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Story: A new start. Story: Medical Attention. Story: Highest Bidder. Story: Christmas Party. Into The Darkness Chapter 1: Over the River & Through The Woods, an er fanfic. In The Darkness This is an ER Carter Fanfiction based on an amazing, astounding fanfiction story by one of the greatest authors that ever typed a story.

On a dark night, a trip to the Carter mansion inevitably changes the life of one John Truman Carter III. – chelseabarron

I tried to reach her for permission via old emails but I could not.

Into The Darkness Chapter 1: Over the River & Through The Woods, an er fanfic

Dreams In The Mist by Cathy Roberts. Crossing Over by Susan. Summary: SPOILERS: ER - Up to "Lockdown", BTVS - Up to "Grave" LAST EPISODES SEEN: ER - "Lockdown", Season 8 Finale; BTVS - "Grave", Season 6 Finale.

Crossing Over by Susan

DISCLAIMER: I don't own ER, that's owned by Warner Brothers, Amblin and a load of people with more money than I will ever have. I also don't own Buffy, that's owned by Mutant Enemy,, I would love to own Carter and Spike and use them as the perfect bread for a Susan sandwich. AUTHOR'S NOTES: First off, although this chapter isn't, this series will be NC-17 for het and slash. this is me, we're talking about, remember? With the cliffhangers on both shows (mainly ER), I've decided to fill in the blanks. Consequences by Julie. A Most Willing Student by Cathy Roberts. A Little Less Conversation by Cathy Roberts.