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Circle Skirt From An Old Sheet. Five Minute Brimmed Beanie. I have a fun quick tutorial for you today. It started out as an experiment. I saw $1 cuffed beanies at Walmart and wondered if I could add a brim to them to make them look a little bit like these Colombia brand ones. It wasn’t perfect but turned out pretty cute.

It really does take just a few minutes. Here goes. Take your $1 beanie. Cut out a brim from a plastic yogurt container. Cuff the hat how you want it and pin around one side to keep it in place. Leave the other side open and slip the bill in. Now pin this side closed as well. Pushing the bill so it protrudes straight out and using this stitch… Stitch across the top of the bill or right above it. This first time was okay but I wanted to fix the sides. And that’s it! See how the cuff goes all the way around just like the original? My oldest wanted to try it on too. .MY DIY PROJECTS AND TUTORIALS. Rostitchery: convertible/infinity dress. (this post was originally published on 29 june, 2006, with the title "one seam convertible dress".) have a question?

rostitchery: convertible/infinity dress

Please visit the convertible dress FAQ's. How to Make a Circle Skirt That Fits Without a Pattern. Free Clothing Patterns, Handmade / DIY Clothing Projects - Craftster. From Teeshirt to Halter Dress : Daily source of DIY craft projects and inspiration, patterns, how-tos. How to Revamp Old Clothes. The changing of the seasons doesn't mean you need to buy a whole new wardrobe.

How to Revamp Old Clothes

If you're too strapped for cash to invest in a new wardrobe, give your old clothes a whole new look by revamping them! Check out these creative ideas on how to look fashionably cool without draining your wallet. Revamping Old Clothes - Sweaters Does your dad have a big sweater hanging in his closet? If he no longer wears it, then put it to good use by chopping it off at mid-thigh level and cinching a wide belt around your waist.

No Sewing Required! If your old boots have a tacky logo on the side, or you just want to warm up for winter, here’s an easy way to revamp your rain boots. Revamping Old Clothes - Pants & Shorts Turn a pair of pants into shorts by simply chopping them off at the knee to make Bermuda shorts, or higher up to make short shorts. Make a Dress from a Button-Down Shirt. If you don't already have an old shirt you can recycle for this purpose, you should be able to find one easily at a thrift store.

Make a Dress from a Button-Down Shirt

Hold the collar under your arms, and make sure it's long enough that you'll be comfortable wearing it as a dress. Short sleeves are ok, but make sure they're long to reach around your chest and overlap in the back. Also, try and find a shirt that has darts in the middle of the back. If the darts are at the shoulders, it won't fit as well. Custom T-Shirts - Design Your T-Shirts Online - Free Shipping! Maegan. Made By Lex » refashions. How To Make Leg Warmers or Boot Socks October 20, 2011 6:13 am Wow!

I’ve been absent a while! I’ve been really busy up at mydaughters school working on some projects for their school auction, then the girls got sick and I got sick. (the kind of sick where I was in bed all day!) I absolutely love layers. Feel free to accessorize however you like. So cute and stylish and much easier then stuffing your leg and jeans into a tight sock. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Tags: boots , leg warmers , socks , sweater , thigh high socks Posted in Original Designs , other , refashions , women's clothing | 69 Comments » Tassel Heels… September 19, 2011 1:01 pm ..or pony shoes. Phillip Lim Vera Wang But these. Giddy-up. Tags: DIY tassel , Fall 2011 tassel , leather tassel , shoe tassel Posted in jewelry , Original Designs , other , refashions | 3 Comments »

How to Make a Super Simple 15 Minute T-Shirt Tote. Making Her Clothes Last! (Part One) Children!

Making Her Clothes Last! (Part One)

They grow so fast! Unfortunately, the money tree can't always keep up, can it? I'm trying to alter some of Paige's clothing to be wearable longer. I love the instant gratification of projects like this. General. Old T-Shirts Reincarnated as Underwear « Wonderment Blog. Logan of Supernaturale has posted instructions how to make a pair of homemade undies out of your favorite old tees.

Old T-Shirts Reincarnated as Underwear « Wonderment Blog

Logan says, "I know you've got them, lurking in drawers, the back of the closet, in the "giveaway" pile: those T-shirts that are, for various reasons, both unwearable and indispensable. They are too small, too big, too short, have a stain, a hole, or some other flaw, and yet you cannot bear to part with them. I took my old t-shirts and gave them new life. They were reincarnated as underwear. " Clever idea. MADE: TUTORIAL: the Circle Skirt. I used to think that a gathered skirt was the easiest skirt to sew.

MADE: TUTORIAL: the Circle Skirt

But I may have changed my tune. A circle skirt is possibly even easier! ….especially if you leave the elastic exposed. If you’ve ever made a poodle skirt before, it’s the same concept. Your fabric is cut in a circle, like a donut. Once you’ve created your pattern, you can whip up 4 skirts in an hour! Okay, let’s get started. What you need (for a little girl’s skirt): * about 1 yard of fabric* appx 3/4 yard of 2-inch wide elastic FABRICS to use:* Rayon* Polyester Charmuese* Simple Cotton* Thin Corduroy* Lightweight WoolMany fabrics will work for this project. ELASTIC:Wide elastic from fabric stores typically comes 2 inches or 3 inches wide; white or black in color.