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Pertelote ~ superior wholesomeness. A cat in the kitchen. Essjayeats. A vegan cheesecake that will wow non-vegans. I don’t make claims like that without knowing for certain they are the truth.

A vegan cheesecake that will wow non-vegans

I searched high and low for the perfect cheesecake recipe. But in the end, I went with my gut (and my taste buds). You see the cheesecake had to be better than good, it had to be “the best.” Why? Because it was specially requested by my coworkers who were dying to try some of my vegan baking. As you can imagine, the hype surrounding my goodies made me slightly nervous. The BakeryBits Blog. Group baking exceptional bread books for fun, we are Mellow Bakers. Home - Geraint Bakes Bread. Real Bread Blog. Infrequent musings from guest bloggers and Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young.

Real Bread Blog

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Reciplace: Bread

I've had a few close calls with a gluten free lifestyle. As an infant, I was misdiagnosed with coeliac disease. Luckily, before I wrongly spent a lifetime avoiding wheat, my well-meaning Dad snuck me (then five years old) a doughnut on a day-out. I had no reaction, and so he had to wrestle with the decision of whether or not to tell my mum! Years later, we narrowed The Husband's horrific bouts of IBS down to his higher-than-normal consumption of bread. We've been living a gluten fuelled existence ever since. I woke up early, and started mixing together the doughs for the two breads I would be trying, Gluten Free Brown Tinned Loaf, and Buckwheat Soda Bread: It didn't take long to notice the difference between normal wheat flour and gluten free flour. Bread Experience Blog. Wild Yeast. Zeb Bakes. Katiecakes. An American Cupcake in London.

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wednesdays at welbeck: autumn has sprouted

Blustery bright weather. A turn in the garden. Arriving this week with a suitcase of sweater/jumpers for the beginning of a year of practical butchery & charcuterie classes at the School of Artisan Food was like taking a peek into the past. Nervous/excited students joined nervous/excited teachers, all eager to get their hands into the daily work that will occupy them for the next 10 months. As a cook, I look to the garden to help reset my calendar, to reboot my year so that when October & November arrive, I am ready for the longer nights, the colder days, and the work at hand. when I asked a student who was heading over to the farm shop to pick up some vegetables for me for dinner (we already had the makings of a pork tenderloin from today’s class), they arrived fresh on the stalk… by special delivery.

It didn’t take long for a bike load of Brussel sprouts to become a tasty companion to our freshly butchered pork. Foodboog. Modern Meat. So, sorry it’s been a while (not that you’re really bothered).

Modern Meat

Anyway, I’m back and this time I’m not just talking about meat, I’m cooking it too! A couple of weeks ago, it was my friend and housemate Jock’s birthday. Jock is a meat man to the core. When he’s not up in Scotland shooting stags, gralloching them on the heath and eating their hearts for breakfast (little bit of flour, lots of butter, salt and pepper – so so good), he’s shooting wild boar in France and slow roasting his spoils. Ok, so it’s actually his mum that does most of the amazing cooking, but someone’s got to shoot it first right?! To celebrate his birthday, Jock invited about thirty friends to his home in the Essex countryside for a medieval themed evening and lunch the next day. Sounds like a lot of effort right? Casein point. Why does eating cheese make us feel happy and wanting more?

casein point

This picture should go some way into explaining why we feel so happy eating cheese and we always go back for another chunk. Its name is beta-casomorphin 7 found in cow’s milk (the seven coming from the number of amino acids). It’s not only the delicious flavours that come from well-aged, fermented curd that cause us to beam when we chew on cheese or babies drink breast milk. There is now scientific understanding behind the smiles and infatuation. Blog « Tinker Tailor Soldier Baker. The things I do and the stuff I like.