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countcervantes Over the past two years I’ve barely lifted a finger. I can’t remember what it’s like to wake up early and board a rush-hour Underground train with all the shambling grey men struggling to open their eyes, drained masculine women reading chic lit with tacky fluorescent cover art. The rat race is an odd thing, a wholly artificial creation. Work hard, earn status increment, worry about year end bonus, pay tax…. year after year after year. That’s not for me. countcervantes
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Effects of Male Masturbation on Attracting Women It’s been four days of abstaining from masturbation and I feel like I’m going to explode. The first day is always the hardest, days two and three usually aren’t bad, but once you get to day four the buildup of sexual tension begins to bear down so much that the slightest breeze is cause enough for an erection. Why put myself through this torture? Simple, to understand the effects that male masturbation has on his ability to attract women. It’s a self experiment, let me explain. There is an idea floating around that basically says that if a man abstains from ejaculating he will be more likely to pursue and attract females. Effects of Male Masturbation on Attracting Women
The right tends to have orgasms over Charles Murray, because he is a rightist that is tolerated by the regnant left, albeit barely tolerated, therefore wonderfully high status as compared to the rest of the right, since regular rightists are not tolerated by our masters, therefore regular rightists are low status. Is it not wonderful to be allowed to get close to Charles Murray, who is allowed to get close enough to our masters for them to spit on him? But, if he is tolerated, he has to be far to the left of reality, indeed almost as far out in la la land as any Dean of Diversity Studies. From where I stand, having confidence in evolutionary psychology and the wisdom of our ancestors (but I repeat myself), I can barely see the difference between Charles Murray and the Dean of Diversity Studies. I now critique his latest interview: Murray on the decline of marriage « Jim’s Blog Murray on the decline of marriage « Jim’s Blog
There is a cottage industry of anti-game, pro-feminist beta males who claimed to tried to learn the crimson arts but failed before seeing results. I suspect what happened to most of them is that they encountered some setbacks on their journey to higher quality, higher frequency poon, but instead of taking lessons from their losses they gave up and turned their frustration outward, against game and its advocates. What doomed them was a combination of defeatism, a lower than average starting suite of attractiveness traits, and unrealistic expectations of what game could accomplish for them. Let me say, then, that I acknowledge their impotent rage. Most men who aren’t naturals will experience growing pains in their efforts to improve their game and success with women. Common Mistakes You Will Make While Learning Game « Chateau Heartiste Common Mistakes You Will Make While Learning Game « Chateau Heartiste
1. Do lots of approaches. This one is really simple, but obviously not easy. Beating Approach Anxiety | The Badger Hut Beating Approach Anxiety | The Badger Hut
Direct Game Essentials « Chateau Heartiste Direct Game Essentials « Chateau Heartiste A reader wants to know if high octane direct game will get a guy laid consistently. I stumbled onto this post during my normal stroll through the pick up artist forums.He claims to basically be completely direct with his game. I’ve never heard of people being THAT direct.
Vodka! No, just kidding. Sorta. How To Make A Girl Catatonic « Chateau Heartiste How To Make A Girl Catatonic « Chateau Heartiste
The Parable Of The Smart Birds « Chateau Heartiste This is not mine. Jim Bowery, a commenter over at The Inductivist (a blog I occasionally indulge), tells the parable of the smart birds manipulated by the genius birds. I link to it because it is very good in that way parables are supposed to be good: by illuminating ancient and immutable dynamics in human social relations and hinting at the lessons therein. Once there were 3 classes of birds of a feather: Dumb birds, Smart birds and Genius birds. There was also a genius bird of a different feather hanging around. The Parable Of The Smart Birds « Chateau Heartiste
Not the cognitive elite « Jim’s Blog According to Murray, in the bad old days of elitism, the university was full of good old boys, rather than the smartest, but now, our elite are a bunch of really smart guys. Leading climate scientist Michael Mann and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman are really smart guys? The guys who write the New York Times are really smart? A university selects for diligence, intelligence, ability to follow orders, and willingness to follow orders, thus a degree signals these things to employers, and a high degree from an elite university signals more of these things to employers. Not the cognitive elite « Jim’s Blog
For a moment, I wonder if the thing is going to leap out and attack me. Curled into the base of a steel box, it's a tangle of what looks like fur, claws and hide. It could be a piece of a garish Halloween costume. Or the remnants of some very strange Biology experiment gone wrong. I stare at it for a moment. independent online guide to 13,000+ fragrances, with articles, fragrance news, 80,000+ fragrance reviews and more... independent online guide to 13,000+ fragrances, with articles, fragrance news, 80,000+ fragrance reviews and more...
Steel Balls Principles A Partial List of books recommended by R. Don Steele in association with Amazon.com. Click here to see RECOMMENDED MOVIES
32 Things Every Man Should Do : BOLD & DETERMINED 1) Physically build something - Nothing says girly man like an inability to build even the most simplest of objects. If you can’t build a bookshelf or a nightstand it’s high-time you get to building. I tell you, one of the only physical things I truly value is a high-end bookshelf my father made for me many years ago. Since that time I have moved probably a dozen times and I’ve even sold 100% of my furniture, but I still have the bookshelf. It’s the things we build with our own hands, with our own sweat, that are worth something in this life. You can give me an entire Ikea store or keep my bookshelf and I will keep my bookshelf.
January 24, 2014 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile One of the greatest lies of the modern financial system (and that's really saying something) is about inflation. The puppet masters who control the system have managed to convince people that deflation = bad, and inflation = necessary evil. Perhaps the even bigger lie is that of the [...] January 23, 2014 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile As the saying goes, 'desperate times call for desperate measures.' The phrase is bandied about so frequently, it's generally accepted truth. Sovereign Man: Offshore Business, Global Opportunities, Freedom, and Expat News
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The G Manifesto Montreal: Restaurants Data Sheet Now before I went to Montreal for the summer, I checked the Internet for any decent Data Sheets on restaurants there. There is some ok info on the Internet, but nothing really comprehensive.
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‘Tis the season to be nerdy. Krauser’s asked me to compile my 2013 stats into some sort of document for a free blog post and reader devouring historic preservation. After his selfless proof-reading of my forthcoming daygame travel book, how could I say no? Krauser's PUA Adventure