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It’s easier being a man when it comes to fashion. They can practically wear anything, since it’s a staple rule among guys that they shouldn’t look like they thought quite a great deal about fashion in the first place. A lot of trends, such as grunge, messy hair, torn jeans—they all originated from the desire of guys not to look like they actually made an effort to dress well. It’s different for women, though. Ladies prefer to look good, and they care about color coordination and patterns and all the pretty accouterments that guys disdain. And that’s why it’s a bit of a headache for women to incorporate modern devices into a total look. ShoeGuru ShoeGuru
Benny Gold Limited Edition Right Pack April 10th, 2014 We updated our online site with new product images of the latest addition to our JanSport X Pendleton collaboration. There was some left over Pendleton fabric from the original collection that we decided to use it on JanSports iconic Right Pack. The production run on these Pendleton Right Packs are very limited and going fast. Benny Gold
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