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Abandonned places /Travelling. Потрясающие места для купания на открытом воздухе +26. Trans Mongolian train tickets at discount prices. Free Schedules and Timetables. Travel across the great Mongolian steppe on the Trans Mongolian trainOffering the lowest prices available for Trans Mongolian express tickets The Trans-Mongolian train and Chinese route leaves the main Trans-Siberian train route at Zaudinskiy, 8 km from Ulan-Ude.

Trans Mongolian train tickets at discount prices. Free Schedules and Timetables.

The distance between Ulan-Ude and the Russian-Mongolian border is 250 km. The Trans-Mongolian express follows an ancient tea-caravan route from China to Russia through Ulan Bataar and further on to Europe. The railway between Ulan-Ude and the border with Mongolia was built in 1940. Ulan-Ude: 0 km Ulan-Ude, founded in 1666, is the capital of the Buryat Autonomous Republic, which in the 13th - 17th centuries was part of the vast Mongolian Empire. Zaudinskiy: 8 km This is a village with beautiful surroundings in a suburb of Ulan-Ude. Sayantuy: 35-36 km The train goes through a little station at Sayantuy and then crosses the west bank of a river and heads up through Ubukun.

The 15 Craziest Things In Nature You Won't Believe Actually Exist. Mother Nature is beautiful and amazing because we can see many amazing stuff like these 15 things that you won’t believe they actually exist.

The 15 Craziest Things In Nature You Won't Believe Actually Exist

All these places are real. It is hard to believe in that, but that is true. 1. Volcanic lightning aka “dirty thunderstorms.” 2. 3. 4. Путешествия (Travel) - фотографии стран мира, фото путешествия. Poseidon Undersea Resort. I've heard of undersea habitats.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

What's the difference between the Poseidon Resort and an undersea habitat? A typical undersea habitat is basically a research facility for divers. Occupants are exposed to the pressure of the ocean corresponding to the depth of the habitat, so they are subject to certain physiological restrictions and often require decompression. The Poseidon Undersea Resort is completely different; like a submarine, the pressure inside the structure never changes from surface pressure regardless of depth. Guests can enter the resort, stay as long as they like, and relax as if they were in their living rooms at home. How much will it cost? The Poseidon Undersea Resort will be the only place where you can spend a night underwater on the sea floor with a spectacular view. What makes the undersea suites so special? About 70% of the exterior surface of the suite is transparent acrylic making the undersea views panoramic. With all that transparent acrylic, what about privacy?

↗ 파크에 오면 즐겁다.

America Centrale

Musei Natura. Escondido en el corazón de los habitantes de la ciudad se haya el deseo de la naturaleza, los ciudadanos huyen regularmente para disfrutar de ella o construyen jardines, parques, zoos para traerla a la ciudad.

Musei Natura

El estado salvaje es un valor raro y codiciado y gastamos colectivamente grandes sumas de dinero para disfrutarlo aunque sea sólo algunos días al año. Pregúntate que porcentaje de tu tiempo y tu dinero gastas en ir de excursión, viajar a un parque natural, visitar zoos, tener un acuario, cuidar el jardín etc. Imagen vía A pesar del valor que atribuimos a lo natural nuestras ciudades y nuestra agricultura no dejan de crecer convirtiendo a lo natural en algo raro, algo para conservar, para colocar en una urna de vidrio y mirarlo desde fuera, creando la ilusión de que no estamos interviniendo, de que la naturaleza sigue su curso. Este es el tema de este artículo: los últimos avances en museos de la naturaleza.

Imagen vía Imagen vía hype desire.

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Oceania. Europa. Treelife. We are excited to announce that our first offline event, TreeLife by TCH, will be unveiled in a major city in 2013.


This event will showcase innovative and creative sustainable architecture, and illustrate that green can co-exist with urban city life. The world's first major public exhibition of 'green design' treehouses, TreeLife will bring the biggest names in international architecture, design and art into the one public place for the first time, showcasing cutting edge green and sustainable design. Life in the trees Treehouses have become creative eco-statements in the design world. They allow people to literally be "in" nature and peace above the stressful street level of life.

The Cool Hunter will invite top local and international architects, artists and designers to design for the event a modern treehouse, created from sustainable and recycled materials Art-life: Green-themed, organic art installations placed around treehouses including topiary. Royal Garrafon. Set sail for Isla Mujeres aboard our luxurious ship and explore the islands natural beauty.

Royal Garrafon

Garrafon park is a recreation center, located in Isla Mujeres. Famous for its beautiful reef and a spectacular panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea, Cancun and the bay; from the highest cliff of the Yucatan Peninsula. The park’s main attractions are: Snorkeling at the coral reef, considered one of the most beautiful reefs of the world with a maximum depth of 12 feet and about 1000 feet long; kayaks, hammocks, salt water pool, the lighthouse, walk to the Mayan Ruins and Sculpture Park.

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