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A.D. After Disclosure - Dolan and Zabel - C2C May 2012
Project Phoenix (SETI) Project Phoenix was a SETI project: in this case a search for extraterrestrial intelligence by analyzing patterns in radio signals. It was run by the independently funded SETI Institute of Mountain View, California, USA. Project Phoenix started work in February 1995 with the Parkes radio telescope located in New South Wales, Australia, the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. Project Phoenix (SETI)
Dr. Carol Rosin in the Disclosure Project
DISCLOSURE PROJECT Interview w/ Dr. Greer - Part One
UFO Disclosure project: Extraterrestrial Contact blog
DECEPTION PROJECT Part 1 - Disclosure Project & Hidden Secrets (Bohemian Grove/Owl of the Ancients)

The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena. Learn more ยป