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The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) Research at The Open University. Open Technology Enhanced Learning research at The Open University The Open University is the European leader for massive innovations in learning technologies which break down barriers globally.

Research at The Open University

Our research in Open Technology Enhanced Learning is driving innovations in teaching, learning and assessment which have worldwide influence. Since 1969 our ideas and our pioneering learning technologies have been advancing our mission to make high-quality education accessible to all. Research specialisms Design and analytics in learning Developing and evaluating new methods, models, systems and technologies to help people learn, make learning more accessible and enhance learning.

Learning at scale Considering the way that open forms of education achieve scale and bring benefits to learners, teachers and organisations and how learning can take place through diverse media in a wide range of social, cultural and disciplinary settings. Higher Education Academy. HEA Fellowship is an international recognition of a commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education and demonstrates that your practice is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).

Higher Education Academy

To date over 75,000 individuals have become Fellows of the HEA. Essential to your personal development HEA Fellowship brings a range of benefits to develop and progress your career. It provides a valuable measure of success and is increasingly sought by employers across the higher education sector as a condition of appointment and promotion. Providing institutional assurance Fellowships are an important indicator that your institution is fully aligned with UKPSF practice and a badge of assured quality throughout your institution. HEA Fellowships are awarded depending on your level of knowledge and experience. There are two ways to gain HEA Fellowship, depending on your career journey so far: Essential to your personal development Providing institutional assurance.

CPD training and resources in FE. FE Advice. FE Jobs - PROGRAMME TEAM LEADER: HIGHER EDUCATION 740018. Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. The UK's most popular revision and tutoring apps. Personal Tutors for Home Tuition. Personal Tutors for Home Tuition. Learning Technologist 51286490. Schools - School of Modern Languages and Cultures - English for Academic Study - Teaching English for Academic Purposes Online. OCR for Examiners and Assessors. Our examiners tell us that assessing for OCR gives them the opportunity to enhance their professional development and make a valuable contribution to the assessment process.

OCR for Examiners and Assessors

It also offers: An enhanced understanding of the specification being examined An excellent way to keep subject knowledge up-to-date A greater insight into how assessment decisions are made, helping prepare students more effectively for examinations The opportunity to share knowledge of the assessment process with colleagues in the staff-room Networking opportunities and idea-sharing with peers Enhanced professional development A boost to personal income The ability to perform tasks flexibly around your busy schedule. We provide full training and ongoing support and a dedicated helpline once you start assessing with us. Untitled. Professional skills tests - Literacy skills tests. This page gives an overview of the literacy skills test so that you can prepare for taking the test.

Professional skills tests - Literacy skills tests

Details about access arrangements are on the Process for taking the professional skills test page. Test content The literacy professional skills test is divided into 4 sections: spellingpunctuationgrammarcomprehension You will not be tested on your knowledge of the English national curriculum or on how to teach it. The test must be completed within 45 minutes, unless you have been granted specific arrangements. The total number of marks available ranges from 41 to 49, depending on the test.

Spelling section – 10 markspunctuation section – 15 marksgrammar – 10-12 markscomprehension section – between 10 and 12 marks All the literacy tests have been calibrated statistically against a benchmark test. The South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) The South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) is accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to provide postgraduate research training in the social sciences.

The South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP)

The SWDTP is one of the UK’s largest centres of postgraduate research training for social scientists and comprises of staff and students from Plymouth University, the University of Bath, Bristol University, Exeter University and the University of the West of England. Pathways available at Plymouth University: Plymouth University joined the SWDTP in 2016 to provide research expertise in the human geography and psychology pathways. We have a wide range of opportunities for research study in these pathways based in relevant research centres and groups.

Economic and Social Science Research Council PhD Studentships: South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) - South West Doctoral Training Partnership. South West Doctoral Training Partnership We are delighted to announce the availability of 45 fully-funded studentships in the ESRC accredited South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP).

Economic and Social Science Research Council PhD Studentships: South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) - South West Doctoral Training Partnership

The SWDTP draws together the Universities of Bristol, Exeter, Bath, Plymouth and the University of the West of England. These have a strong track record in advancing knowledge through high quality research and teaching in partnership with business, professions, the public services, the third sector and other research and learning providers. Applications are invited from potential doctoral students for the following social science pathways. Disciplinary pathways: Criminal records checks for overseas applicants. Peninsula Teaching School Partnership. Website built in St Austell, Cornwall.

Peninsula Teaching School Partnership

Photography and other visuals supplied by client. This paragraph is intended for information only (ie not to be viewed on the frontend of the website). Qualifications The Peninsula SCITT programme is available to graduates with a 2:2 or above honours degree plus an English and Maths GCSE at grade C or above. For Secondary Science and Mathematics’ programmes we will be accepting applications from candidates with a 3rd at degree. SCITT Trainees in Charlestown - Penrice Academy. Leading Schools South West.

Peninsula Teaching School Partnership. Test Development Job Opportunities. Item Writers Item writers construct passages and/or develop test questions for educational assessments.

Test Development Job Opportunities

A bachelor's degree is preferred with experience in item writing, teaching, or developing state standards, curriculum, or tests or test-preparation activities. Opportunities exist in the following content areas: English Language Arts (Reading, Writing)MathematicsScienceSocial Studies Artists/Graphic Artists Artists must be experienced with CAD or other graphics software. Item Writing Opportunities. Item writer. The role of the item writer is to write assessment material, normally in the form of individual questions (as opposed to a whole paper).

Item writer