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[CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! Webdesign & Webdevelopement Studio. We were founded in 2010 . We work out of 2 offices. We just love building Website & Web application. Des idées pour faire décoller le monde. CNIT - accueil. Email Intervention - Homepage. Premium Pixels. Mini Mail Application (PSD) Today’s freebie is a pixel-perfect mini mail application mockup from Romanian designer Ionut Zamfir.

Premium Pixels

The execution on this piece is outstanding, I’m sure you’ll agree. Dark Accordion Style Navigation (PSD) Today’s freebie, a dark accordion style navigation menu, is a sweet contribution from UI designer Ivo Ivanov. Fully editable shapes, pixel perfect, and good looking to boot. Get your Mangatar. Create a new Mangatar. Nouvel onglet. Three Gothic Arches [image 500x343 pixels] Silver Shade.

Impossible instant film is an integral film: the film itself contains all the chemicals necessary for photo development.

Silver Shade

When an Impossible photo comes out of the camera it is blue. What you then see as the image appears is a chemical reaction. On ejection, the rollers of the camera distribute a re-agent paste, stored in a pod inside the frame, over the whole image and start a photochemical process. The re-agent then causes special chemicals (developer layer, image layer, timing layer and acid layer) to react, and silver compound layers to process – thus producing blue, green and red light patterns, which then result in an image.

L'ultime sélection des meilleurs fonds d'écran, arrières plans et wallpapers du Web ! Docbook2epub 1.0.1 released. Carsonified.