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25 Language Arts Graphic Organizers for You and Your Kids. Introduction Language arts graphic organizers just seem to work magic with kids.

25 Language Arts Graphic Organizers for You and Your Kids

I guess it's really no surprise--they just seem to GET IT better when they have a means of visually organizing their thoughts. When they can analyze what they have read, when they can plan a writing project, or when they can collaborate with others in pictorial form, the "lights" in their heads just seem to burn more brightly. The 25 language arts graphic organizers that you will see on this page, in my opinion, will enhance your instructional initiatives with your kids. These PDF documents come with a clickable Table of Contents that makes it easier to quickly find what you need. Just pick the one you want, print it, make copies for your kids, and hand them out! Quick Links for THIS Page You may use the following quick links to go directly to what interests you on this page.

Table of Contents Return to Top of Page 3 Column Notes 5 Paragraph Essay Planner 10 Most Important Words 3-2-1 Strategy ABC Brainstorming Strategy. THE BIG MYTH. Small_creation-myths-of-the-world. Chinese Myths. Taoism A central quest within Taoist practices is the search for immortality - literal, physical immortality.

Chinese Myths

The sense of an interplay between natural law and the abstract laws prevailing in the cosmos, is held in common by shamanism and Taoism. Taoism searched for balance within these forces and enshrined the concept that change cannot be forced, only experienced and assimilated. Confucianism Confucius lived in the sixth century BCE, a time of considerable political unrest and feuding. He taught the virtues of order, structure and correct behaviour, which was underpinned by a rigid notion of hierarchy, involving strict filial devotion. Confucian notions of hierarchy are evident in the bureaucratic pantheon of Chinese myths. Navajo Legends. Navajo Legends - For the Navajos, each song is a prayer to the Holy People -or supernatural beings- who take care of them.

Navajo Legends

Navajo songs are sung in ceremonies to cure the sick or to protect their families, homes, crops or herds. Every Navajo ceremony includes a "Blessingway Song". It provides a blessing for a long and happy life. It is also used to bless a new hogan or a new marriage. The Navajo creation story The Navajo creation story involves three underworlds where important events happened to shape the Fourth World where we now live. The Navajo were given the name Ni’hookaa Diyan Diné by their creators. Navajo creation story – The First World “Nihodilhil” (Black World) Navajo creation story – Nihodootlizh – Second World (Blue World) THE BIG MYTH. A Beginning List Of The Best Folklore & Myth Sites. I’m teaching two classes of United States History this year — one to Intermediate English Language Learners and the other to Beginning ELL’s.

A Beginning List Of The Best Folklore & Myth Sites

The first week of the school year is going to be a bit hectic as I try to figure out if any of the Beginners should be placed with the Intermediates. Between new students coming and and my doing assessments, it may take me two or three days to figure that out. I’d rather not move into my full curriculum with the Intermediates until we’re all clear about whose going to be in the class, so I needed to develop a plan for what I would do in that class for the first three days of school (since I taught the entire class English for two periods a day last year, they all know each other and me, so the value of lengthy introductions is pretty limited). In the course of searching for accessible resources, I also found other folklore sites related to other cultures.

So, I’m including some of them here, but I’m going to continue to add to them. Cultural Creation Myths. Overview Key Staff Primary instructor Key Skills Creative Thinking: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Global Connections: Connecting to History and Culture Summary Students will explore different cultures' supernatural explanations for human existence in several societies.

Cultural Creation Myths

Learning Objectives Students will: Listen to and discuss in class several different supernatural creation stories. Teaching Approach Arts Inclusion Teaching Methods Guided Listening Discussion Reflection Assessment Type Performance Assessment Preparation Lesson Setup Teacher Background This lesson can be used to enhance the study of any culture or civilization by an examination of its cultural origin. Prior Student Knowledge Some familiarity with mythology Knowledge of a variety of cultures (those covered in history or social studies classes) Physical Space Classroom Grouping Small Group Instruction.

Popplet. Lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you. Digital Portfolios with Tackk. This ThingLink was a sample made for 5th grade students who were working through a poetry unit.

Digital Portfolios with Tackk

The students were learning the types of poems and then writing their own. The 5th grade teacher and I worked together to create an opportunity for the students to publish their poems via a ThingLink. We worked on this project for over a month. She did the ELA portion, and I did the tech part. For the technology portion of the assignment, the students "published" each of their poems in a different way. Then, they created an image using Google Drawings.

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