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Ecommerce Development Services- Ecommerce Web Design. Warehouse Technology Solutions. What is Digital Rights Management (DRM) System – Denise Roybal. Digital rights management (DRM) is a software system programmed to protect digital content copyrights.

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM) System – Denise Roybal

The use of DRM systems is to prevent someone from copying, printing or editing digital media. The DRM allows users to set the content access limits. Using the custom digital rights management software, you can also set the limits of devices that have access to the digital content. BIM Modelling Changes the Way Architects Design. Here’s where we’re going if you want to jump ahead BIM vs. CAD (The Full Story) In the 1960's MIT graduate student, Ivan Sutherland, presented his Ph.D. thesis to a panel of tenured scholars, introducing the world to a revolutionary graphical communication system and forever changing the lives of architects and mechanics around the world.

Computer-aided Design (CAD) has implemented simple tools to improve the design process considerably, automating tedious tasks that previously debilitated productivity. For example, an architect mapping a new structure, CAD grants them the ability to keep a repository of all repetitive elements to prevent manual reconstructive every time.

As the technology evolved and developers were able to engineer more intelligent CAD software for half the price, a mass adoption followed, improving the way professionals of all disciplines created, modified, analyzed, and optimized their designs. Construction Software Development Services. Condo Association Software Services. How to Select the Best eLearning Platform. E-Learning Written by Gaurav Sharma Posted October 7, 2013 by Carolina Schools and universities throughout the country recognize the value of incorporating an e-Learning platform into their arsenal of educational tools.

How to Select the Best eLearning Platform

Such tools help expand the reach of education beyond the doors of the school by granting students, teachers and parents easy access to classroom material. It is no surprise that schools would seek to bring technology into the classroom. The problem many educators face is choosing between the many available platforms to identify which is the best choice for their setting. Digital Rights Management Software Development. How Technology is Leveraging Hospitality Management Systems. As we all know the travel and tourism industry is one of the largest business industries in the world.

How Technology is Leveraging Hospitality Management Systems

Millions of people travel each year for vacations, business trips and other similar activities. How Casinos are Using Geo-fencing and Beaconing Technology. Hospitality Written by Prem Khatri Posted December 19, 2014 by Carolina Prem Khatri When it comes to marketing the basic function is to use available vehicles of communication to facilitate a business’s growth by strengthening relationships and communicating the values of a product or service.

How Casinos are Using Geo-fencing and Beaconing Technology

New forms of communication, blending location-based services with mobile devices, are evolving the landscape of traditional marketing mediums.Location-based marketing, including geo-fencing and beaconing, is transforming casino CRM by creating a mode to deliver well-timed, purposeful marketing messages to consumers. A blog published by Cisco titled Explosive Growth in Mobility and Location-based Marketing reports that this year’s spend on mobile marketing was $10.15 billion with almost half being location-based.

Geo-fencing is a technology that enables contextual marketing to users within a certain external boundary. Location-based services can be integrated with any existing application. Sabre Software Development Solutions. Sabre Airline Solutions Chetu develops, implement and integrates a variety of software solutions to help air travel industry grow, increase profits and operation efficiency, sell their products in both the direct and indirect channels, serve their passengers and operate efficiently. We will find the right solution for your charter or hybrid airline, Cargo Company or an airport facility. Corporations & Sabre Chetu simplifies complex travel sourcing mechanisms for corporations and streamlines revenue management process to maximize funds and savings.

Our certified developers will help corporate travel managers meet the highest customers' expectations and increase their corporate performance. Sabre Software Development Solutions. Construction Project Management Software Development. Construction project management software is designed to manage new and existing construction projects.

Construction Project Management Software Development

It helps to manage all task automatically and provide custom reports of progress. Construction project management software standardizes all construction project needs and resources. Travelport Developers and API Integrations – Denise Roybal. The Hospitality Industry has become one of the largest revenue generating business models.

Travelport Developers and API Integrations – Denise Roybal

Many travel agencies generate high revenue through car rental services, airline flight packages, hotel bookings, city tours and more. To make things easier, the Travelport GDS (Global Distribution System) business uses the customized online portal to manage all processes such as online booking for hotels, cars, buses, airlines, etc. The custom web-based Travelport platform provides customized solutions that address the needs of the travel agents and their agencies.

The Travelport platform enables travel agencies and their clients to access travel data, compare reservation options and book travel dates. Travelport Developers and API Integrations – Denise Roybal. Exploring the Benefits of Machine Learning. Merchant Cash Advance Software – Custom MCA Software. Construction Project Management Software Development. Collecting and Interpreting Your Mobile App Data. Amusement Park Management Software – Custom Solutions. Compliance Software – Custom Development Services. Why Every Hospital Should Have its Own Hospital Management System. A hospital management system is designed to manage all the areas of a hospital such as medical, financial, administrative as well as maintain the day-to-day status of patient admission, discharge, report generation, doctor scheduling etc.

