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Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle: 2021 Checklist. To develop the best possible software in the most efficient manner is no easy feat.

Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle: 2021 Checklist

Complex software development projects may take tens or hundreds of hours to complete and require extensive testing and revising once the project is complete. Without a solid framework to manage such a monumental task, financial and time-related costs can get vastly out of control, leading to an unpleasant situation for both the client and developer(s). It’s highly recommended for a software development team to develop and adhere to an effective software development checklist to streamline the development process.

Creating and executing such a checklist begins with a clear understanding of the software development life cycle. What is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? The software development lifecycle describes the sequence of events that transpire throughout a software development project from planning all the way through to maintenance. What Are the Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle? Know the Difference between Manual & Automation Testing. When it comes to testing out a software program, both automatic and manual testing can be performed by a business's engineers.

Know the Difference between Manual & Automation Testing

This testing helps to see how the software reacts to various factors and scenarios. Some of the most common types of testing on software include network testing, integration testing, smoke testing, and regression testing. What Is Manual Testing? With manual testing, an actual person tests the software program. This testing engineer executes various testing scenarios to see how the software performs and identifies any faults in the software program. What Is Automatic Testing? With automatic testing, a series of scripts and tools prepared by the engineer are utilized to test the software in a variety of scenarios. Once the automation tools are done testing the software program, the results can be examined. Contact Chetu On-Demand Developers for Mobile Application. 5 Reasons Your CRM Needs AI. Here's where we're going if you want to jump ahead: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is the most sought after software in the world.

5 Reasons Your CRM Needs AI

It is expected that it will reach more than $80 million in revenue by 2025. While CRM software itself is a feature-rich and fully-functional tool, it is currently undergoing a major transformation propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, organizations are searching for the best CRM software with AI capabilities. CRM systems are powerful data aggregation tools that enable businesses to better collect, store, manage, and centralize interactions. Considering the volume of data generated daily has risen exponentially, organizations the needs have shifted. According to a report by IDC and Salesforce, AI-powered CRM has the potential to generate more than $1.1 trillion in new GDP impact and 800,000 new jobs globally by 2021, emerging as a competitive edge in a highly saturated business environment. 1. Examples 2. 3. 4. 5. About the Author. Telematics Software Engineering Services.

Effective Software Development Solutions. Why do Companies Need to Optimize Software Development? What is API Integration Services. What is API Development?

What is API Integration Services

API is an acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a code that gives instructions to disparate applications in order for them to interact and communicate bilaterally. APIs deliver sharable modules of code that unlocks program functionality and data while extending interconnectivity between two independent applications. An API communicates the expected behavior of one program to another. API development makes apps ready to be integrated and easier for systems to break out of data silos by giving entities the code needed to access features of the API's source application. What Can APIs Do For Businesses? Businesses need information-rich systems and the ability to have interconnectivity with partnered entities. Informed companies can make better decisions, which often result in increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and innovation.

API integration makes data sharable across software applications. Chetu Provides Development Solutions for Fitcom Trainer App - Case Study. Mobile Fitness Training Fitcom mobilizes fitness training by enabling fitness professionals to provide workouts and fitness plans to their clients through mobile devices. Not only does the Fitcom application revolutionize the organizational aspects of fitness training, but also functions without the geographical limitations of traditional exercise training programs. With Fitcom, health coaches build their own virtual team, continually evolving their social sphere of influence without the hassle of mobile marketing and intensive self-promotion efforts. In conjunction with offering a platform for mobile training, Fitcom supplies the accessories to make at-home training possible, including an interactive fitstick and various, mobile basketball add-ons.

Their approach is comprehensive, emulating the gym fitness training session as closely as possible. Interactive Functionality When Gary Boyd, CEO of Fitcom, contracted Chetu, Fitcom was purely conceptual. Software Development Solutions for Employee Compensation Cases. Looking for Software Deployment Services. Tips and Advice for Server Security Solutions. Chetu Offers Custom API Integration Solutions by Technology Specialists. Get Enterprise-Class App Solutions by Technology Specialists. Use Technological Experts for Custom Development Services.