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Tuto amigurumi

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Happy jellyfish amigurumi pattern - Amigurumi Today. Use this free jellyfish amigurumi pattern to crochet your own happy plush jellyfish!

Happy jellyfish amigurumi pattern - Amigurumi Today

The toy is about 19 cm tall including tentacles if you use the materials specified in this free crochet pattern. Materials: YarnArt Jeans of one main and two additional colours (55% cotton, 45% polyacryl, 50 g/160 m). You can use any other yarn you like.1.75 mm crochet hookholyfiber7 mm safety eyesglueneedlependant loop Note: when crocheting toys you should use a smaller hook than it’s indicated on the yarn label, so that the fiberfill doesn’t look through the holes. The toy is crocheted in a spiral without a slip stitch at the end of each round. The bottom part Rnd 1: 6 sc in a magic ring Rnd 2: (inc) repeat 6 times [12] Mark the last stitch of the round, it’s the place to begin joining tentacles. Tentacles Join the tentacles to the second round of the bottom part. Fasten off and crochet 40 ch + 1 turning chain Crochet across the chain (sc in the next stitch, inc) repeat 20 times.

Gustav, l’éléphant équilibriste. Encore mieux que Dumbo qui vole : découvrez Gustav, l’éléphant équilibriste !

Gustav, l’éléphant équilibriste

C’est un ravissant animal de cirque que je vous présente là, issu d’un modèle gentiment offert par Amour Fou. Il s’agit d’un éléphant équilibriste sublimé par un chapeau pointu, capable de tenir sans souci sur une balle. Ce modèle m’a appris à crocheter plusieurs pièces ensemble, il est assez instructif et bien expliqué. Effrayant au début, ce n’était finalement PAS SORCIER ! Cet amigurumi est splendide avec ses jolies courbes, et décore parfaitement mon intérieur.

Maggie Makes Stuff: Elmo Pattern, yay! After posting cookie monster on craftster, all I heard form people was, "you have to make Elmo" and "pattern please" so two birds, one stone, I made Elmo and wrote the pattern, if you make him then let me know how you get along.

Maggie Makes Stuff: Elmo Pattern, yay!



NOVEDADES JENPOALI: PATRON BOTAS AMIGO DE DORA LA EXPLORADORA. NOVEDADES JENPOALI: PATRON DE DIEGO AMIGURUMI (DORA LA EXPLORADORA) Se teje con el gancho 3 1/2 Planta del pie Ir rellenando al momento que se va haciendo Hacer 8 cadenas En color Gris.




Little Yarn Friends. Den lille urteheks: Hæklet kinderæg Minion, fra grusomme mig 2. Min udgave af en Minion.

den lille urteheks: Hæklet kinderæg Minion, fra grusomme mig 2

Han er lavet i Bomulds garn. WolfDreamer: Skipper. Cute and Cuddly Boys!

WolfDreamer: Skipper

Ok. I am a HUGE Penguins of Madagascar fan. These guys I'm doing for me mostly... I actually purchased the yarn to make all four of them. This is of course only Skipper, but the other three will be following in the next couple of weeks. Tortue au crochet. 毛線教學 之 雙子星 Little Twin Stars Pattern 織法 @ DD's 毛線玩物約會. Little Muggles. SAMMY the SEAL I created this baby seal back in late 2014 when I was trying to come up with something suitable for the upcoming winter months. When I finished this little guy, I immediately jumped into other projects without writing its pattern up. Now that spring is almost here, I was thinking about hanging onto it until next winter but I’ve been surprised by the number of ongoing inquiries regarding Sammy so I decided I had to find some time to sit down and work on this pattern for you all! And to thank you for all of your patience and for your ongoing support of my work and designs, I would like to present this pattern to you for FREE!

I can’t wait to see all the baby seals that will be made! Happy crocheting, everyone!! X-mas Penguins. Heute kommt meine Lieblingsanleitung für das diesejährige Weihnachtsfest.

