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Wine and Truth Chapter 1, a white collar fanfic. Wine and Truth By J.

Peter begins the evening staking out Neal Caffrey--and ends it with a drunken suspect on his hands. Pre-series, friendship and/or pre-slash. bronchitis chapter 3 at the end where they pan over to present – chelseabarron

Rosemary Moss ~oOo~ Peter Burke didn't often smile on a stake out.

Wine and Truth Chapter 1, a white collar fanfic

Especially a pointless stake out like this one. So he frowned as he watched the entrance to Caffrey's new place. Ramblin's of a Bear with Very Little Brain - FIC: A Knight Will Save the Day. A Knight Will Save the Day Neal, in his new persona of Don Juan snickered as he watched Diana walk past his perch on the Kissing Bridge down the path towards the back of the park leaving small puddles in her wake.

Ramblin's of a Bear with Very Little Brain - FIC: A Knight Will Save the Day

Her long, layered skirts, peasant blouse, leather shrug boots and braided hair were soaked through. Some kid who spent his summers playing baseball had obviously been enjoying himself at the Drench a Wench booth. Neal knew he shouldn’t laugh at Diana’s misery, but really, it was Diana pimped out like a medieval barmaid, soaking wet. How could he not find that humorous? She passed by quickly, obviously anxious to change out of her sopping costume, and Neal turned his attention back to his own somewhat humiliating but somewhat entertaining role.

“Beautiful ladies” he greeted in his best Spanish accent. The girls giggled shyly and then three of them pushed the fourth toward Neal. The girls moved down the bridge toward the far end. “I think Grimes made me,” he replied gravely. Who killed Iris? Title: Who killed Iris?

Who killed Iris?

The Collar Corner - Comment-a-Thon Round 29. A Healthy Neal is a Happy Neal. Title: Care and Feeding of a Criminal Informant: A Healthy Neal is a Happy NealRating: PGCharacters: Neal, OCs, PeterWarnings: Language, sicknessSummary: Takes place during season one.

A Healthy Neal is a Happy Neal

Peter's away and, for Neal, that's a very bad thing. WRitten for swanpride at collarcorner. Prompt here. The Jellyfish Of The Dark - Emrys141 - White Collar. People always said that drowning was one of the most peaceful ways to die.

The Jellyfish Of The Dark - Emrys141 - White Collar

Apparently there was an air of tranquility about it, a softness, a light, a sense of just letting everything go, of being truly free. Free from the burden of life and the troubles that come with it. The niggling worries, the gnawing and totally unimportant problems that plague every human. In the water, in the silence, they were nothing except pale, abstract concepts floating just above the surface, reachable, touchable and yet so far away. Nothing could hurt Neal in the water. The iciness of it seemed to breathe for Neal, carrying him, holding him so every limb was weightless and belonging to someone else.


The Ramblings Of A Hopeless TV And Movie Addict - White Collar - "Just Can't Breathe" Title: Just Can't BreatheAuthor: TeeJayWritten for: saphirablue as a response to the collarcornerPrompt Fest #2Prompt/Request: HandcuffsWould Like: Neal being cuffed to a bed/radiator/chair/whatever in a burning room/building.

Neal is at the muesuem when it has a bomb go off anf then he is taken to the hospital for the risk of smole inhaltion – chelseabarron

Peter (or whoever you want to write from the team) gets him out there in the nick of time and has to deal with/treat a Neal that has inhaled (a lot of) smoke, is shocky and maybe has some light burns until the firefighters/EMTs arrive.Don't Want: Death!

The Ramblings Of A Hopeless TV And Movie Addict - White Collar - "Just Can't Breathe"

Fic; Neal being rescued and immediately handed over into the care of the EMT/firefighters; the H without the CRating: PG-13Genre: GenCharacters/Pairings: Neal, PeterSummary: A freak explosion hits the museum Neal happens to be visiting, and it's up to Peter find him.Author's Note: This prompt really got my mind spinning, and I wanted to write my own story for it. Since the prompt has already been filled (and I've read and loved it), I have a feeling my story is not going to be able to live up to what Shit!

But... Unbreakable, a white collar fanfic. Title: UnbreakableRating: RGenre: Gen, H/CWords: 2156Characters: Neal, Peter, ElWarnings: Violence and torture oh mySummary: Neal's captors insist that he has a debt to repay.

Broken ribs and puncture lung short and sweet story – chelseabarron

A/N: Written for dreamsofspike's prompt on collarcorner.

Unbreakable, a white collar fanfic

Fic is equal parts hurt and comfort. xxx Neal was undercover trying to smoke out the boss of a ring of bank robbers. Unfortunately he had done just that and the person leading the show was not who he had expected. "Why, if it isn't my old friend, Neal Caffrey! " Neal smiled, "Louis Lorenzo! Lorenzo didn't smile back as he exchanged a meaningful glance with the two men flanking him. Neal kept the smile firmly in place despite the alarm bells ringing. Blurred Lines. Title: Blurred LinesAuthor: TeeJayGenre: GenCharacters/Pairings: Neal, Peter, Elizabeth and a few OCsWritten for: raven_tree for the whitecollarhcFever Fic Fest I and the 2011 Advent Calendar over at whitecollarfic (two birds with one stone—yay!)

Blurred Lines

Be All My Sins Remembered Chapter 1, a white collar fanfic. Disclaimer: I don't own White Collar, Neal, or any of the other characters (sadly).

Be All My Sins Remembered Chapter 1, a white collar fanfic

It seemed like a perfect day. Which should've been a key indicator to Neal that something was going to go wrong. They had just wrapped up a case, and Neal was just wandering back from lunch. There was some paper work to get done, but Peter had hinted that he'd let everyone go home early that night. But despite everything having been good so far, he had an aching feeling it wasn't going to stay that way. Being perceptive of his surrounding was second nature to him. Neal leaned against a stair railing just within earshot of the man, pretending he was reading something on his phone while he strained to hear what the guy was saying.

With a last glance towards the direction the man had gone, he hurried inside.