups Everywhere. Blog / Tutorial — Photograph The Night Sky. Blue Marble Navigator - Night Lights 2012. BLOG — Lincoln Harrison. A while back I upgraded from the D7000, 10-24 and Lee 100mm filter system to the D800E, 14-24 and the Lee SW150 filter system.

BLOG — Lincoln Harrison

While the camera and lens were big upgrades, the SW150 filter system was a step backwards from the standard Lee system in a few areas. The large openings at the sides of the holder allow stray light to enter behind the filter holder, causing reflections between the back of the filter and the lens element. The problem becomes more evident as you add more filters. 9 Weird Photography Tricks That Actually Work! Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time reading photography tricks and tips online that I never see anything new anymore.

9 Weird Photography Tricks That Actually Work!

So, I set out to make this useful collection of some weird and cool photography tricks that aren’t your usual run-of-the-mill variety. I hope you find some joy and learn a new tip or two. When you’re done, comment below with what cool photography hacks you’ve learned! Tripod in a pinch! 1. Want to take a group photo but don’t have a place to set the camera? The thread size of the bolt on a lamp shade is exactly the same size as the filter thread used on tripods, so your camera will easily attach.

Not only will your party and indoor pictures look better, but you’ll look like MacGyver in front of the group. Gets attention of the kids and you can give them a treat for looking at the camera! 2. Shooting photos of kids can be quite the feat. The perfect solution is to buy a simple PEZ dispenser on the hotshoe of your camera! 3. Turn your flash to FULL power! 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Inspire: Photographing Your Own Children by Chubby Cheek Photography.

Chubby Cheek Photography is easily becoming one of my favorite children’s photographer.

Inspire: Photographing Your Own Children by Chubby Cheek Photography

You’ll love their ability to capture moments that tell a story on top of their clean and minimal photography style. Shalonda has shared some wonderful tips on how to photograph your own children with your “fancy” camera. From Chubby Cheek Photography: Having been in business for four crazy years, weekend after weekend of session after session, I have been burned out and back so many times. My normal everyday relationship with my camera was not a pretty one…dare I say it…yes I will…I began to hate my camera. when we were playing in the backyard I didn’t want to fiddle with it so I wouldn’t get it. when we went to the zoo, aquarium, museum I wouldn’t take it, it was too cumbersome, bulky, in the way, just too much to handle with a 2 year old and 4 year old.

But earlier this year I realized that I was not being fair to my own kids or to myself. 1. 2. 3. 4. The Photojojo Forum / Photo Print on Glass. How To Remove Hand Shaking From Smartphone Videos. Mobile video: Can be fixed up even after you shoot it.

How To Remove Hand Shaking From Smartphone Videos

Photo: AFP Reckon you can spot a YouTube video captured on a smartphone camera? It's not hard – they're often the ones that look like they're shot on "spin cycle". Many new, dedicated video cameras include optical image stabilisation (OIS) that takes out much of the shake from video clips. Even most budget models now include a digital version that can remove minor hand-shaking. Capture steady videos While Apple's iPhone 4S and 5 smartphones enjoy digital video stabilisation, it's more hit and miss on Android, with only the latest phones such as the Galaxy S4 having the feature built-in.

Advertisement Nokia's Lumia 920 and HTC's One, both with optical stabilisation, are arguably as good as it gets for smartphone video capture. For other iOS devices, the latest version of the free Luma Camera app adds a cinema stabilisation mode but needs good lighting conditions: results aren't as good in low-light or indoors. Fixing videos post-capture. Top 5 sites to take a picture in Melbourne – HDR Efex Pro 2. Nik Photography Cover Photo Selection – April 16, 2014© +Saurabh Paranjape This week's cover photo belongs to +Saurabh Paranjape.

HDR Efex Pro 2

Saurabh is an amateur photographer based in Northern California. His fascination with the medium began almost a decade ago, when his parents gifted him a Canon film SLR. Today, photography is his refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. He shoots primarily landscapes on a Canon 5d Mk II and a Fujifilm X100. This photo was shot on the shore of Napili Bay in Maui, Hawaii, in the dying twilight. Be sure to circle +Saurabh Paranjape on Google+ to see more of his work. If you would like to be considered, please follow these guidelines:- Post an image on your G+ page- Dimensions 2120 x 1192 pixel image (horizontal)- Mention the Nik product/s that you used - Add #nikcoverphoto in your description- Image should not be watermarked Thank you from the Nik Google+ Photos Team Interview with CNET Australia. 22 February, 2013 I recently did a video interview with the lovely Lexy Savvides of CNET Australia.