X-mas Penguins

Fukuroucrafts: Pattern Crochet Cute Pig Doll, แพทเทิร์น ตุ๊กตา ถัก โครเชต์ หมู น้อย น่ารัก. CROCHET PIG DOLLSize: about 6 inch.

fukuroucrafts: Pattern Crochet Cute Pig Doll, แพทเทิร์น ตุ๊กตา ถัก โครเชต์ หมู น้อย น่ารัก

GAUGE: 10 sc and 10 rows = 1.50 inch Crochet hook: Size 1.80 mm. Worsted weight yarn (4 Ply): Modèle GRATIS Amigurumi ESCARGOT Multicolore. Modèle GRATIS Amigurumi COCHON Multicolore. Sabrina's Crochet: Disgust (Inside Out) Patron cubre Lapicera mapache amigurumi. Patron lapicera con_funda_crochet_pinguino. Philippe en slip, le tuto! Pffiou, ça faisait quelques temps que je n'avais rien publié par ici! Il était temps de remédier à tout ça :) La souris aux petits doigts: Philippe en slip, le tuto! Hello Kitty : Tous les messages sur Hello Kitty - Avec de la laine. Crochet: Les patrons de l’ancienne version du blog. Vous pouvez retrouver ici les patrons originaux et traductions à télécharger au format PDF qui étaient présents sur l’ancienne version du blog (Overblog) Merci de m’indiquer si vous rencontrez un lien qui ne fonctionne plus :-) ou si il y a le moindre soucis… Bonne créations! How to Add Faces to Your Amigurumi: Satin Stitch Embroidery.

I love the look of satin stitch embroidery, but I don’t use it very often for my amigurumi because, I have to warn you, it does take longer to do than any of the methods I have shown you so far. It also takes a lot of focus, because you have to repeat the same stitch over and over again until an area is filled in. You will probably notice in this tutorial that by the time I got to the white part of the eyes, I had gotten a lot less picky about the straightness of my stitches. Looking back, I wish I would have taken a break halfway through or put the project aside for a day or so. Then I would have been able to come back to it fresh: fresh eyes, fresh mind. In the least, I hope you might learn from my mistake. That aside, I think you will be pleased with the results you achieve by using satin stitch embroidery to add details to the faces on your amigurumi.

Let’s begin! AmigurumisFanClub: Photo-tutorial: Minion's eye step by step · Foto-tutorial: El ojo de Minion, paso a paso. Hola de nuevo!!! Últimamente estamos sufriendo una Minion's revolution, jejeje, y eso que aún faltan unos meses para el estreno de la película, quiero ni pensar que pasará cuando llegue el verano y todos nuestros pequeños la hayan visto!!! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - school-age ponies. Crochet Pattern for School-age Ponies: For the Standard Pony pattern, please go here. ***The school-age pony pattern has been translated into Dutch by ami fan - it can be found here.*** Pictures: They are designed to be to scale with the standard ponies - here's some photos showing both.

(Ponies available on Etsy by the way, and custom pony orders welcome)If you would like to make these ponies to sell, I'm happy for you to do so! Just please provide a link back here ( donation would also be greatly appreciated (button can be found in the sidebar), but isn't necessary. :) Pikachu and Pokeball Pod pattern » Ami Amour. What better way to catch a Pikachu, but with a functional Pokeball! The origin of this amigurumi pattern began when one day my friend, Tina, asked me regarding another crochet Pokeball I had made, “Does it open?” And that one, at the time, did not. BUT… that question got the gears rolling in my head, and I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if I did make a Pokeball that opened and closed and could capture whatever Pokemon was out there to be found?!” And thus was born, the Pokeball Pod, quite the magical form.