Why Every Hospital Should Have its Own Hospital Management System

It helps to provide better and efficient patient care by making a rapid shift from manual processes and minimizing operational complexity. Benefits of Hospital Management Software: Streamlining Work Process: To ensure that all hospital personnel can easily communicate in real-time and automate workflows. Hospital management systems allows better coordination between departments and offers the capability of sharing patient health histories, procedure appointments, diagnosis, and more. Fantasy Sports Website Software Development Solutions. Sports Analytics & Performance Software Development. Custom Practice Management & Hospital Information Systems. Sports Medicine & Nutrition Software Development. Lead Retrieval Software Solutions for Trade Shows and Exhibitors. Lead retrieval is the process of managing events and trade shows; it simplifies the lead retrieval process.

Lead Retrieval Software Solutions for Trade Shows and Exhibitors

It helps both exhibitors or organizers to maximize ROI at trade shows, expos, etc. As every business knows, trade shows play a valuable role in our business growth. We can say it’s a key part of any company’s marketing and business development. Some B2B industries investing heavily to organize events for these partners and some B2C industries organize to meet their customer acquisition strategy. How a lead retrieval system helps businesses: Cómo Desarrollar Un Juego Móvil Interesante. Game Development Services - Custom Video Game Designers. Is Sports Betting Legal? Supreme Court Says Yes.

Material Requirements Planning MRP System Software Services. Material requirements planning (MRP) is a system for planning, scheduling, and inventory control, used to streamline core business manufacturing processes.

Material Requirements Planning MRP System Software Services

It helps to make manufacturing operations more cost effective. Custom MRP solutions are specifically designed for planning, scheduling, inventory and accounting management, as well as ensuring materials are available for production and products for delivery to customers. In the age of competition, every business and company is looking for an effective production plan, which helps to maximize productivity and achieve the company goals.

Custom MRPs systems cover a wide range of manufacturing planning activities, such as improving product quality, reducing labour costs, automating workflow managing, improving on-time deliveries of products, and maintaining the fewest possible materials, which help you plan for what and how many materials you’ll need. Key features of MRP System Software: Custom Sports Betting Software Solutions & Services. ACA Compliance Software Services and Solutions. ACA Compliance Software Solutions. Financial Planning Solutions for Business – Denise Roybal. Financial planning helps you determine your short and long-term financial goals and create a balanced plan to meet future goals.

Financial Planning Solutions for Business – Denise Roybal

Through financial planning, you can manage income more effectively. It helps you to decide in advance how much money you need to spend, pay, save and plan for other expenses. By having proper management of financial planning, you can meet life goals easily. Financial Planning Software Services. Electric Utility Management Software Systems – Denise Roybal.

Electric utilities are generally responsible for the distribution, or delivery, of electricity and communicate with customers who are connected with these services. The electric utility system manages the whole infrastructure of electricity generation, such as a power station, electric transmission, electricity distribution and more. The system is also responsible for maintenance and operation of all processes that serve your residence or business. Electric operations management systems enable clients to improve these day-to-day business process requirements and automatically manage the electric distribution network from main supply points. Electric Software Services: Custom electric utility software is designed to accommodate the complex requirements of utilities, and streamlines operations, reduces costs, and delivers the best quality service to customers.

Manage Electrical Utilities with Ease: Build Your Own Payment Gateway (The Pros + Cons) Here’s where we’re going if you want to jump ahead: A payment gateway should allow you to accept payments quickly and easily. The key component of any payment gateway is to process transactions securely and keep your customer's money and data secure. A secured payment gateway helps you gain the trust of your customers so they are willing to make transactions. A custom payment gateway may require a greater initial investment in terms of time and money, but this custom solution will dramatically help in growing your business. There are a vast array of payment gateways to choose from in today's market, each with their own benefits and drawbacks that affect the services you can offer through that payment gateway.

Below, we discuss the pros and cons of creating a custom payment gateway, the key components of a payment gateway portal, common pitfalls, differentiating factors for your payment gateway in an already overcrowded market and what are the merchants looking for. Pros. Custom Software for Electricity Utilities. Why Do You Need Association Management Software? – Denise Roybal. Association Management Software (AMS) is a platform used by professional and trade associations to manage the activities required with the necessary features to run their organization. AMS helps you keep all your member records in one place and classify them by tags, lists or custom types. The Custom Association Management system also allows you to follow your members’ activities through web and mobile platforms. With the help of an AMS, it’s easy to send updated information through email, SMS, social media, telephone, etc. to your members.

With tracking functionality, you can also track when, how and where the members access the web portal. Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to Cognos Business Intelligence Software. Association Management Solutions. How Does Precision Agriculture Help Farmers and Why is it Important? Between population growth and climate change, farmers of all sizes are being challenged to increase the growth and maximize the benefit of agriculture farming.

To fulfill the global demand, agriculture farming faces a very big challenge to rapidly increase farming production. The current world population is 7.7 billion according to the most recent United Nations estimates, and as per the report of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), by 2050, the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion. How to Improve Precision Agriculture Using Big Data. Precision Agriculture Software Development Services. Content Authoring Solutions for E-Learning Platforms. As we all know, on-line publishing and e-publishing services are meant to be accessible on digital platforms via internet. The fast moving world of digital publishing technology refers to digital assets.

