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Tutoriales Blender

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Como criar um Oceano. Cómo hacer agujeros en Blender de forma sencilla. Tutorial blender como crear oceano (cycles) Ocultar. Introducción a materiales y texturas en Blender. Materiales básicos en Blender. For an image synthesis must add objects, lights and cameras to the scene.

Materiales básicos en Blender

The representation of these objects depend on the scene illumination, the camera parameters and the visual properties of these objects that basically know as your “color” or “material”. We can say that the appearance of an object is determined primarily by the properties of their “material”. When we started to prepare Blender tutorials, using version 2.49, wrote a small article titled “Edit or Add a Material“.

We will review this material updating the interface with version 2.77 and adding some new aspects that complement. The material will be added “Textures” that often be some images that affect material properties such as Color, reflection, transparencies …etc.. Usar una imagen como textura en un plano [ Blender ] Tutorials - - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software. Manual de Referencia de Blender — Blender Manual.

¡Bienvenido al Manual de Blender!

Manual de Referencia de Blender — Blender Manual

Este es el manual para el software de animación 3D de Other languages: En ❘ De ❘ Es ❘ Fr ❘ Pt ❘ Ru ❘ ZhThis site can be downloaded for offline use: Download the full manual (zipped HTML files) Tutorial Blender en español 2015. Blender tutorial animacion. Curso "Aprende a animar con Blender" en español (Tutorial 1ª parte - Timeline) - 3J Kernel.