Little Muggles. Lovely Marie - KatiDCreations. The idea for this beautiful doll came to me quite unexpectedly during the middle of a conversation while visiting with my mom. I seriously interrupted myself and started rambling on about the doll idea that just came to me. I have no clue where the idea came from but like so many of my projects I was very excited to get working on her. It was weird when the idea came to me I could see her clearly in my mind, how I wanted her to turn out exactly. There was no reworking her or trying different takes on the idea, she simply was there. Lovely Marie - KatiDCreations. Amigurumi free patterns. Last week I introduced you to one piece doll.

Flat face one as well. Even though there are endless possibilities to play with the basic pattern I have shared with you last week, for this week I have just made the clothes and hair for the same doll I made last week. By now you all know that I like to keep things simple, very simple when it comes on crocheting. This one is simple to make, but ended up with more than just few details to be made. Think many features could have been done while making the doll’s body, such as, shirt for example, or shoes in different colors. For girls that love to dress their dolls, then this one is perfect. For those that would like simple and fast project to do, I suggest to add few colors “down the road” while making the body.

Cheewawamomma designs, Well, my little chef didn’t make the final cut for... Tuto Amigurumi - Sam le petit ourson - Tout sur le crochet et les "Amigurumis"! Niveau de difficulté : 2/5. Tuto Amigurumi - Nounours "Me to you" - Tout sur le crochet et les "Amigurumis"! Macarons au crochet - modèle gratuit. Marque-pages “ sorcière ” DROPS en "Safran" pour Halloween. DROPS SAFRAN UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.70 EUR. Tuto Amigurumi : les hochets animaux - Tout sur le crochet et les "Amigurumis"! Alien LGM Free Crochet Pattern. Monsieur Neige fond d'amour pour une jolie dame, mais elle reste de glace. Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn Pattern. Kim Lapsley Crochets: Marilyn the Fancy Fish. Patrons PDF gratuits. L'atelier de Tiphanie: L'Hippo Danseuse - Tuto gratuit et en français.

Korie.artblog. Angry Birds Crochet Patterns. L'atelier de Tiphanie: Minions - Kévin - Patron Gratuit et Français. Small cat with joined legs – free amigurumi pattern. AH! Creations. A[mi]dorable Crochet: Luke Skywalker Lego Man Pattern. Crochet mini mad hatter hat. WolfDreamer: Despicable Minion. Amigurumi capcrochet crochet animaux calimero. Amigurumi modele gratuit crochet cane canard animaux poupée. Amigurumi galerie capcrochet crochet chien animaux poupée. Ette ... Bienvenue Chez LillyChouqu. Tuto Bécassine" au crochet - La ronde des crochets. Free Pattern - Crocheted Owls. Crocheted ragdoll pattern. Examiner. Théière au crochet - Le dauphin - mes amigurumis. Google Traduction. Sleepy Bear Crochet Pattern. Comme une envie de pâtisserie...Recettes de la Boîte à mouchoirs Gâteau au chocolat et Minis Muffins aux Schoko bons - Le Point G, c'est pas forcément là où vous le pensez...

Free pattern - Raving Rabbid. Amigurumi Basket of Carrots. Free pattern: Sweet Coron Amigurumi. Little Yoda Crochet Tutorial. Annuaire inversé des numéros de téléphone et portables sur El oso bípedo Donato. Free Patterns. Sabrina's Crochet: Haakpatroon My Melody. Sabrina's Crochet: Crochet pattern Chococat. Traduction. Flora & Gatts bricolent (et cuisinent aussi !!) 35 Rounds of Grey. Chinese New Year Sheep. L'atelier des Cocottes: Lapin Crétiiiiiiin !!! - Tuto gratuit et en français. Kokonut: Albert le lapin free patterns. traduction de la poupée russe - Il s'appelle Tanguy - Théière au crochet - El oso bípedo Donato. La vérité sur le gland de Scrat (et son modèle gratuit) Minions - Kévin - Patron Gratuit et Français. X-mas Penguins. Pierrette et Pierre les poulpes kawaii à crocheter - Petits Pixels.

Cécilia la cyclopette - Modèle - Petits Pixels. Sidonie, petite poupée amigurumi - Tutoriel - Petits Pixels.