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English grade 6-9

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Al pitchers guide to sweden. US film of parachuting beavers found after 65 years (it's OK, they survived) More than half a century after a group of beavers were parachuted into the Idaho backcountry, the state’s department of fish and game has uncovered film footage of the quirky wildlife management moment.

US film of parachuting beavers found after 65 years (it's OK, they survived)

In the 1940s the department was trying to deal with an overpopulation of beavers in some regions when wildlife managers settled on a novel idea. They captured beavers and other fur-bearing rodents, packed them into boxes, attached parachutes and dropped them from a plane into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. SeeSaw Now Directly Accepts Google Drive Files. SeeSaw is a great tool for creating digital portfolios with your students.

SeeSaw Now Directly Accepts Google Drive Files

SeeSaw lets students create digital portfolios that include pictures, documents, presentations, and videos. Your students can even use SeeSaw to record a video of themselves talking about an artifact in their portfolios. This week SeeSaw made it easy for Google Drive users to add files to their SeeSaw portfolios. Whether you use Google Drive on your iPad, your Android phone, or on your laptop, you can quickly move slides, documents, drawings, and spreadsheets from Google Drive to a SeeSaw portfolio. Activities for Learners. Flipgrid. English Worksheets. Webbapp Digitalt Liber. BBC Learning English - Course: shakespeare / Unit 1 / Session 4 / Activity 1.

Grammar 2

Preparing for exams. Science / World´s global lesson/ Air. Crime and mysteries. Matilda. Tokiga översättningar. Stories with subtitles. Task based. Halloween.

Reading tools. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Billy Elliot. Number the Stars. Roald Dahl. School start. Correct the sentences! Phonetics. The Perks of being a Wallflowe. The Maker Movement. Videos in levels. Analyzing short story and picture. Around the world. Yearbook /Scrapbooking. Racism. Mystery alibi. Ted esl. Spoken Word. English arabic. On the Run - refugees.

Climate Change / Sustainable Development

Mixed interesting. Shakespeare. Digital literacy. Inspirational stories. Brainteasers. The Book Thief. Blendspace. Dyslexia. Reading. Reading 2. For my students. Sports. Drama and playscripts. Food. Talking. Listening. Writing. Words. Grammar.


Pronunciation, dialects and accents. Dictionaries/encyclopedia. Assessment, Skolverket etc. Using the news. Films. Short films and video lessons. Pictures. English speaking countries. Through Music. Valentine.

Food. Gap tests. Games and quizzes. Crosswords. Poetry work. Apps. Comedy and humorous.

Online comics

Interactive. Maths. Science. Quotes and pictures. Human Rights. Digital storytelling. Animals. Election. Learner autonomy. Teaching English. Resources. Lessonplans. Check out. Printables. Different project ideas. Andra Världskriget WW2. Anchor charts. Calendar, special holidays etc.

Forrest Gump

Holes. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The Fault in our Stars. The Body.