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Free Online Game - Sausage Factory from Adult Swim. Coign of vantage. Boomshine. Update 2.27.14 Boomshine is now available for free on Android.


Feature achievements and live wallpaper! Update 3.24.12 My new word game Yofi is now available for IPhone and IPad on the Apple App Store, and it's also available on the Android on the Android Market. Update 10.16.09 Check out my new game with a similar feel to Boomshine. Obechi! Update 10.07.08 You can now download Boomshine on the IPhone and IPod touch. Update 6.06.07 Boomshine 2 production under way! Update: 3.13.07 Thanks for everyone who has played so far! Boomshine is an addictive Flash casual game. Visit for more of my developed games. Anyone who is wishing to build a port for Boomshine to Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation portable (PSP), or any other handheld device or console, please e-mail details to Pillage The Village. If you have a very fast system, set detail to "highest" in the options for maximum graphical fidelity.

Pillage The Village

Controls Left Mouse Button: Interact with villagers and objects.Space Bar (Hold): Initiate Gesture Casting for spells.Number Keys (1-8): Hotkeys for the cooresponding spell slots on your spell toolbar.Cursor Keys Up and Down (or "W" and "S"): Move the object you are holding back and forth in depth (Optional). "P" key, Escape, or Pause/Break: Pause the game. Also allows access to the options screen. Objective Prevent the villagers from escaping from the sides of the screen! Game Tips -Click on villagers to pick them up -Flick and release the mouse button to throw -Throw villagers hard to defeat them! Pel. Tinygrow. Dance Monkey Dance - Free Online Games and Free Music & Photos Games from Shockwave. Save the Sheriff - Action Games at Miniclip. Epic Coaster. Akinator, the Web Genius. Papa's Burgeria.

Doodle God. Drench - the world's simplest flash game. Rainbow Bricks. Alter Ego. Burrito Bison. Description Kick gummy bear butts and smash giant doors to escape the dreadful Candy Land!

Burrito Bison

This simplistic game uses nothing more than the left mouse button. The goal of the game is to launch Burrito Bison and smash through the three giant gates to escape Candy Land. You do so by bouncing on escaping gummy bears and gaining as much speed as possible.The problem here is being able to maintain the speed you gain! You lose it by bouncing on the ground (ouch!) After every run, you can spend the cash you've collected on upgrading skills and purchasing new types of special enemies.

Each one of those special enemies are associated to a mini-game of sorts. Adventure Games. Description **Please install Flash Player 10.2, this seems to be resolving some issues for people.

Adventure Games

Thank you! ** Latest version is v1.09. Some of these fixes may require a NewGame+ or NewGame to have the game fixed (saved game may retain bugs) Version 1.09 This version fixes the following: • Umbrella quest fixed (when loaded from save) • Trophy quest fixed • Map fixes for some browsers • Elephant names hidden on loaded Save Game • Area 12 walls climbable • Area 25 walls climbable • Area 31 jumping challenges fixed • Old gun trails removed on new area • Area 42 ghost block patched Version 1.08 This version fixes should resolve most world map loading for users.

The fight is on! Art by Jimp! Sugar, Sugar.