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Experienced software developers in the payment industry

Stripe Integration Services. Mobile Payment Software Solutions. First Data Solutions. Ingenico POS Integration. Ingenico Software POS That Will Transform Your Business We provide seamless Ingenico integrations.

Ingenico POS Integration

End-to-end software development payment solutions for ISVs, VARs, ISOs, Merchant Service Providers, Financial Institutions, and Retailers utilizing Ingenico POS terminals. Our services range from terminal augmentation, migration, and customization, to configuration, SDK integration, and more. Functional POS Implementation Chetu implements custom POS software and pin pad interfaces making them compatible with a range of sought-after features, including security algorithms, customer engagement modules, and analytics. Custom NFC Payment Solutions. Custom Billing Software. Equinox Payment Terminal Development – Equinox POS Solutions. Clover POS Integration. Payments Data Security Development Services. Worldpay Payment Processing – Custom Worldpay Payment Systems.

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway into a Website. Here's where we're going if you want to jump ahead: Shoppers are expected to pay for merchandise that they would like to purchase from a brick and mortar store.

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway into a Website

This is typically accomplished by swiping a credit card at a point of sale (POS) device physically located within the store. In many cases, payment can also be made by using cash or an app on a smartphone. In a similar fashion, there has to be some way for an online buyer to pay for merchandise at the time of purchase. Otherwise, the sale cannot be completed.

EMV Software Development. Custom NFC Payment Solutions. Chetu's Application Development Simplifies Bridge Loans. Though their operative bridge lending system functioned adequately, it lacked technological sophistication.

Chetu's Application Development Simplifies Bridge Loans

Chetu's client believed application development could maximize efficiency and award users more control over the following processes: Proposal plan creationInvestor selectionCalculation of the projected investment costsSecretarial duties (legal paperwork and electronically signed documents)Reporting featuresDisplay dashboard for graphs and pie charts In other words, our client envisioned an intuitive application that granted users the power to scale each investor to the amount they were willing to invest and then pair them to projects accordingly. Future of Payment Gateway & Processing. The current trends for payment technology are the future path for merchant services.

Future of Payment Gateway & Processing

This involves automation, usability and security. The driving forces are technological businesses new to the payment arena including Google, Samsung and Apple. This has blurred the line between tech and payment companies. ACH Payment Processing. Payment Gateway Development. Online Payment Software Development. Custom POS Software Development Services. If you run a restaurant and want to get the most from your business, you are likely wondering what POS system to use.

Custom POS Software Development Services

The choice of point of sale system makes a huge difference. It affects the outcome you can expect and causes the difference in the bottom line. You want to make it easy and convenient for your customers to make their payments. The right POS system also simplifies the process of managing your restaurant. Billing Software Development. Chetu Creates a First Data Application for Parking Platform. During the development phase, Chetu leveraged the following technologies… First Data Payment Processing Windows 7 OS Visual Studio 2010 Ingenico iPP320 Pin pad deviceRBA PackageIngenico Telium Form builder iConnect sample application Packaging toolsJungo Driver The client requested Chetu develop the MSR, EMV and EMV contactless payment terminal applications in order to extract the MSR, EMV card details and pass this information to the kiosk machine application.

Chetu Creates a First Data Application for Parking Platform

Using Ingenico our developers set RBA working environment by installing RBA SDK, Ingenico Telium Form Builder tool, Jungo Driver and iConnect sample application. A screen flow for the application was also created, as well as an analysis of service requests in a response data format and implementation of communication with First Data that integrates with the client kiosk application. The application was created in .NET using RBA technology.

Custom NFC Payment Solutions. Chetu Advances Ingenico Terminal Payment Options with Custom App. The objective of the client was to have an application built to implement a more efficient payment flow on Ingenico terminals iCT250 and iPP350 to accept card payments for both credit cards and private label cards (gift cards, countdown cards, loyalty cards, etc.).

Chetu Advances Ingenico Terminal Payment Options with Custom App

For private label cards, the payment is to be processed by the client's existing payment gateway service, CardDog. For credit card transactions, the payment is to be forwarded to FirstData Payment Services by the CardDog portal for processing. In addition to performing transactions, the application also stores transaction details in the device for printing batch reports. Ingenico POS Integration. Chetu Upgrades POS system to Comply with EMV Liability Shift. To aid their customers in the quest for EMV compliance, a transportation in-vehicle technology solutions company presented Chetu with the task to upgrade their Point-of-Sale (POS) offerings.

Chetu Upgrades POS system to Comply with EMV Liability Shift

They wanted EMV payment terminals with the applicable ISO standards to accept mag-stripe, EMV, and contactless card functions, programmed with all the appropriate AIDs and support for offline batch processing. Chetu's software solutions allowed this proprietor to offer secure and reliable POS terminals to adapt to the changing payments infrastructure. With payment fraud rampant in the United States and around the world, credit and debit cards have been phased out and replaced by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) smart card standards.

The cards, which have a contact function similar to an ATM or a contactless function that uses NFC technology, are equipped with a microprocessor chip in conjunction with the traditional magnetic stripe. First Data Integration Services - First Data Partners. Verifone VX520 Integration Drives Smarter Transactions. The technologies leveraged during the development phase of the project are the following: Microsoft Visual Studio IDE C Language RVDS 4.0 Verix V SDK 10.0 Verix Evo Verifone VX520 Terminal Moneris The client requested Chetu to use the Verifone VX520 Terminal to implement an application that directly interacts with their Smart Card System used for laundry payments, a system comprised of Flash Cards, Flash Card Reader, and Flash Card Dispenser.

