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Green’s Dictionary of Slang. Green’s Dictionary of Slang. Earthquakes - Q-files Encyclopedia. Many earthquakes take place where one tectonic plate slides down beneath in another in what is called a subduction zone.

Earthquakes - Q-files Encyclopedia

Shock waves are sent out in all directions when, deep under the ground, the locked plates suddenly "give". A subduction zone How an earthquake happens The outer layer of the Earth is made up of a number of giant slabs, called tectonic plates. These are always on the move. P- and S-waves travelling through the Earth's interior Shock waves The sudden jolt of a quake usually lasts no more than a few minutes and may be over in just a few seconds. P-waves (1) squeeze and stretch the rocks. P-waves (1) and S-waves (2) Shock waves radiate from the epicentre like ripples on a pond. There are different types of shock waves. Customers in a cafe experience an earthquake.

Effects of a quake The shock waves hurtling through the crust cause the ground to shake. 14 Expressions with Crazy Origins that You Would Never Have Guessed. Guest post by Anais John You probably use tons of expressions, idioms, and slang phrases every day that don’t make literal sense.

14 Expressions with Crazy Origins that You Would Never Have Guessed

If you ever thought long and hard about why you say something a certain way, you could probably make a guess. However, some English expressions are so crazy and unusual that it is impossible to guess where on earth it originated from — unless you know the history. In case you didn’t know, historical events, legends, important figures, religion, and even advertisements form the basis of many expressions used today.

Here are the origins of some of the most interesting idioms! Bite the bullet Meaning: To accept something difficult or unpleasant Origin: In the olden days, when doctors were short on anesthesia or time during a battle, they would ask the patient to bite down on a bullet to distract from the pain. Tools in Workshop, TOOLS AND HARDWARE - Dictionary for Kids. Ordbok_utbildningsomradet_slutversion2008.pdf. English Phonetic Transcription Editor. - the English Collocations Dictionary online.

Phraseup* - find the right words. Ordbok för engelska, franska, tyska och flera andra språk. Video Dictionary: Vidtionary. How to Use Professor Word to Find SAT & ACT Vocabulary Words on Any Website. Beyond: Knowledge: Dictionaries. Fact Monster: Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help. Historical Dictionary. Visual Dictionary Online. Online. Online. "… so we repaired to a publick-house, took a friendly glass, and thus parted.


" — Peter Drake, Amiable Renegade: The Memoirs of Captain Peter Drake, 1671–1753, 1960 "… Warren repaired to the dining alcove off the kitchen … and ate dinner with Nina and the children, discussing their schoolwork and events of the day. " — Kevin Starr, Embattled Dreams, 2002 We are all familiar with the verb repair used as a synonym of fix. But today's word, while it is a homograph and a homophone of the more familiar repair, is a slightly older and unrelated verb.

Repair, the synonym of fix, comes via Anglo-French from the Latin reparare, a combination of the re- prefix and parare ("prepare"). Repair, the synonym of go (which in English also once meant "to return"), has Anglo-French and Latin roots too, but makes its way back to the Late Latin repatriare (which means "to go home again" and is a source of the English repatriate). Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Word Sense - See the Connections Between Words. Word Sense is a neat little service that is one part dictionary and one part thesaurus.

When you enter a word into Word Sense it will show you the definition(s) for the word as well as the connections to associated and similar words. You can see any of the definitions of the connected words by simply clicking on them to pop-up a definition. Applications for Education What I like about Word Sense in comparison to a typical thesaurus or dictionary is that students can see the connections between the words they started out with and the words they end up using.

I also like that students can get clear examples of the words being used in context. Dictionary. Recension av Worldictionary - Lexikon på direkten. Användningsområden Tänk dig att du sitter och läser en bok på ett främmande språk.

Recension av Worldictionary - Lexikon på direkten

Bredvid dig ligger ett lexikon där du slår upp ord du inte förstår. Varje gång du måste slå upp ett ord tappar du lästempo och fokus från bokens innehåll. Med Worldictionary samarbetar kamera, OCR-teknik, internet och högtalare! Så fort du stöter ihop med ett svårt ord i texten plockar du fram din app, zoomar in på ordet med kameran och appen översätter omedelbart ordet du pekar på. Appen är inte utvecklad för skolbruk.

Worldictionary är ett lexikon som använder sig av OCR-teknink och Googles (eller Bings) översättningstjänst. Appen finns som betalversion, men också i en lite-version som gör jobbet lika bra. Jag ger appen betyget fyra. Funktioner Tänk utanför appen Förutom att använda appen som lexikon vid läsning kan man tänka sig andra spännande användningsområden. - Siten för dig som vill hitta ordböcker, lexikon, uppslagsverk, ordlistor m.m.