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Stratfor.860,000.Leaked.Accounts. Well yet again its a huge leak today, yeah that’s right 860,000 accounts from STRATFOR of pretty much every client that has every registered with them.


The release starts off talking about Bradley manning and him getting a good Xmas feed and how the recent attacks have effected certain high profile people only to go on to laugh. The AnonymousIRC account released another part of the massive recent STRATFOR hack that happened over Xmas this year. Also in the leak is the full 75k cc details from the hack as well as leaving message down the bottom warning of more attacks on NYE: On New Years Eve, there will be “noise demonstrations” in front of jails and prisons all over the world to show solidarity with those incarcerated.

Anonymous Shows How to Hack Into Israeli Power Stations - Technology & science - Security. Anonymous has posted what appear to be login details for Israeli SCADA industrial-control systems, a cyberattack that marks the politically minded group's entrance into the heated battle between Israeli and Saudi Arabian hackers that has already exposed thousands of credit card number and personal details.

Anonymous Shows How to Hack Into Israeli Power Stations - Technology & science - Security

A new Twitter account, @FuryOfAnon, posted a message yesterday (Jan. 11) that said, "Who wanna have some fun with israeli scada systems. " Included in the taunt was a Pastebin link showing what purport to be 10 IP addresses and logins for Israeli supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Industrial-control facilities, including nuclear power and water treatment plants, use SCADA software to control and automate machinery.

The infamous Stuxnet worm hijacked the SCADA system at an Iranian nuclear-fuel processing plant in July 2010. Since then, the governments of many nations have been on the lookout for signs of future attacks. Building.lights.hack. Hackers shut down Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al websites.