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Capitalizing on Magento's Software to Deliver a Custom B2B eCommerce Site. Hospitality Written by Pawan Sharma Posted May 30, 2017 by Carolina Pawan Sharma Overview For 30 years, the client has committed to enriching customer satisfaction and providing consumer access to timely, accurate information on the world's most iconic brands.

Capitalizing on Magento's Software to Deliver a Custom B2B eCommerce Site

As a result of their dedication and expertise in total device management and information delivery solutions, they have established themselves as a global leader in providing innovative technology solutions to consumer-facing industries. The Problem The client was getting into a new business as a reseller of products from major electronic brands like Apple and Samsung, as well as smaller manufacturers of accessories for these products.

Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Law Firm Management Software Solutions. Law firm management software provides lawyers and law firms with an effective and convenient way to manage their clients, documents, contacts, and calendars.

Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Law Firm Management Software Solutions

It also provides a central hub for sharing important information with other attorneys within the firm. Law firm management software streamlines the law firm’s daily routine tasks such as client data management, client document management, scheduling, time tracking, billing management, and many more. Law firm software can help lawyers systematically organize their work and manage their time effectively by automating internal processes for case data, details, and updates. Custom law software is often developed with these and other robust features unique to a specific firm that help it to perform at peak efficiency levels.

Custom Store-Level Budgeting Application. Retail Written by Atit Shah Posted May 18, 2017 by Carolina Atit Shah Overview The client is an American corporation operating a chain of retail gas stations, primarily located in proximity to Walmart stores.

Custom Store-Level Budgeting Application

This Fortune 500 company's locations vary from small kiosk locations to larger walk-in convenience stores. The Problem. Compliance Software – Custom Development Services. Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Custom Audit Management Software Development Services. Legal Software – Custom Development Services. Boost Your Real Estate Organization's Productivity with RETS. Finance Written by Rajat Khattar Posted April 27, 2017 by Carolina Rajat Khattar Advances in technology have allowed countless industries to enhance their business practices and streamline their operations in ways never thought possible.

Boost Your Real Estate Organization's Productivity with RETS

The use of Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS) in the real estate industry has made it so all computer systems that interact with real estate information do so in a standardized language and format the data in a universal style. By being able to securely exchange information with many different MLS systems, RETS-compliant real estate organizations have been able to gain an advantage over their competitors and provide faster, more updated results to their customers. The framework known as RETS originally came about as a means to solve the inefficiencies that arose from numerous real estate groups wanting to share information among one another.

No more than two servers can be registered with the standard version of RETS Connector. Food Service Solutions – Software Development. F&B Manufacturing – Custom Software Development. Increase the Value of Patient Care with a Custom HIE. Healthcare Written by Pawan Sharma Posted April 20, 2017 by Carolina Pawan Sharma Despite the popular usage of electronic data interchange (EDI) to transfer information between computers using a standard format, patient health records continue to be paper-based.

Increase the Value of Patient Care with a Custom HIE

The most common methods used to exchange this information between healthcare providers is either by fax or by physically transporting the files via mail, if not done through the patients themselves. Using electronic health information exchange (HIE) greatly enhances the accuracy of a patient's health records, which in turn improves diagnosis and makes for more effective doctor visits. What is HIE? Electronic health information exchange (HIE) refers to the process of transferring clinical patient information between healthcare providers; thus, facilitating access to a patient's complete medical history. Forms of HIE Presently, there are three forms of HIE: 1. 2. Construction Scheduling Software Development. Submittal Software Development Services. Construction Project Management Software Development.

Technical Perspectives: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Technical Perspectives Written by Sanjeev Kota Posted March 28, 2017 by Carolina Sanjeev Kota Countless businesses have saved millions of dollars by eliminating paper and switching over to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to securely exchange invoice payments, company reports, purchase orders and even classified data electronically.

Technical Perspectives: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of information between companies using a standardized message formatting. Many of these transfers require an internet connection and typically occur through serial links or peer-to-peer networks. How Insurance Claims Are Evolving With Mobile Applications. Insurance Written by Rajat Khattar Posted March 14, 2017 by Carolina Rajat Khattar A shared objective among businesses today is to reduce expenditure, maximize productivity, and maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

How Insurance Claims Are Evolving With Mobile Applications

When it comes to insurance companies, adjusters spend a fair amount of time in the field and even more so behind a desk prioritizing, documenting and closing claims. As a solution, many insurance companies are implementing Field Services Claims Applications to steer away from paper-based Field Service Management (FSM), and shift to a mobile workforce system that boosts efficiency and optimizes time. The traditional way to file a claim is extremely dated and time-consuming. With a mobile application, the turnaround period to receive an estimate takes a fraction of the time.

