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Ecran Vitre Tactile pour Samsung S7710 Galaxy X… - Achat / Vente Ecran Vitre Tactile pour. Besoin d'aide ?

Ecran Vitre Tactile pour Samsung S7710 Galaxy X… - Achat / Vente Ecran Vitre Tactile pour

3979 (1,35€ l'appel puis 0,34€/min) Détail sur cette offre Évaluations (85 avis) Ventes réalisées5218 Poser une question sur cette offre Vitre Tactile pour Samsung S7710 Galaxy XCOVER 2 Noir + kits outils offert!!! Livraison acceptées : Normal, Suivi, Recommandé. Samsung Xcover 2. Tutoriel unités de mesures dans Blender 2.5x. CSP Research & Development. Multi-touch displays are the natural evolution of the old touch screens as they are capable of recognising multiple touches at the same time.

CSP Research & Development

This way of dealing with the hardware (and applications) opens up a host of new opportunities for human-computer interaction, enabling the objects on a screen to be directly manipulated by the user. For this reason these techniques are also known as natural user interfaces. There are different ways to create multitouch screens, depending on the context of use and the size required for the display. The techniques that allow the realization of multi-touch hardware, are based on different solutions such as capacitive, resistive, motion, orientation, pressure and so on. The one we chose to implement our table is a computer vision based technique and is called Laser Light Plane (LLP). How LLP works. Each vision based techniques consist of a camera, an infrared light source and a display. Page de démarrage de Mozilla Firefox. Acheter Votre Tablette Tactile ou votre iPad avec Tablette Store - la Boutique de la Tablette Tactile ! - Huawei Ideos S7 Slim WiFi 3G 8Go avec Tablette Store - la Boutique de la Tablette Tactile !

Evolution de la précédente tablette tactile Ideos S7, cette version Slim WiFi 3G en corrige les principaux défauts.

Acheter Votre Tablette Tactile ou votre iPad avec Tablette Store - la Boutique de la Tablette Tactile ! - Huawei Ideos S7 Slim WiFi 3G 8Go avec Tablette Store - la Boutique de la Tablette Tactile !

Le poids a été revu à la baisse, le processeur est plus performant, la quantité de RAM est augmentée et l'écran passe du résistif au capacitif. La finition est excellente pour un produit de cette gamme et la connectique, bien que peu nombreuse, couvre l'essentiel : microSD, microUSB, microHDMI et prise jack 3.5mm sont présentes. Un must pour découvrir le monde des tablettes sans se ruiner ! Pour plus d'infos techniques, cliquez l'onglet caractéristiques techniques. Quick MTMini test. How To Build a FTIR Multitouch Table. How to build your own multitouch table? Build Your Own Multitouch Surface Computer. Software So now we’ve completed the hardware section.

Build Your Own Multitouch Surface Computer

The process of building a multi-touch computer is far from over, though, we need to get the software installed and configured so that we can actually use the thing. The central software that powered our rig is Touchlib , an open source library which takes the visual data received by the camera and parses it into touch events, which can be used by other programs to provide multi-touch control. Some programs implement this library directly, allowing for standalone multi-touch apps, while others, such as those written in ActionScript, require an extra software layer to allow the program to receive touch input. In this section, we’ll explain how we got both up and running. But, there’s something else we had to take care of first. Fortunately, PC users are famously unconcerned with what things are “meant to” do, and enterprising multi-toucher Alex Popovich has written a driver that allows the PS3 eye to be used with a computer. 1. 2. Make your own multitouch projected table.

Multitouch, it's all you bloody hear about these days.

Make your own multitouch projected table

If another person stops me in the street or blocks my car in just to shout "Apple have invented a multitouch cellphone! " into my face, I'll scream. Okay, so a huge company spent over two years developing a compact screen that could respond to more than one finger jabbing at it. So what? What's far more impressive to my mind is this four-day project to make a multitouch table: It all relies on the wonderfully-named Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR), whereby the path of LED light internally reflected between a sheet of acrylic and a diffuser is changed by the touch of a finger or other object placed against the top acrylic. I'm really tempted to make one of these myself, it looks like great fun. Multitouch Table Experiment [via MAKE] Interactive Multitouch Display. This multitouch display screen design is based on the description in Jeff Han's paper, Han, J.

Interactive Multitouch Display

Y. 2005. Low-Cost Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection. In Proceedings of the 18th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology The figure below comes from his web site. An acrylic panel is edge lit with infrared leds. Since most hobbyists can't afford multiple projectors (i don't even own one, just borrowed it from dr.eel), my design uses a ceiling mount that swivels so that the projector can be used either in standard mode (say for watching movies) or can be aimed downwards, bouncing off a reflector and onto the multitouch display screen.

The screen itself can be constructed from hardware store materials and hand tools.