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Grids Library for Unity: Gamelogic.Grids.FlatHexGrid< TCell > Class Template Reference. A grid for flat hexagons, that is, hexagons with two horizontal edges. More... A grid for flat hexagons, that is, hexagons with two horizontal edges. Version 1.0: Added Construct a new grid in the default shape with the given width and height. No transformations are applied to the grid. Normally, the static factory methods or shape building methods should be used to create grids. See Constructing Grids Construct a new grid whose cells are determined by the given test function. The test function should only return true for points within the bounds of the default shape. The function should only return true for points within the bounds of the rectangle when the given transforms are applied to them. Returns a grid in the same shape, but with contents in the new type.

Creates the grid in a shape that spans the entire storage rectangle of the given width and height. Bottom corner is the origin. Bottom left corner is the origin. Returns a grid wrapped horizontally along a parallelogram. Since Version 1.7: Gamelogic Extensions. Polycount. Geodesic globe WIP. Right now, that shot is just random noise; ie: a random height applied to each hex-center vertex, and then a version of the terrain fractal subdivider routine from the flat map is run on that low-res mesh. It really wasn't anything I intended to publish; but when I saw it, I knew it was something you guys who were following the thread would want to see, so I took a screenie I am working on making the map data image like the flat map.

This is a map that I pulled off the net, with a grid overlaid, followed by the working map data file that I traced from that. (I drew in the terrain only based on height, since this map was just a topographic relief map, some areas are mountains on my map that are merely high elevation in the real world. PATileTerrain. Nickbreslin/Griddy. Planetary Terrain v2. TODO List (from code) Excel Reader. Tetra Unitis. Playmaker. NGUI: Next-Gen UI. Orthello 2D Framework. World Builder. Localization package. HexTech. City Builder Starter Kit. Unity Samples : 2D Pack. Tower Defense Kit. Requires Unity 4.0.1 or higher.

This Tower Defense Kit is a great starting point for anyone looking to create a Tower Defense game for mobile, PC, Mac or Web! It is ready to go, just add art and effects! - Create your own enemies and towers with different attacks like Melee, Machine Guns (any kind of bullets / raytrace) or even Rocket Launchers, Cannons or Fire Balls (any kind of projectiles). Speed, Damage, Health, Purchase Costs, Upgrades and many more attributes to tweak. Fully tweakable tower detect and enemy detect radius systems. - Easy customizable wave sequence system that requires VERY LITTLE effort to build hundreds of waves in minutes. . - Awesome navigation system! - Perfect for mobile!. Check out the web player: Click to View. StarTrooper. Procedural Examples.

Game Concept Starter Pack / Low Poly. Requires Unity 4.3.4 or higher. Create Game Prototypes quicker than ever. Reusable starter kit for every project – RPG / adventure / racing / strategy / simulation / platformer / puzzle. Large variety of models cover basic themes – alien / battle / farm / medieval / race. Minimalistic style / plain colors / outlines Every asset comes in 6 colors – blue / green / orange / red / white / yellow Decal materials 3 Texture sizes – 4096px / 2048px / 1024px (can be downsized in Unity) Characters – Humanoid rig / Mecanim example scene animations and controllers All assets match Unity grid – build in units fast and easy Move / rotate / scale holding down Ctrl to snap to grid Prefabs of all items + 5 Example Scenes included.

Triangle Count here. Universal Input - system. Understanding Collisions. State Sync Tutorial. Global Cross Platform Turnbased Game Backend as a Service (SaaS, Cloud) | Exit Games: Multiplayer Game Backends and Services. Sync and Async Games Freely switch turn-based game modes: start synchronous and end asynchronous or vice versa. Let players rejoin rooms in case of disconnects or in case of resurrecting a game. Even if all players left the room you can keep it alive and let players re-join. Cloud Save Persist your game state with cloud save - players and IDs, room and player properties, event cache - when switching to asynchronous mode. Event Forwarding Event Forwarding provides you with full control over the game state: inject the game state in open rooms, save state on close of a room or react on events e.g. to calculate a player skill. All Realtime Features Photon Turnbased provides all features of Photon Realtime: matchmaking, rooms, properties, filters, authentication etc. but comes with a special price model optimized for turnbased, asynchronous and synchronous, games.

Scalable and Reliable Global Cloud. Unity Patterns | New Tool: TileEditor. While a simple extension, TileEditor makes a great addition to the rapid-prototyper’s tool belt, making it easy for you to draft out levels, dungeons, and mazes for your games. It comes with a simple tile-based pathfinding system as well, allowing you to quickly calculate the shortest path between two points in the map. Get it Here GitHub Repository. Infinite Map Builder. Requires Unity 3.5.4 or higher. Visit here for web player demo. Do you want your game player to cross the limited bounds of the map? Then "Infinite Map Builder" Scripts is the perfect tool to do that. It includes decentralized map creation methods to create infinite map, city, ruins, village or whatever you want. Exceptional features are :- - Now optimized for Mobile Platform - Creates only if visible. More Info. 2D Map Factory. UniTile. ProTile Map Editor. Terrain FoW. Tiles of War. Dynamic Map System. Requires Unity 4.1.2 or higher.

This system will allow you to create and load terrains as well as objects dynamically around the player at runtime. This will let you to create enormous worlds while only loading the maps close to your character. You can also preview every map in the editor with an editor tool included in this package. The dynamic map system uses the resources folder to load separate floor maps (terrain data), and object maps (prefabs) which are instantiated at runtime based on the controller's position (Usually main camera/character).

This system supports terrain materials with shaders, collision, as well as adjusting to origin to prevent float precision issues. Stitchscape (Available in the Asset Store by Starscene Software) is recommended to even terrain edges to create seamless terrain edges. Try the web player demo This asset works in both Unity and Unity Pro and comes with a step by step guide on how to create your own scene. Easy Map - system. TurnBased-ToolKit (TBTK) Generic Strategy Framework. Requires Unity 4.2.0 or higher. Generic Strategy Framework If you want to create a turn-based or RTS game, this asset is the basis you need. Based on a grid of hexagons, you can mount a strategy game as you want.

More over, the code can be extended to suit your project needs. Use the "Fog of War" to shroud your terrain. This package contains: MeshNodes: Create 1x1 up to 100x100 nodes / hexagon Fog of War: Create a terrain the way you want and insert the Fog of War Pathfinding A*: Pathfinding around mountains RTS Cam: Transform your camera into an RTS camera Base class for units: Implement your own units from a base class Scenes: Use the examples to understand how the component works Support: Contact via forum or email to learn more! Web Demo! Tile Based Map and Nav. Waypoint Guide.

Turn Based Battle System. HexTech. HexGlobe. Navigation And Pathfinding System. InfinityXTile Engine. StrategyCam. Tile Builder.