Verifone VX520 Integration Drives Smarter Transactions

The first step in approaching the project was to set a scalable Verifone working environment by installing RVDS 4.0, development suite, enhanced communication libraries, and a signing tool. Additionally, Chetu engineers created a VMAC based project on Microsoft Visual Studio IDE to fully develop a responsive application screen flow. Chetu Broadens Payment Options With Verifone Terminal App. During the past 18 years, the client has established themselves as a leading technology provider within the payment industry.

Chetu Broadens Payment Options With Verifone Terminal App

They leverage their extensive network to assist businesses in reducing expenses, improving efficiencies in the bill remittance process, and formulating the easiest methods and broadest range of offerings for consumers to use with their day to day purchases. Their service selection caters to enterprises within the utility, municipality, property management and healthcare landscapes, allowing participants in these industries to accept payments of all forms—cash, credit cards, checks, lockbox, and online bill payments. Mobile Payment Software Solutions. Payments Data Security Development Services. What are the benefits of CORE banking solutions? Mobile technology has changed the way that people work with their finances.

Exchanging cash and writing checks have transitioned into online payments and contactless checkouts. These changes have also impacted what customers expect from the banking industry. Today, consumers assume they will have access to their bank accounts whether or not their closest branch is open. What are Core Banking Solutions? While tellers and account managers may be the face of a bank branch, the most important work of the bank is done behind the scenes. "CORE" is an acronym meaning Centralized Online Real-time Exchange. What are the Benefits of Core Banking Solutions? Incorporating core banking software into your financial organization benefits both the company and the consumer. This new kind of customer convenience benefits the bank as well. Core banking software also helps the overall operation of a bank. Well-designed backend software will also help reduce costs by streamlining the operation. Introduction of Verifone Navigator Announced by Verifone Company.

Breakthrough Technology Bridges the User Experience Gap in POS Devices Touch-screen point of sale (POS) devices are incorporated in our everyday lives and are becoming more of an issue for visual and audio impaired consumers as more companies and organizations implement them. This technology, while useful and secure, is largely inaccessible to people with visual and audio impairments. Simple activities such as shopping for shoes and groceries, travelling and paying for hotels. These things may soon be more difficult or even impossible, unless they are willing to put themselves in far greater risk of fraud, theft or financial ruin. Globally around 432 million people have disabling hearing loss and it is estimated that approximately 1.3 billion people live with some form of vision impairment. 3 Reasons Why Company’s Should Design An Accessible POS Machine. 1. 2. 3. What Is Verifone Navigator & How Does It Solve The Problem? Equinox Payment Terminal Development – Equinox POS Solutions.

What is NFC? Everything you need to know. How Does NFC Work? It requires no special pairing or other connection protocol. When an NFC-equipped device detects another, it automatically connects. Once the device connects, it provides prompts to each user. If a device is NFC compatible, it will have an NFC chip inside it that springs to life when near another NFC device. The NFC software connects the two devices.

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway into a Website. Worldpay Payment Processing – Custom Worldpay Payment Systems. Payment Gateway Vs Payment Processor. Finance Written by Pravin Vazirani Posted by Carolina What is a Payment Gateway? Payment Gateway is an application service provider that authorizes payments for businesses, online retailers or traditional brick and mortar. EMV Software Programming Development Solutions. NFC Payment Software Development Company. Online Payment Software Development. ACH Payment Processing – Custom Check 21 Software.

Payment Gateway Development. Restaurant POS Software Development Services. Verifone Terminal App Software Development. We provide custom software solutions and payment development services across the entire portfolio of Verifone terminals including: Pin Pad, Countertops, Multilane, mPOS, Verifone Engage, Verifone Carbon, Verifone MX, Verifone VX and Verifone UX lineups. We program tip options, data uploading, receipt printing, security and more. Our experts ensure your custom payment software complies with consumer protection standards including PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, EMV, Check-21, data encryption and other payment standards. Hire Payment Processing Software Developers. Clover Custom Software Development. Payment Processor Requires Merchant Portal Development. The client is a leading direct ACH payment and paper check processor that provides businesses the ability to transfer funds into or out of a merchant's bank account. Up to this point, the client depended on a 3rd party agent to capture transactions from the merchant.

Leveraging Oracle 12C Database technology with SaaS Development. The client is a payment technology and transaction processing entity with over 7 years of experience in the payments industry. Future of Payment Gateway & Processing. Custom PayPal Integration Software Solutions and Services. Custom Prepaid Card Software Development. Elavon Payment Processing Software Solutions. TSYS System Software Solutions. Stripe Integration Services – Experienced Stripe Developers. Commidea Payment Processing Software Solutions. Custom Online Payment Solutions. ACH Payment Processing – Custom Check 21 Software.

Equinox Payment Terminal Development – Equinox POS Solutions. Billing & Invoicing Software – Custom Billing Systems. EMV Software Programming Development Solutions. Mobile Payment Software Solutions – App Development. Integrate Custom QR Code Solutions for Inventory Management. Payment Processing Software Development Solutions. NFC Payment Software Development Company. Bitcoin Software Development Solutions and Services. Payment Gateway Development – Payment Processing Software.