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Freakonometrics. La grande difficulté dans la modélisation et la construction de modèles prédictifs est de réussir à distinguer le signal et le bruit (pour reprendre le titre du classique de Nate Silver).


La réponse statistique est la notion de significativité, et la recherche des ‘étoiles’ dans les sorties de régression. Avec l’explosion du nombre de données, il est devenu crucial de faire cette distinction, de savoir quelles sont les interactions qui sont significatives. Le débat sur la significativité est ancien, même si sa formulation s’est faite historiquement dans des termes assez vagues. CoopIST plan gestion donnees recherche 20140717. Guide to integrating Stata and external text editors. Last updated: 1 July 2015 Download links For Stata 14 (with Unicode support): (403 KB), (404 KB), updated 28 June 2015For Stata 13.1 and older versions of Stata (without Unicode support): (242 KB), (243 KB), updated 22 December 2013 Table of contents 1.

Guide to integrating Stata and external text editors

Introduction2. 1. Stata is a statistical package that is available for Windows, Macintosh and Unix operating systems. This document describes how external text editors can be integrated with Stata in a way similar to the Do-File Editor. 2. MS Windows: The programs were tested with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (up to version 8.1). French Language - Home. Index thématique statistiques. Télécharger gratuitement les logiciels Open Source Talend. Creative destruction: collapse and contract. Creative destruction, coined by Joseph Schumpeter in Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, refers to the process by which new innovations kill old inefficient products or processes.

creative destruction: collapse and contract

But we are not talking about that but instead, of destroying data to create more useful information. By destroying, we mean altering the data currently loaded in memory with no undo button to rely to. When you load or open data into Stata, Stata stores the data in your machine’s RAM. Any changes made, therefore, are not permanent or saved in your hard drive until you call on save, but still be careful that you do not overwrite your raw data files.collapse and contract are two of the commands that destroy the current data in memory to create a new data that is more useful for the user.

What is the difference between the two? Contract is less used than collapse, at least in my experience, because frequency tables are usually generated for at most 2 variables and this can be done using tabulate. Creative destruction: collapse and contract. Les données libre de la Banque mondiale dans Stata. Stata est un logiciel d’analyse statistique très répandu dans les milieux de l’entreprise et de la recherche, que nous utilisons nous-mêmes à la Banque mondiale.

Les données libre de la Banque mondiale dans Stata

Aussi saluons-nous l’arrivée de la nouvelle version du module wbopendata qui donne aux utilisateurs de Stata un accès direct à une grande partie des données disponibles sur le site Des universités et des centaines d’autres utilisateurs mettent déjà à profit les fonctionnalités de ce module. Nous vous invitons à le découvrir à votre tour. La Reference. Logiciel Sphinx iQ 2. Le logiciel de référence pour tous les projets d’études.

Logiciel Sphinx iQ 2

Sphinx iQ 2 est un outil d’enquêtes intuitif et performant, qui apporte une plus-value technique et méthodologique de la construction de vos questionnaires à l’analyse de vos données. Le logiciel phare de la gamme Sphinx, vous accompagne à chaque étape de vos projets, des plus simples aux plus sophistiqués. Combinant l’utilisation de technologies innovantes comme le Responsive Design pour une collecte sur tous les supports à de nouvelles restitutions favorisant l’accès aux résultats en temps réel, la version Sphinx iQ 2 vous offre de grandes opportunités pour appréhender et comprendre vos clients, mais aussi pour faciliter les échanges avec les interviewés.

Sphinx iQ 2 fait évoluer vos études dans un monde toujours plus connecté ! À partir de2 100 € HT. Logiciels d'enquêtes, formation analyse statistique et sondage. International Education Statistics: Guide to integrating Stata and external text editors. Newest 'stata' Questions. Blogs about Stata. Not Elsewhere Classified StataCorp, USA The official Stata blog.

Blogs about Stata

Code and Culture—Stata, Sociology, and Diffusion Models Gabriel Rossman, UCLA, USA. The Stata Blog. Articles on Statistical Computing. • HOME • WINSTAT • WEBMAIL • HELP DESK • STAT CONSULTING • <%@ include file="/authenticate/logoutlink.jsp" %> Articles on Statistical Computing.

Articles on Statistical Computing

Audrey Pépin - Data Manager. Quick-R: Home Page. Stata Programming Essentials. Ever needed to do the same thing to ten different variables and wished that you didn't have to write it out ten times?

Stata Programming Essentials

If so, then this article is for you. If not, someday you will—so you might as well keep reading anyway. Stata has all the tools required to write very sophisticated programs, but knowing just a few of them allows you to make everyday do files shorter and more efficient. This article will focus on those programming tools that, in our experience, anyone who uses Stata heavily will eventually want to learn. To benefit from this article you'll need a solid understanding of basic Stata syntax, such as you can get from our Stata for Researchers series. Logistic. Livres sur les logiciels (SAS, Stata, R...) - Page 5.

Stata Journal. S6_Bastin.pdf. 01 Introduction au logiciel libre et gratuit d'analyse qualitative RQDA. Logiciels gratuits d’analyse qualitative. Mike Bader’s Blog. Monday, June 6th, 2011 6:37p.m.

Mike Bader’s Blog

Programming in Stata is relatively straightforward and this is partly because the programming syntax is both powerful and relatively straightforward. There are, however, a few minor annoyances in Stata's language including using the backtick and apostrophe to indicate local macros (i.e. ,`localname'). Among these shortcomings, I would argue that the lack of anything like a list in Stata's language is one of the largest. In most langauges, you can store a list of items and refer to the item in the list by some sort of index. Although Stata does not have any built-in hash maps, one can hack something equivalent through what I will call "nested macros. " . local a = 1 . local b1 = "test" . di "`b`a''" test In this simple example, the local macro a is defined as the number 1.

Let's use what we learned from the above example and use the same principles to create something that might be more useful. Hyphen.

Langage R

Analyse en composante principale-Cours - STHDA. Les logiciels de statistiques « généralistes » - Quanti IHMC. Faute de mieux, on peu appeler ainsi des logiciels tels que R, SAS, SPAD, SPSS ou Stata.

Les logiciels de statistiques « généralistes » - Quanti IHMC

Vendus aux entreprises pour le data mining, ils sont aussi intensivement utilisés par les économistes, mais surtout par des chercheurs des « sciences dures », notamment biologistes. The Stata Journal. Stata FAQ: How can I draw a random sample of my data? Stata FAQ How can I draw a random sample of my data? There are many instances when you may want to take a random sample of your dataset. For example, you may have a very large data set, and you are trying to work out the code to clean your data or to analyze it. Running the code on many observations can take a while, so testing the code on a subset of the data is a good way to save some time. However, you may not want to take just the first 100 or so cases, as they may be different in some important way than cases that occur later in the data set.