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Learnsquared. Mood Concept Tutorial by Sebastian Gromann. Sebastian Gromann is a freelance concept designer currently collaborating with IRONKLAD-STUDIOS and KARAKTER Design Studio.

Mood Concept Tutorial by Sebastian Gromann

In this tutorial he describes his process for creating a successful mood concept. He starts with the briefing and photo reference for the concept. He then moves to the composition sketch phase with idea pairing, working in masks and using texture masks. Finally, he completes the mood concept by stacking elements and exploring options. My mood concept is based in the Game of Thrones universe, so I started with a map, and located a spot where I’d like to place my scene. I like to select two reference photos or elements that I’d like to include in my scene and create a composition sketch with the elements. The preparation phase is crucial to create a successful image. This is the sketch I used as a base for the mood concept. I like to use the Custom Shape tool to fake the detail and concentrate on the silhouettes of the thumbnails. Method: Saving your work: Issues — Thomas Scholes.

Shore of the Ancient Ones - Painting Process. Sculptris. Sculptris Features Sculptris has been designed to be as accessible as possible to every type of artist.


The interface is effortless to navigate and each feature is easy to locate. Even the most novice user is able to start creating within moments. As you become more skilled, you will begin to discover new depths within the application. Your sculpts will be taken to new levels of creativity and detail the more experienced you become. Sculptris offers two navigation methods to accommodate your preferences and what you're already used to. Sculptris Artist: Baz Mazur Sculptris Artist: Bobby Bath Dynamic Tessellation Sculptris frees you from the need to worry about your model's geometry.

This dynamic dividing of the model doesn't only come into play when sculpting details. GoZ™ Sculptris has been designed to work effortlessly with ZBrush, which in turn will enable you to import your mesh to other sculpting applications. See GoZ™ in action: The Basics ZBrush Artist: Bobby Bath.

Tutos 3dsmax

From Sketch to color, a speed up video of Raphael Lacoste's painting process. Professional Training for Artists. I.A. Magazine Master Classes 2016. Don’t want to miss a news about the Master Classes?

I.A. Magazine Master Classes 2016

Join our Special Facebook Group Craig Mullins Craig Mullins (born 1964) is an American digital painter, and leading international concept artist. He has created art for books, video games and films. Craig Mullins was born in 1964 in California and moved at the age of three to Ohio. He started out as a transportation designer and got a job at Ford in Detroit. Official Website : Feature Films 2003 Matrix Revolutions (digital matte artist) 2001 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (digital matte painter) 2000 Thirteen Days (matte painter: Cinesite) 1999 Bicentennial Man (digital matte painter: DQI) 1999 The Out-of-Towners (digital matte painting: R & H) 1998 Armageddon (matte painter: Digital Domain) 1998 Deep Rising (matte painter: Dream Quest Images) 1997 Kundun (digital matte painter) 1997 Flubber (digital matte painter) 1997 The Peacemaker (digital matte painter: PDI) 1997 Contact (digital matte painter) 1996 Escape from L.A.

Visual effects. FZD School of Design. Gumroad Discover. By Brad Hussey Your Early Bird Access includes: Early Access to The Ultimate Web Developer Course The course has not yet been unleashed to the public, so you are one of the very first students to start the journey.

Gumroad Discover

Special Early Access Discount This course will hit the market at a price of $297, and will increase in price as more value, content and lectures are added to the course. Priority Email Access to the Instructor With over 92k students and counting, I receive countless messages, emails and requests for coding help. Access to the course on Udemy and Code College Some of my students prefer one platform over the other. Special Lifetime Membership Discount to Code College At we offer a lifetime access membership that allows you to get access to all of our current and future courses for a low monthly subscription (think Netflix for coding courses), or a one-time payment. Are you a programmer with no design skills? Apprendre Nuke 7 - Cours vidéo Nuke 7 avec un pro The Foundry.


Tuto Zbrush.