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Creative Writing Prompts About Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a really fun holiday to celebrate.

Creative Writing Prompts About Valentine’s Day

It’s a great holiday that celebrates love. However, Valentine’s Day has been a holiday that has been celebrated for centuries and has evolved to something where gifts and romantic dinners are highly valued. Use these creative writing prompts to help write your own beautiful stories and poems about love and the holiday. Poetry Creative Writing Prompts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Valentine’s Day writing activities - WriteShop. When all else fails, you can usually extract some decent writing from your children when it centers on a holiday theme of some sort.

Valentine’s Day writing activities - WriteShop

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are some creative (and painless) ways to encourage your kids to write. Vocabulary and Spelling Hidden in Your Heart Encourage vocabulary and spelling development. Supplies: Purchase a package of pre-cut paper hearts, or cut your own from scrapbooking or construction paper. Directions: On individual hearts, spell out one of the following words or phrases. VALENTINE’S DAY: say, lend, vial . . .HEARTS: star, ear, rat . . .I LOVE MY FAMILY: mail, yam, live . . . Short and Sweet Messages from the Heart Spread Valentine love throughout your home by hiding heart messages for your family. Supplies: Hearts cut from red, white, pink, purple, and light-blue paper. Sectret Admirer Writing Prompt - 4th, 5th Grade. Celebrating Valentine's Day: Writing Prompts, Journal Ideas, and Story Starters.

February Writing Prompts: Creative Writing Topics and Journal Ideas. Creative Writing Ideas and Journal Topics For Valentine's Day and February.

February Writing Prompts: Creative Writing Topics and Journal Ideas

Minds in Bloom: 20 Great Valentine's Day Writing Prompts. Paul McCartney - My Valentine. Valentine%E2%80%99s%20Day. Five-Minute Film Festival: 7 Videos on Love for Valentine’s Day. Whether you're a softie who jumps at any opportunity to tell everyone around you how much you love them, or a curmudgeon who thinks February 14th is a holiday manufactured by Hallmark and the candy industry to make everyone spend money, Valentine's Day gets a rise out of almost everyone.

Five-Minute Film Festival: 7 Videos on Love for Valentine’s Day

I confess to being the former, so I couldn't help gathering a collection of videos to celebrate the art, the science, and the mystery of love. As always, please preview anything you want to share with students -- there are some mentions in this playlist of topics not appropriate for the littlest ones. Enjoy! Video Playlist: The Sweetest Valentine's Day. Valentine – Learn English with videos –[Multimedia-English] A summary with all the cool scenes from the romantic comedy "Sweet Home Alabama".

Valentine – Learn English with videos –[Multimedia-English]

Enjoy Script This song was written by Ed for his friend's wedding. Its a cute wedding song that wants to interpret true love that lasts ("Your soul could never grow old its evergreen"). Sheeran has described the piece as a "walking down the aisle song" (for a wedding). Valentine’s Day Lesson Idea/plan + materials. For once in my life, I decided to break with tradition and actually do a Valentine’s Day lesson.

Valentine’s Day Lesson Idea/plan + materials

Turned out to be quite good fun with my Upper Intermediate teens during their last lesson before Valentine’s Day… Image from licensed for commercial reuse with modification. Love poems. In this lesson students will collaborate in a creative writing task.

Love poems

First they will listen to a song and write down words and phrases they hear. Then they will work in groups to write a poem, following some simple guidelines and using their collective words and phrases as a starting point. The learners will write a love poem that is ‘corny' (overly sentimental) on purpose. This technique removes common reservations that some learners have about writing poetry. Resources for Learning About Empathy on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day creates a lot of excitement for students, and of course, there are plenty of teachable moments around the day.

Resources for Learning About Empathy on Valentine's Day

You might cover the history of the holiday, some V-Day-themed math, or a fun, heart-shaped art project. The opportunities are endless. But Valentine's Day is also a great time to talk with your kids about compassion and caring. Social and emotional learning (SEL) has been one of the George Lucas Educational Foundation's primary strategies for learning since its inception. Valentine's Day - Facts, Origin, Meaning & Videos - The EFL SMARTblog: Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day? You are going toread information in a video about Valentine's Day do a true or false quiz based on the clipread an infographic about Valentine's Day 1) Discuss What do you know about Valentine's Day?

The EFL SMARTblog: Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?

Love Stories Ignite a Romance With Reading. Remember getting a love note?

Love Stories Ignite a Romance With Reading

How many times did you read it? How many times did you try to determine the sincerity behind it? Love notes are why students need to have access to love stories and books about relationships at the intermediate level. I know some teachers think the topic is taboo and should be avoided so as not to encourage such feelings at school. Saint Valentine' s Day activities. February, 14th is Saint Valentine' s Day! On this day cards, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones. But do you know where this festival comes from?

Are you ready to say or write something special to the people you care about? Clicking on the following Thinglink image (that I previously created with Cacoo), you will find some useful activities to get prepared for that day. Resources about love and friendship. All of Me by John Legend. In this song John Legend uses opposite meanings to convey how he feels about his wife. It is a very ‘honest’ love song. I think it reflects real life rather than a fairytale version of a relationship. This provides a good opportunity for students to discuss love songs, identify the opposite meanings and then interpret what the songwriter really means. Students then use what they have learned to talk about their own loved ones. Materials: PowerPoint slides here , song on YouTube, slide 6 printed off and cut up 1/group , worksheet without explanations 1/pair here and worksheet with explanation 1/pair and cut up here.

Level: Upper Intermediate + adults Procedure Warmer– Students discuss love songs. Personalise– Show slide 13. Do you teach IELTS? Do you Like this: Like Loading... Tagged with: All of Me, all of me lesson plan, Antithesis, Discussion, ELT, english, John Legend, John Legend Lesson Plan, lesson plan, Love Songs, lyrics, Opposite Meanings, teaching, TEFL Posted in Uncategorized.