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Cool Sites and Tools for ESL & EFL Learners. If you are learning English in the 21st century, you are lucky because you will have numerous alternatives to practise the things you’ve been learning.

Cool Sites and Tools for ESL & EFL Learners

There are thousands of great sites which will help you, but if you don’t have a place to store these cool sites, then you’ll lose track so I will suggest you to bookmark them. I use, diigo and pinterest for the sites I love. You can start a pinterest board for the listening, reading or writing sites, or start using to curate links for learning vocabulary, practising reading, etc. Jigsaw reading. Top ten resources for teachers (part 2!) English at your students' fingertips. There is a lot the teacher can help with but for students to really get ahead, time spent in the classroom is not enough; they need lots of practice outside class too.

English at your students' fingertips

It is very important for a teacher to consider what students are doing outside class and provide guidance on improving their English. This goes beyond setting homework and should include highlighting tools and resources that students can use to develop their English skills every day. In many situations around the world students at secondary level and above have access to smartphones which offer a wide variety of apps through the app stores that can help. In fact there are arguably too many; search ‘Learn English’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play and you will be confronted with so many options it’s difficult to know where to start. One good place is of course the apps developed by the British Council with our world-renowned content written by teachers and mobile learning experts. Listening practice Learning tools Games. CrashCourse. When_if_mind-map.png 3 705×3 865 bildpunkter.

Student zones. Pre-intermediate. Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia. Adventures in Guided Journaling. Common Core Standards: English Language Arts High School (9-12th grade) Women's History Month: Six Lesson Plan Resources for Teachers. March is Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day, March 8, is also a part of the celebration each year. Read Across America: Reading and Seuss-Themed Resources for Teachers.

Editor's Note: This year, Read Across America day is Monday, March 3rd -- a day later than usual.

Read Across America: Reading and Seuss-Themed Resources for Teachers

We published this reading-themed blog last year for Read Across America and Dr. Seuss's birthday, and it was a huge hit with readers. This year, we've updated the post to include a few new resources. (Updated 02/2014) Each year, teachers, students, and parents are encouraged to read their favorite books together in early March to honor Dr. Seuss, who was born Theodor Seuss Geisel, left behind quite the cannon. On Read Across America Day, which was founded by the National Education Association, everyone can celebrate reading.

Upworthy: Things that matter. Pass 'em on. The Infinite Hotel Paradox - Jeff Dekofsky. The concept of infinity has fascinated humans since ancient times.The first known reference comes from the 5th century B.C.E.

The Infinite Hotel Paradox - Jeff Dekofsky

Wikipediapresents many interesting facts and applications of the concepts of both potential infinity (as used in Calculus for example) and actual infinity (as used in Set Theory).Dennis Wildfogel also created an original TED-Ed lesson on the concept of actual infinity. You can watch it here.Another great place to watch videos on infinity and other number related concepts is Numberphile. Here are a few of their specific videos dealing with infinity, prime numbers, etc.: addition to online resources, there are also some outstanding books dealing with the concept of infinity. – Be a publisher. How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your School. Three Good Tools for Building Flipped Lessons That Include Assessment Tools.

In the right setting the flipped classroom model can work well for some teachers and students.

Three Good Tools for Building Flipped Lessons That Include Assessment Tools

I recently received an email from a reader who was looking for a recommendation for a tool would enable her to add an assessment aspect to her flipped lesson. Here are some tools that can accomplish that goal. eduCanon is a free service for creating, assigning, and tracking your students' progress on flipped lessons. eduCanon allows teachers to build flipped lessons using YouTube and Vimeo videos, create questions about the videos, then assign lessons to their students. Teachers can track the progress of their students within eduCanon. Check Out the Education Templates in Stormboard - A New Collaborative Planning Tool.

Stormboard is a slick new service designed for hosting collaborative online brainstorming activities.

Check Out the Education Templates in Stormboard - A New Collaborative Planning Tool

Stormboard allows you to create an unlimited amount of "idea boards" or Stormboards with up to five collaborators on each one. Each of your Stormboards can include sticky notes, images, videos, drawings, and word documents. ELT- Techniques MOOC Webinars All In One Place. Cinematic listening: A ghost's guide to London. By Luke and James Vyner Luke and James Vyner present a series of cinematic listening lessons that will take you and your students on a fantastic adventure through London – with your guide, Lord Jeffrey, the Ghost of London.

Cinematic listening: A ghost's guide to London

200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites... Game-Based Learning: Resource Roundup. It's Okay To Be Smart. Anglolang. 8 Strategies for Teaching Academic Language. Lamb to the Slaughter. Studyladder.