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English grade 6-9

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TeachingEnglish. Activate Games for Learning English - Guess What? GAMES. Activities for Online Teaching and Learning. Interactive games, puzzles, activities and exercises aimed at learning and teaching English and other subjects online.

Activities for Online Teaching and Learning

Conversation Questions A huge deck of random conversation questions which can also be selected by topic with sets of themed conversation cards. Create your own activities Put together your own shareable online activities. Moral Stories - Moral Stories for Kids in English. In this post, we have the 10 best moral stories for kids in English.

Moral Stories - Moral Stories for Kids in English

We also explain why these moral stories are suitable for moral education. Let’s start by explaining what a moral story is. BBC Radio - The English We Speak - Available now.

Lamb to the Slaughter

Rabbit Proof Fence. Matilda. The boy in the dress. Idioms. Women’s History. Racism. For my students. Talking. Reading Logs. Meet the Author. Interactive. For and against. Grammar 2. Preparing for exams. Climate Change / Sustainable Development. Stories with subtitles. Halloween. Reading tools. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Number the Stars. Roald Dahl. Correct the sentences! Videos in levels. Analyzing short story and picture. Inspirational stories. Yearbook /Scrapbooking. Ted esl. On the Run - refugees.


Digital literacy. Warm ups, brainteasers and bellringers. The Book Thief. Reading. Reading 2. Sports. Drama and playscripts. Food. Listening. Writing. Words. Grammar. Spelling. Pronunciation, dialects and accents. Dictionaries/encyclopedia. Assessment, Skolverket etc.

Using the news

Films. Short films and video lessons. Pictures. Around the world. English speaking countries. Through Music. Valentine. Gap tests. Games and quizzes. Crosswords. Poetry work.

Comedy and humorous. Quotes and pictures. Maths. Science. Human Rights. Digital storytelling. Animals. Election. Learner autonomy. Resources. Printables. Andra Världskriget WW2. Forrest Gump. Holes. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Basic and beginner

The absolutely true diary...