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Free Quiz Maker: Create A Quiz, Online testing, Make quizzes, test & exams. ProProfs Quiz Maker is the perfect software to create and deliver online exams and tests.

Free Quiz Maker: Create A Quiz, Online testing, Make quizzes, test & exams

Easily create online quizzes, secure tests and assessments for students or employees. Advanced options like free quiz templates, data security, automated grading and full integration with our LMS software makes it ideal for corporations, educational institutions and even users looking to create quizzes just for fun. Using our online testing software, you can even add survey or poll and gather feedback from learners. Receive detailed reports and statistics for your quizzes to analyze the performance of your learners. ProProfs Quiz Maker makes it easy to create quizzes anytime, anywhere!

Three Alternatives to Clicker Response Systems. Using clicker systems is one of many ways that technology can be used to gather anonymous feedback from students in a classroom.

Three Alternatives to Clicker Response Systems

One of the problems associated with those systems is the cost of acquiring them. Here are three alternatives to purchasing clicker systems for your school while still gathering anonymous feedback from students. Soap Box is a new service that enables teachers to gather instant feedback from students through their cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Soap Box offers nine useful functions for teachers and students. The video below offers an overview of all of the features. Socrative is a system that uses cell phones and or laptops (user's choice) for gathering feedback from students. Poll Everywhere is a service that allows you to collect responses from an audience via text messaging. It's a bird. Before using any of these services in your classroom, please keep in mind that students could incur text messaging charges.

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator from Text Message (SMS) Polls and Voting, Audience Response System. QuizSlides - Quizzes Based on Your Slides. QuizSlides is a new service whose purpose is to help you build quizzes based upon your slides.

QuizSlides - Quizzes Based on Your Slides

The basic concept is that you can upload PPT or PPTX files containing questions then add answer choices to create an instant-feedback quiz. The quiz can be set to allow students to try answers until they get the correct answer or the quiz can be set to allow only one try per question. Applications for Education The concept of QuizSlides isn't bad, but I wouldn't use it with elementary school students because students have to enter a captcha code before they can start the quiz.

I found the captchas frustrating so I'm sure elementary school students would as well. QuizSlides could be used with middle school and high school students to post review activities online. Study Egg Offers Video-based Quizzes. Last week I received an email from the creators of a service called Zendo that I had reviewed last winter.

Study Egg Offers Video-based Quizzes

They wrote to inform me that they have rebranded and changed their product into a new service called Study Egg. Study Egg is a service that is offering quizzes based on video lessons from Khan Academy, MIT Open Courseware, and TED Ed. The premise is quite simple. Pick a topic that you want to learn about in the library of videos. Each video has a a series of questions attached to it. Applications for EducationStudy Egg isn't a revolutionary idea by any means, but it could be useful for some students to use as review activities before an assessment.