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Shipwrecked - written and spoken language. Hidden America: Children of the Plains. Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying. Phrases like "random acts of kindness" and "pay it forward" have become popular terms in modern society.

Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

This could perhaps be best explained by those who have identified a deficiency in their lives that can only be fulfilled by altruism. It seems there are good reasons why we can't get enough of those addictive, feel-good emotions, as scientific studies prove there are many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits associated with kindness. As minds and bodies grow, it’s abundantly clear that children require a healthy dose of the warm-and-fuzzies to thrive as healthy, happy, well-rounded individuals. Patty O'Grady, PhD, an expert in neuroscience, emotional learning, and positive psychology, specializes in education. She reports: Kindness changes the brain by the experience of kindness.

A great number of benefits have been reported to support teaching kindness in schools, best summed up by the following. Happy, Caring Children Greater Sense of Belonging and Improved Self-Esteem. The science of attraction - Dawn Maslar. When two people join a dating website, they are matched according to shared interests and how they answer a number of personal questions. But how do sites calculate the likelihood of a successful relationship? Christian Rudder, one of the founders of popular dating site OKCupid, details the algorithm behind 'hitting it off.'Do our smells make us sexy? Popular science suggests yes — pheromones send chemical signals about sex and attraction from our armpits. Nelson Mandela ESL Lesson Plan And Challenge. In honor of Nelson Mandela, we want the world to share this lesson plan.

Nelson Mandela ESL Lesson Plan And Challenge

The ESL-Library team has put together a new lesson plan in honor of NELSON MANDELA. Our Nelson Mandela lesson plan is FREE for any teacher to use. Video: I Hope The New Martin Luther King, Jr. Movie Is As Good As It Looks. In another reminder of my cluelessness, I learned today that David Oyelowo & Oprah Winfrey star in the movie Selma, that is opening on Christmas Day.

Video: I Hope The New Martin Luther King, Jr. Movie Is As Good As It Looks

The trailer below looks terrific, and this review at Vox reinforces that belief. Unfortunately, the official site for the movie doesn’t have anything else besides the trailer as of today. I’ll add this post to The Best Websites For Learning About Martin Luther King. War Stories. On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was on a commuter ferry to New York City when the first plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

War Stories

The sky was cloudless, giving us a clear view of Lower Manhattan even though we were still 40 minutes away. We watched from the ferry as a second plane struck the South Tower. Soon it dawned on me that my brother Michael was in one of the two skyscrapers now engulfed in flames. He had started a job at an equities firm with his best friend a week earlier. Movie Teaching Process. Using-Film-for-Multiple-Skills. Civil War Interactive Poster.

To Be Free – A Smithsonian App About the Emancipation Proclamation. A Lesson About Cesar Chavez and Civil Rights. As we wish to acquaint our students with leaders in democracy, social justice, civil rights, or nonviolence, Cesar Chavez is a person worth focusing on.

A Lesson About Cesar Chavez and Civil Rights

The following is a lesson sequence that can be used in middle or high school, modeled after a similar lesson I posted on Maya Angelou. It may take a few classes to complete. The Legacy of Cesar Chavez We are going to learn about a man of great courage who believed that the most powerful weapon in the world was non-violence and peace. His name was Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez was a civil rights and labor leader, an advocate for farmworkers as well as a farmworker himself, and a champion of preserving our natural environment, especially from chemicals and pesticides. More of Malala ⋆ The Abolition of Slavery Project. History's HEROES. Bakermat - One Day (Vandaag)

A Beautiful Tribute to Robin Williams. Siegfried Sassoon's war diaries published online. 31 July 2014Last updated at 21:02 ET Sketch illustrating Sassoon’s account of his solo attack on a German trench The diaries of war poet Siegfried Sassoon are being published online for the first time.

Siegfried Sassoon's war diaries published online

The archive of 23 journals and two notebooks of poetry has been digitised by the Cambridge University Library, which bought the collection in 2009. Until now only Sassoon's official biographer - Max Egremont - has had access to the complete 4,100-page archive due to its fragile state. Librarian Anne Jarvis said the war diaries were of "towering importance". The journals, which are made freely available online from Friday, offer a unique insight into life on the front line during World War One.

E.L.L. Practice, June 9, 2014. Michal Czerwonka for The New York TimesTommy Conforti, a cancer patient, and Lady, a therapy dog.

E.L.L. Practice, June 9, 2014

Related Article Can animals can have a tangible effect on children’s health and well-being? Read a related article and take a short quiz, then find exercises for writing, drawing and creating videos about family pets. 1This passage is adapted from the article "Exploring The Health Benefits Of Pets. " What words belong in the blanks?