Additionally, a mobile app removes the need to have an adjuster present, saving insurance companies the costs of having an agent out in the field as often. Disclaimer: Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Construction ERP Software Development Solutions. ERP systems are the centralized software used to access all the data from disparate platforms.

Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Construction ERP Software Development Solutions

For the construction industry it is very important for the integrity of a project that decision makers have real-time access to data from various software systems including financial management, inventory management, human capital management, project management, bid management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), scheduling, submittals, asset management, and more from a single access point. Custom Kiosk Software Development Services. Construction ERP. Chetu Tech Talks: How to Achieve EMV Compliance & Certification. VR and AR: The Possibilities are Virtually Limitless.

Wearable Technology Written by Sachin Sharma Posted March 08, 2017 by Carolina Sachin Sharma Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have gained a large following since VR research skyrocketed in the 1990s, and it is thanks to marketers and tech enthusiasts that these technologies have become a prominent force in the market.

VR and AR: The Possibilities are Virtually Limitless

The applications for VR and AR are virtually limitless. As such, numerous industries are adopting these novel technologies to benefit from their extensive functions. With VR, individuals are transported to a different reality through the use of closed visors and a headset. In contrast, AR adds or "augments" an individual's reality often through the use of a transparent lens that blends computerized images with the surroundings in the real world.

However, there are some aspects that still hinder VR and AR adoption in a wide scale. For more information on VR/AR application development, visit Disclaimer: Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Custom Construction Accounting Software Development. Customized construction accounting software provides financial accounting and operational information for construction projects.

Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Custom Construction Accounting Software Development

This tool is specifically designed to address the way your construction firm analyzes operational costs and tracks jobs. Customized construction accounting software can be used to manage all accounting information and financial details for ongoing construction projects. Finding the best accounting software program and developer for your business can be a challenge. When choosing a custom accounting software, make sure the third party solutions providers has delivered successful projects for construction industries and will take care your financial records. Chetu Inc. is one of the leading software development service providers in the world. Java Development for Custom Mobile and Web Apps. Technical Perspectives Written by Prem Khatri Posted November 16, 2016 by Carolina Prem Khatri Many rumors surround Java and its expected lifespan in the programming world.

Some say it is quickly coming to an end given the growing popularity of other languages like Python and Ruby. However, many are sure that Java is not going away anytime soon. Java's popularity as the programming language of choice for many financial applications strongly verifies its continued viability. Perhaps the real foothold for Java may be in the mobile industry. Considering the number of in-app purchases increases each year, the importance of having a business mobile app is greater than ever. Java and its variety of tools offer businesses the chance to create custom mobile and web apps for millions of customers (and potential-customers), worldwide.

Construction Accounting Software. Application Development Using Model-View-Controller. Enterprise and Cyber Security Software Solutions. Increase Casino Patronage with Player Development Software. Hospitality Written by Manvinder Bhatia, Director of Operations for Hospitality at Chetu & Jackie Parker, President of Harvest Trends Posted January 23, 2017 by Carolina Manvinder Bhatia Jackie Parker In the pursuit of maintaining a high attendance rate of patrons, casino hosts often waste precious time and resources contacting players who have already proven their loyalty.

Instead, hosts can generate more revenue for casinos by focusing on identifying why other players have not visited lately and getting them to return. Harvest Trends offers innovative business analytics solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of the gaming industry. One such application, HostMAPP, is an award winning casino player development tool that provides customized daily action plans to allow casino hosts to quickly and cost-effectively transform data for faster, better decision making.

Hosts can login and see recommendations from the PowerHost application on the landing pages. Construction Software Development Services. Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Custom Construction Software Development Solutions. Custom construction software is essential for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry for residential, commercial, industrial, and civil sectors to get full transparency of project activities and track progress. Customized construction software solutions allow for optimized workflows from the initial stages of planning through to completion & maintenance of construction projects.

One of the primary objectives of a custom construction software platform is to calculate cost estimations and ensure that projects stay on-time and on-budget. By implementing custom construction project management software you can save time, improve the productivity of your project, as well as minimize costs by getting real-time overviews of multiple construction tasks. The most important feature of a construction software solution makes your project accessible via a web-based platform that you can access anywhere. Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Quality assurance Services and solutions - QA Testing. Quality assurance solutions include commonly performed software development processes for monitoring and improving software function. Before delivery, software mistakes and defects can be prevented throughout the programming process by identifying bugs in the program.

Programs must be tested in areas including performance, security, usability, and code coverage. Chetu’s quality assurance services include white box unit testing, systems validation, business cycle tests, database integrity, regression, verification, smoke, load, stress, compatibility, and acceptance tests, and more. Dedicated, experienced engineers perform end-to-end QA and resolve code errors throughout the various stages of software development to ensure the highest quality deliverables. Chetu IT Outsourcing Services: Product Lifecycle Management Solutions. Scalable Technology Software Solutions.