Interview with CNET Australia

In the video, I talk a bit about how I began my photography career and explain the process of HDR and Digital Blending – the primary techniques behind my images. We also discuss the obstacles of being 100% location independent as well as my feelings on the art / photography divide. Later on, there will be a second video where I’ll share even more about my HDR and Digital Blending techniques. "The Ultimate Guide To Neutral Density Filters" by Peter Hill. COPYRIGHT WARNINGThis Journal is subject to copyright.

"The Ultimate Guide To Neutral Density Filters" by Peter Hill

You do not have permission to copy it, in part or whole, and re-publish it. It is for information purposes only. Currency Statement: Last updated on 12 November 2012. Introduction This Guide explains and demonstrate the use of extreme neutral density filters, with particular focus (groan) on the Hoya 9-stop ND x400 Filter, the Lee “Big Stopper” 10-stop ND Filter, and the 10-stop B+W #110 ND Filter, with some discussion of neutral density filters in general. There has been a world-wide shortage of those particular filters as they’ve gained popularity with DSLR users, with Hoya, Lee and B+W being caught out by the sudden upsurge in demand.

I have included at the end of this Guide a Resource List, including a rough price guide. I want to be upfront and say I am not recommending one over the other of anything. Contents Terms used in this GuideWhat is a Neutral Density Filter? Terms used Rather dark, isn’t it?! What is a Neutral Density Filter? Strobist: Lighting 101: Balancing Flash and Ambient, Pt 1. Editor's note: To understand balancing flash and ambient, you should have a good, basic understanding of f/stops and shutter speed.

Strobist: Lighting 101: Balancing Flash and Ambient, Pt 1

That stuff can be found in lots of places (Google it) so I am not going to totally restate it here. __________ F/stop, Shutter Speed and Flash While f/stop and shutter speed both control exposure, for our purposes it is important to know how they do so differently. Since the light from your flash is pretty much instantaneous, it really does not care about the shutter—as long as you are at or below your camera's top "sync" speed. Note that there are fancy, flash-pulsing methods which will allow you to sync at higher shutter speeds such as 1/1000th of a second. Two Exposures Happen at the Same Time Every time you take a flash photo, you are making two exposures simultaneously.

The ambient exposure is controlled by the f/stop and the shutter speed. The photo up top is a good visualization of the fact that two images are being made at once. Okay then. 1. 2. 3. DI Fruscia Photography - Limited Edition Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photography. Now And Then - FunnyHub. Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos Of Daughters. If you are tired of posed, stiff and cheesy family portraits, then take a look at these incredibly creative pictures taken by Jason Lee.

Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos Of Daughters

Jason who is a wedding photographer started taking photos of his two little daughters back in 2006 when his mom was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The girls were constantly sick, with colds and coughs so he couldn’t always bring them to visit their grandmother. Jason wanted her to be able to see her granddaughters without catching their kid germs so he started a blog where his mom could see what was going on in their lives. Most of the ideas come from his daughters – eight-year-old Kristin and five-year-old Kayla. Jason says that they are never-ending source of ideas. Website: | flickr. Book Worm" by Vanessa Paxton. SleeveFace – Vinyl Records by Carl Morris. Movement Sleeveface appeared five years ago It is a creation of pictures, some of which are covers of vinyl records.

SleeveFace – Vinyl Records by Carl Morris

One of the founders of Sleeveface a painter Carl Morris. His idea is to take photographs from the covers of music records quickly became popular on the Internet, and in 2007 He settled on a site created by himself, Today, he feel largely thanks for social networks, SleeveFace got the millions of participants around the world and is positioned as the salvation of vinyl and CDs from mp3. (55 photos) All you need to do is to get into the community SleeveFace – do a good shot, and after a few hours it will be seen to hundreds of thousands of people.

Ads by Google. Photoshop blossom actions free by *lieveheersbeestje. Maciej Duczynski photography - lonelywolf, forografia HDR, high dynamic range. 25 Stunning HDR Wallpapers - StumbleUpon. The Fabulous Web. Recent posts. Dear Photograph. Dear “Dear Photograph”, Thank you for your beautiful blog and for inspiring me to make my own ‘Dear Photograph’ book for my parents as a gift this Christmas.

In the process of taking over 400 pictures in the style of your blog, I visited the battered post-Hurricane Sandy New Jersey shoreline where I grew up. I visited preschools,bridges, churches, and grammar schools. I visited the homes and backyards of aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I started on the eastern shore of the state, visited the western border, and returned to the eastern shore again.

So Dear Photograph,Thank you for reminding us of who we were, who we are, and who we are going to be. Sincerely, Alyssa.