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Slide Down Box Menu with jQuery and CSS3. In this tutorial we will create a unique sliding box navigation.

Slide Down Box Menu with jQuery and CSS3

The idea is to make a box with the menu item slide out, while a thumbnail pops up. We will also include a submenu box with further links for some of the menu items. The submenu will slide to the left […] View demoDownload source. Subtle CSS3 Typography that you’d Swear was Made in Photoshop. Vertical Sliding Info Panel With jQuery. This is an example of simple page that's centered and has a vertical sliding panel on the far left (try it!

Vertical Sliding Info Panel With jQuery

Click on the 'infos' tab that's on the left!). We used jQuery to create this sliding panel (and CSS3 rounded corners because it looks cool) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut eget eros libero. Fusce tempus quam sit amet erat mollis a fermentum nibh imperdiet. Ut purus metus, fermentum vitae pulvinar vel, elementum eget nulla. 50 Useful Coding Techniques (CSS Layouts, Visual Effects and Forms) - Smashing Magazine.

Advertisement Although CSS is generally considered a simple and straightforward language, sometimes it requires creativity, skill and a bit of experimentation.

50 Useful Coding Techniques (CSS Layouts, Visual Effects and Forms) - Smashing Magazine

The good news is that designers and developers worldwide often face similar problems and choose to share their insights and workarounds with the wider community. 50 Brilliant CSS3/JavaScript Coding Techniques - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement CSS3 is coming.

50 Brilliant CSS3/JavaScript Coding Techniques - Smashing Magazine

Although the browser support of CSS 3 is still very limited, many designers across the globe experiment with new powerful features of the language, using graceful degradation for users with older browsers and using the new possibilites of CSS3 for users with modern browsers. Brian Cherne's Porfolio. Welcome to my portfolio. This is not a showcase of *all* the work I've ever done -- the list below is a subset of the projects and clients I've worked with. Please contact me if you have questions. brian(at)cherne(dot)net YourReebok ActionScript@FluidAugust 2007 - August 2008. Interaction Design and Design Strategy.

1.3.0 (1/25/2012): Add custom events to allow control via custom JavaScript.

Interaction Design and Design Strategy

Fixed intermittent loading issue on Chrome. Fixed IE issues. Refactored code to be more readable. Final version outside Foundation. Exactly How to Create a Custom jQuery Accordion. Accordions can be very useful for showing lots of different sections of data in a small amount of space. jQuery UI has a built in Accordion function, but according to the jQuery UI Build your Download, the size of the Core jQuery UI and Accordion scripts are 25kb and 16.6kb, respectively.

Exactly How to Create a Custom jQuery Accordion

Today, I'll show you how to build a custom accordion that is more "bandwidth efficient". That seems like a lot for just one simple accordion. Especially when you add in the normal jQuery script, which is 18kb minified and Gzipped. So instead of increasing your page load time with the extra unneeded functionality, why not create something from scratch? Quick Tip: Working with the Official jQuery Templating Plugin. Just this week, the jQuery team announced that Microsoft's templating plugin (along with a couple others) is now being officially supported.

Quick Tip: Working with the Official jQuery Templating Plugin

What this means is that the plugin will now be maintained and updated directly by the core team. In this video tutorial, we'll review the essentials of the plugin, and why it's so awesome. As a quick example, we'll, again, refer to the Twitter search API example from Friday (think Bieber). The only difference is that, this time, we'll use an HTML template to attach the returned data, rather than muddying up our JavaScript!

Five Minute Upgrade. Add a Mobile Landing Page to Your Site Give mobile visitors a way to quickly access your company phone number, email, or just directions to the office.

Five Minute Upgrade

Five Minute Upgrade – Make Your Workstation (More) Ergonomic. 6 Killer Text Replacement Tricks to Improve your Typography. Typography has long been a large part of graphic, and web design. In the past though, web design has had to suffer typographically, with any text that was wanted in a non web safe font (a font already stored locally on users computers) had to be rendered as an image; not exactly brilliant for the user interface department. Font’s like Lucida Grande, Helvetica and Myriad Pro were as exciting as it got. Website Anatomy Class. Nivo Slider - The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider. jQuery & WordPress Image Slider The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use slider on the market.

Nivo Slider - The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider

20 Websites To Help You Learn and Master CSS. By Jacob Gube CSS can be both a tricky and easy to learn.

20 Websites To Help You Learn and Master CSS

The syntax itself is easy, but some concepts can be difficult to understand. This article features 20 excellent websites to help you "grok" CSS. There’s a wide range of websites included – from blogs to directory-style lists and websites that focus on one particular topic related to CSS. Tuts+ Network. Super Easy Typographic Portrait in Photoshop. CSS-Tricks. Design Web. Servicing All of Los Angeles County, South Bay Torrance, and more. Adobe Photoshop tutorials, from beginner to advanced. Veerle's blog 3.0 - Webdesign - XHTML CSS.