These assets are available on websites, social networking, blogs, e-Books. 5 Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App. Content Authoring Software Solutions. Construction Accounting Software. Event Registration and Ticketing Software Solutions. Event registration is one of the most important aspects of an event; this plays a vital role in event planning, membership management, payment processing, and more. Event registration software not only reduces the workload but also streamlines the event processes and allows you to build your attendee database with all the necessary information, which make a great attendee experience. A streamlined event registrations process makes the registration a snap for both the attendees and the staff, and allow you to manage all the event registrations processes with a single click. Here are a few more benefits of Event Registration Software mentioned below: · Real Time Reports: The software provides real-time data for events registration, along with all necessary information.

This feature helps to get a more accurate count of expected participants in the event. How Mobile Payment Systems Change the Way You Do Business. Mobile Payment Solutions – Custom Mobile Payment Apps. Fraud Detection and Fraud Protection Services – Denise Roybal. In a digitized world, we are continually going to cashless transactions for purchases, restaurants, transportation and more. Software de Protección Contra Fraude. Clover POS Overview: Features and Capabilities – Denise Roybal.

The Clover Point of Sale (POS) is a powerful system that gives you everything you need to run your business, and enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports, among other things. Clover POS System – Custom Clover Payment Solutions. Embedded Firmware Development and Software Solutions. Firmware is programming that’s written to a hardware device’s memory for controlling the functions of various hardware devices and systems.

This is sometimes called embedded firmware, and is software that provides the necessary instructions for how the device communicates with other computer hardware. Chetu Leverages Allscripts Partnership to Facilitate Interoperability. Hospitality and Travel Software Development Services. Custom CRM Solution for Event Management Firm – Chetu. Pharmacy Management Software Solutions. Middleware Application Development for Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Content Delivery Networks (CDN) helps with streaming requested content to the end-user’s device. Insourcing Versus Outsourcing: Cost/Benefit Analysis. En diciembre de 2017, teníamos un cliente (llamémoslos XYZ Inc.) que nos venía con una solicitud de aplicación bastante compleja que estaba vinculada a una serie de plazos ajustados. El cliente acababa de adquirir una gran plataforma de e-Learning, y esperaban encabezar la adquisición con una aplicación de pruebas de matemáticas que pudieran lanzar al mercado a mediados del verano.

En este caso (que no siempre es el caso de los clientes de Chetu), el cliente sabía exactamente lo que necesitaban cuando se reunieron con uno de nuestros directores de ventas en una feria comercial, y de inmediato comenzó a preguntar sobre detalles, en lugar de generalidades. XYZ Inc. ya había calculado la cantidad de desarrolladores que necesitarían (alerta de spoiler: necesitaba 20 recursos en total), la cantidad de tiempo que le tomaría a esa cantidad de desarrolladores programar sobre 2,000 problemas matemáticos, y el lenguaje de programación eso sería mejor yuxtaponer su proyecto. MVC Middleware Application Development for Streaming Service. Claims Management Organization Client Upgrades Timesheet Application. SAP BusinessObject Tools for Timesheet Management – Denise Roybal. Oracle ERP: The Top 3 ERP Modules. Hire On-Demand Developers and Programmers for Your Business.

Jail Management Software: Why Your Current System is Failing. Custom Software Developers for Hire. What is Domo Business Intelligence (BI) and its Key Benefits? S/4HANA: A Guide to the Leading SAP Cloud ERP. Domo Software Solutions. Content Management Systems (CMS) for E-Commerce Platforms. ServiceNow Integrations : 4 Benefits to Integrating. E-commerce CMS Software Services. What is MicroStrategy and How Does it Function? – Denise Roybal. I Have an Idea for an App, But I Don't Know Where to Start. The Internet of Me – Chetu Technology Blog. Apache Maven Development – Maven Plugin Coding. What is Twilio and How It Works for your Business? – Denise Roybal. Airbnb API: Everything You Need to Know. Verifone Terminals and Why Custom Integrations Advance Businesses. What is Autodesk Forge? Building a Central Workspace. How to Choose a Learning Management System – Denise Roybal.

Why Cover POS? Custom Clover Integrations Drive Sales. Essential First Data Solutions that Merchants Need to Have. Asset Tracking System - RFID & Barcode Development. Artificial Intelligence and Medical Billing Chetu Blog. Salesforce AppExchange Development Services. Five Ways to Optimize your Salesforce CRM. Salesforce Integration Services. Real Estate CRMs: Bridging the Gap between Customer and Business. Un Plan a Prueba de Tontos Para SharePoint a la Migración de Contenido de Sitecore. Desarrollo de CMS. Content Migrations: Sitecore, SharePoint, & CMS Solutions. Boost Your Real Estate Organization’s With Custom Software Solutions. Delphi Software Development – Delphi Programming. Internet of Things (IoT) For Streamlining Oil and Gas Industry Operations.