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DIY Lavender Sea Salt Scrub. My sister’s birthday is coming up this month so I wanted to make her something nice that I know she’d appreciate.

DIY Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

I also like a hot bath at the end of the day especially since I’m exercising and eating raw foods and my body is rebelling (“Where’s the cheese? You’ve always fed me cheese! Where’s the d*#$ cheese lady?”) And as a result I’m a hint cranky. Plus there’s the whole kids home from school this week and climbing the walls and they’ve already played with their toys 3½ times and watched those two movies I bought, and they’re all “Get out of my room, stop touching me, Mom we’re boooored”.

I go to Whole Foods maybe five times a year, and I stay away mostly because their prices are kinda obscene. I took some pretty pictures (with the lens I mentioned here) of the process and officially apologize for the next sentence which sounds like a commercial. To make your own, first equip yourself with some decent containers. Next, gather the following ingredients: 18 oz. coarse sea salt. Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub {for Mom}

Homemade Sugar Scrub. For our last MOPS project, we made some homemade sugar scrub.

Homemade Sugar Scrub

It's so simple and cheap, plus it makes a cute gift. I've been using it on my hands and they really are so soft afterwards! I found a recipe here and adapted it. We didn't use specific measurements, but this is how we did it: Homemade Sugar Scrub Equal parts brown sugar and white sugar (ends up being about 1/4 cup each for a 6 oz. jar) Fill to the top with olive oil (cover the sugars and then maybe an extra 1/2 inch) Add about 1-2 Tbs of vanilla extract for some yummy flavor.

You could also add essential oils, but that is a little pricier. Go whip some up today! Interested in some other homemade recipes? Homemade Powdered Laundry Detergent All Purpose Green Cleaner. Rise and Shine: Salt and Honey Scrub with Grapefruit and Rosemary. My girlfriends gathered at Katie's to make homemade cleaning products (awesome) and I threw in this recipe for a salt and honey scrub that moisturizes with olive oil.

Rise and Shine: Salt and Honey Scrub with Grapefruit and Rosemary

It makes my skin feel super despite Duluth's very dry mid-winter air. Simply Sweet Skin Softening. You can hide under sweaters, scarves and socks throughout the winter, but summer’s sandals, shorts and sleeveless tops put skin on display.

Simply Sweet Skin Softening

Give yourself a healthy glow by shedding any layers of scaly, dead skin along with the layers of woolen clothes through a homemade beauty treatment. Things you need: Coconut Oil SugarMason jar Essential Oils (optional) Things to do: 1. Melt coconut oil. Lemon-Salt Body Scrub. It’s time to slough off dry-winter skin with an invigorating homemade body scrub!

Lemon-Salt Body Scrub

This is an easy, all-natural and really, really inexpensive way to pamper yourself. Not to mention this is a great gift for the hostess at all the upcoming summer parties you are going to attend. And of course, it was another way to recycle my cute Republic of Jam jars….I love them. Lemon-Salt Body ScrubAdapted from Martha Stewart. Ginger and Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub. How to take a few things from around the kitchen and turn them into a ginger-infused coconut oil sugar scrub for body and face. 72K+ Today’s post is not about food that you eat.

Ginger and Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub

It is, however, about things you normally find in your kitchen like oils and ginger and sugar and kosher salt. While you could technically eat what we are going to make today, I’m suggesting that you feed it to your skin instead.My mom is a lotion fanatic. She has a giant bottle that she is constantly using at home on her hands, her arms, legs, face, wherever. I’m sure part of this stems from being a nurse, where washing your hands so many times a day leads to dryness, which leads to an increase need for lotion. It made sense for me to seek out all-natural ingredients when thinking about skincare, especially considering my history with products, and so, I’ve been mixing up a few things and looking for ways to go all natural in what I put on my skin, as well as with what I put in my body. Peppermint Foot Scrub Recipe. Don't miss a thing!

Peppermint Foot Scrub Recipe

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