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Body Systems

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SEER Training:Introduction to the Muscular System. The muscular system is composed of specialized cells called muscle fibers.

SEER Training:Introduction to the Muscular System

Their predominant function is contractibility. Muscles, attached to bones or internal organs and blood vessels, are responsible for movement. Nearly all movement in the body is the result of muscle contraction. The Muscular System Explained In 6 Minutes. THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM. The muscular tissue of the body constitutes from one-third to one-half of the body mass of the average vertebrate.


Muscular tissue functions in: The general structure of a muscle fiber include (Fig. 10.2, p. 347) myofibrils (chains of repeating subunits) composed of two kinds of filaments: There are three generally recognized muscle tissue types: smooth, cardiac and skeletal, each tissue type with a distinct location in the body, cellular organization (histology), and general action of the muscle fibers (physiology) Because of the multiple functions of muscles, criteria for classifying muscles include: Smooth muscleCardiac muscleSkeletal muscle General Muscle terminology. Muscular System: Anatomy and Physiology. Your Muscles.